I have just started to get into supernatural, and since I have only seen the first season, most of my stories will be around the first season! This story occurs about a night after the incident in 'Something Wicked'. Enjoy!

Dean was in a bar, alone, and he was bored. He heard loud, nasal laughs behind him, and turned to see an old, weathered man staring down the cleavage of a pretty brunette. At other times, Dean would have intervened, and rescued the poor damsel and got her to buy him a drink. But not tonight. He just didn't feel like it.

Dean sighed and looked about him. A few girls were talking in a corner, and a couple of guys were leering at them. He was interrupted by the barmaid, a pretty blonde with a skull eyebrow piercing.

'hey darlin' you wanna drink or not' she asked, smiling.

Dean was just about to answer when his phone rang. He hooked it out of his pocket and checked the caller ID.

'Sam' dean sighed and pressed the green phone.

'Yeah?' he said.

'Where are you?' came Sam's reply

'Uh...The bar'

'Yeah I got that, but where?'

No, listen, the bar is called 'the bar' you dope'

'Oh...hey! That bars about 40 miles from where I am! What are you doing all the way over there?' came Sam's indignant reply.

'Yeah sorry, I just needed some space-'

'40 miles of space? Dean, why do I get the feeling you doesn't want me with you?'

'No it's not that it's- oh jeez I'm coming, god you're like an old woman!

'Yeah yeah, listen I've got something to show you so hurry up! It might make your night!'

'Oh yeah? You finally pulled and want me to share, oh bro how kind of you!'

'Shut your mouth and come back-git' Sam signed off.

Dean grinned and put his phone back in his pocket, and loped off, got into his impala, and drove off.

He needed to see Sam too, but he really wasn't looking forward to it....