Burn Notice. Pairing: Michael/Gilroy. I've been waiting for a character like Gilroy since the first episode, so when I saw this latest episode I felt the fan girl in me needed me to do this.

Michael sat silently staring across at Gilroy over a sirloin steak and wine glass. This was possible the most awkward situation he'd ever been in. Ever. And he'd been in a lot of awkward situation. Gilroy smiled his sneaky seduction-like smile again and cut another slice of steak slowly biting into it and pursing his lips savoring the taste. "So, what do you need me for?" Michael asked shifting nervously.

"Now, now, Michael not until after we've eaten. Pleasure always comes before business." Gilroy said smiling again. Really that smile spooked Michael more than any cartel he'd had to go up against. "So, tell me, Michael how is that ex-girlfriend of yours? Fiona, wasn't it?" Gilroy asked as he looked back down at his steak. His snarky voice had changed slightly, seemingly more subdued and hesitant.

"Fiona is fine." He said slowly waiting to see Gilroy's reaction. Why Gilroy wanted to know about Fiona was something he had to figure out immediately. Gilroy's reaction was to simply nod his head and keep looking at his steak. "We haven't spoken in a while, though. May I ask why the sudden interest?" He asked. Gilroy simply smirked again and looked up at Michael with a grin.

"Just curious how your relationship with her has been going." Gilroy said with a smile slowly scooting forward with a smirk one hand settling on top of the table just a few fingers over on Michael's half of the table. "How you are feeling, whether or not your alone or seeing someone. Whether or not your happy or lonely." Gilroy continued his fingers rubbing lightly over the tablecloth.

"I'm fine. I've told you before I prefer working alone." Michael growled trying to look anywhere but at Gilroy's hand. Somehow that simple finger movement, back and forth across the table, caught his eyes quicker than anything else in the restaurant. He couldn't take his eyes off of Gilroy's hand.

"True, but everyone becomes lonely." Gilroy said slowly. Michael nearly jumped through the roof when he suddenly felt a fine Italian shoe rub lightly over his pants leg and gently brush his foot. This wasn't a dinner prelude to a mission debriefing. This was a dinner prelude to a simple debriefing.

"Ha ha. Well, you know… I luckily haven't been feeling particularly lonely." He explained nervously his foot scooting back slightly before he could even stop the movement. Apparently his nervousness didn't stop Gilroy's advances. Gilroy simply smirked and moved his foot even further up Michael's leg. "Uh, G-Gilroy, Haven't we talked about this. I like you as a friend." He explained softly trying to keep his voice low as he started to scoot back. Gilroy simply smiled and signaled the waiter over for the bill. As he pulled out the money to pay for the food he smiled sneakily at Michael.

"Have a drink Michael." Gilroy offered happily holding out his glass of wine for Michael to drink from. Michael shifted nervously, but took a hesitant sip of the wine smiling his normal half-hearted smile. "Is it good?" He asked with another smirk as Michael handed back the drink their fingers brushing ever so lightly.

"Yes, very fruity." He answered smiling half-heartedly as he jerked his hand back nervously as the waiter came back to collect the tab. "Now, what is it you…" Michael trailed off suddenly feeling Gilroy's foot once more trailing up his leg once again with a rather unwanted side effect. That effect being his member deciding to slowly harden in attention. Michael dropped his hand suddenly his hand falling swiftly on top of Gilroy's his grip tightening over his hand as he gasped softly.

"I wanted you for the same reason I wanted this steak." Gilroy said smirking as Michael's grip tightened on his hand. "Of course it helps that I laced my wine with a very strong aphrodisiac, which I must inform you has caused me to become rather rushed with this meal and desire you to simply shut up and get out to my car so that we can get to know each other better in a more private area." Gilroy stated as if it were simple math right up until the end where he growled it causing Michael's member to jump slightly in excitement.

"Gilroy, you drugged me?" He growled in frustration as he strained to try and keep his member calm and controlled. Gilroy simply smirked and tugged Michael up by his hand.

"Of course." Gilroy responded smirking. "Surely you've noticed. When I want something, I get it. No matter what may come between me and what I want." He continued as he lead Michael out of the restaurant and towards a parked limo waiting outside.

"You had this planned the whole time." Michael growled slowly beginning to seethe. How could he have overlooked it. It should have been obvious that the wine was spiked. Especially with Gilroy's flirting. He was usually never so forward. "Why me?" He growled out as he was pulled into the limo by Gilroy.

"Because Michael, you are incredibly attractive in all your many outfits. My favorite being the red and black suit you wore when I scouted you. I wanted to take you then and there, but I had a feeling you might be adverse to it without some form of drug." Gilroy explained crawling onto Michael's lap still gripping Michael's hand.

"You're quite right." Michael panted out. That aphrodisiac was incredibly strong. Michael was so hard he was pretty sure he'd hump the seats if Gilroy wasn't there. So, instead he ground up into Gilroy's own erect member. Gilroy gasped loudly at Michael's action and let out a strangled moan bucking into the touch.

"ugh, Michael!" Gilroy moaned out quickly beginning to dry hump Michael roughly as he leaned down kissing him hard passionately his tongue thrusting into Michael's mouth to suck on his tongue roughly. Gilroy could barely contain himself panting wildly as Michael let out his own moans as he lost himself to the pleasure his hands gripping Gilroy's hips and pushing him into even harder and faster.

Gilroy let out another strangled moan bucking once more before he came hard and fast his sperm staining the front of his pants rather obviously as he bucked and convulsed his body overly sensitized by the affect of the drug. "Eager, aren't we?" Michael asked still incredibly hard as Gilroy began to try and catch his breath.

"Incredibly." Gilroy breathed out slowly reaching down between them to undo both of their pants. Michael groaned loudly as he was freed finally from the confines of his pants. Gilroy slid down between Michael's legs his hand gripping Michael's member roughly. "Just wait till we get back to my home." Gilroy warned before he suddenly swallowed Michael's member hungrily licking and suckling in all the right places.

Michael moaned loudly gripping at the leather of his seat as Gilroy licked along the bottom of his member slowly. Teasingly Gilroy licked the very tip of Michael's member looking up at Michael and watching him as he fell apart moaning wildly and arching into every touch from Gilroy his member twitching slightly as he found himself about to cum.

"Ah, ah. Careful, don't want you to waste my chances of getting all of this inside me." Gilroy whispered huskily rubbing Michael's member lightly against his cheek and kissing the tip softly before sitting down next to Michael once more smirking as Michael just sat there panting for a moment before launching himself at Gilroy.

"Don't tease me. I'll probably still be 'up' for whatever you want when we get to wherever you're taking me." He panted out as he kissed all over Gilroy's chest and neck suckling on his nipples roughly biting and licking making Gilroy moan out in pleasure and arch up into Michael.

"Oh, god yes." Gilroy moaned out griping Michael tightly to him as Michael rubbed himself against Gilroy's legs panting wildly. "Oh, oh, oh!" He moaned louder his voice raising louder and louder with each touch and lick.

"Ahem, sir." A man said coughing lightly as he opened the door standing nervously trying not to look at them. Gilroy simply smiled and swiftly pulled Michael out of the limo not even bothering to cover his chest or member as he tugged Michael on to the inside of the house.

"Thank you, Jeeves." Gilroy threw over his shoulder as he suddenly opened his door and slammed it shut the second they were inside.

Michael didn't hesitate in pinning Gilroy to the door and ripping off his shirt and peeling down his pants easily. For a moment Michael just stared at Gilroy's body leaning against the door. His member jutting out hard and dripping with excitement. His face flushed and wanton with full kiss-bruised lips open to let out rushed panting.

"Turn around." Michael whispered huskily as he gripped his member tightly. Gilroy smirked just like he always did and swiftly turned around placing his hands on the door and spreading his legs wide so that his rear end stuck out. His hole was wet and was already stretched and ready for Michael. "When did..?"

"Remember all my bathroom breaks?" Gilroy asked glancing over his shoulder to look at Michael. "Not all of them were for my bladder. Some were just to alleviate some of my arousal." Gilroy explained. Michael smirked and lined himself up at Gilroy's entrance as he leaned close to Gilroy's ear to whisper into it.

"You were fingering your ass in the bathroom?" Michael asked as he thrust into Gilroy roughly. "You're such a dirty little man." Michael stated his hand reaching around to pump Gilroy erection roughly before beginning to move his member in and out of Gilroy. "Did you imagine me doing this to you?" He asked slightly curious.

"Mm! Oh, ah, yes!" Gilroy gasped out arching back into Michael's thrusts. "I-I I thought about you fucking me up the ass just like this!" He moaned softly panting harder as Michael's thrusts began to push his member into the door. "I-I! Oh god!" He panted feeling his second orgasm about to take him as he lost all coherent thought with the powerful thrust of Michael's hips.

"You can call me Michael." Michael answered feeling his orgasm about to claim. He could feel Gilroy's muscles tightening around his cock powerfully as Gilroy's own orgasm began to build-up. "Come on, Gilroy. Cum all over your door like the whore you are." Michael ordered angrily thrusting in one last time as Gilroy suddenly clamped down on his cock and exploded all over the door.

Michael only managed one more thrust into Gilroy before he also came spurting his semen into Gilroy roughly thrusting as shot after shot of sperm sprayed into Gilroy. Both men slumped forward leaning against the door and sliding to the ground afterward. For a moment Michael just lay there panting before he pulled out of Gilroy. Michael watched silently as Gilroy's ass pushed out some of his sperm letting it run down the inside of his thighs.

"That was…" He trailed off slumping against the wall his member still twitching in post-orgasmic pleasure.

"Well worth the price of that drug." Gilroy panted out happily as he crawled into Michael's lap smirking. "Pretty effective, no?" He asked smiling as he rubbed against Michael's sensitive member.

"Yes, very effective." Michael panted softly kissing Gilroy lightly. "I have a feeling that I'll be ready for another round soon." Michael said as he gently rubbed Gilroy's face. "You know, next time, if you want sex, just go to a bar."

"Oh, but you never know what those nasty men could have in the way of diseases." Gilroy whined.

Hot tub. That's all I have to say. And come on. Any fan girl worth her slash fiction stories would be able to look at Gilroy and know he's at least bicurious. He's at least seen one up close. Rofl, sorry sorry. Anyway, thanks for reading. Leave a review. Thank you for reading. ~D.A.