Yay, New Chapter! Happy days! I'm actually trying to keep stuff regular updated. Or at least unabandoned. *cough* Complicated Simplicity *cough* So, without further ado, I bring you smut-I mean, new chapter.

Chapter 5

Gilroy sighed as he shut the door to his house. Izzy was less sneaky, and cranky, but much dirtier than her sister. It amazed Gilroy every time he found out some new difference or hidden secret about the twins. Now, if only he could figure out what exactly they had planned for him. Gilroy sighed as he walked into the living room once more staring at the screen. Certainly he and Michael were dead sexy and damn good at having sex, but was it worth it?

To work for twins who only seemed to be interested in his sex life only to receive blank checks and sex pills. Worth it? No, not really. Damn fun? Yes. Lots of fun. The girls didn't care what he did with their money. And they didn't care who died for what reason. All they cared about was the end product. If by the end of everything they still wound up with a win, they could give two shits less if a hospital of cancer children got blown up.*

So, for now getting the occasional DVD of him acting like a rabbit with sexy men really wasn't a down side. Especially when it was well filmed. He'd have to find the camera's tomorrow. And hopefully the microphones. But today, he wanted to watch all the good bits and find a way to reenact them.

Gilroy settled down happily in his wingback arm chair and pressed play once more. Immediately Michael's hips came alive, pounding him into the doorway on screen. Yes that bit had been the best. His member slowly began to awaken as he watched Michael work.

Sure, Gilroy could just go down to the bar find a pleasing body and get rid of the pooling heat between his legs, but no one could compare to love god on screen. So, he did the only thing he could do. He pulled down his pants and relaxed into his chair once more as he rewound the DVD and watched Michael fuck him.

He shut his eyes for a moment, just listening to Michael's voice as he wrapped his fingers around his own member carefully trying to think of what Michael would do to him. He let out a slow soft groan as he began to move his hand slowly up and down along his shaft. It felt so good. Especially with the background noise of Michael.

Gilroy lifted his hips up to push his pants down to pool around his hips as he began to rub his thumb over the tip of his member swiftly feeling a bit of pre-cum dribble out. He groaned out softly as he heard Michael and himself cum on screen. He let out a little gasp as he began to flick his wrist lightly near the base of his cock. He couldn't help but groan out and scoot forward as he thought about getting another chance at Michael. It would feel wonderful being pounded into by Michael again.

He groaned and reached behind himself to squeeze his rear. He moaned as he suddenly figured out what position he'd have to get into reenact what Michael had done to him. Oh, if he got a recording of this he'd want to show it to Michael to convince him to fuck him again.

He gasped and slid off the chair onto his knees and kept his pumping up as his pants and moans started up again on his DVD. "You're ass is so lewd." Michael groaned out on screen as Gilroy began to finger himself roughly. He imagined Michael watching him do this. Imagined watching Michael as he rubbed his own cock up and lubed himself up to enter Gilroy.

Gilroy groaned loudly beginning to move his hand even faster along his shaft, pulling and squeezing, he groaned out one last time as he pushed his fingers in and out thrusting in as deeply as he could brushing his prostate. His cum splashed out onto the floor making him gasp softly as he slumped to the floor.

"God," Gilroy gasped out slowly as he tried to gather and compose himself. "That was, almost as good as the sex." He panted out slowly sitting up and glancing around. "Hey, girls? I want a DVD of this." He called as he stood up slowly. "Felt great, bet it was even more awesome on tape." He mumbled pulling his pants up.

"Well, I'll just head out now." He mumbled self-consciously. He rolled his eyes slowly as he brushed his shirt off and turned off the TV. "God, I really ought to pursue a career in porn. I'd enjoy it just as much."

**Meanwhile at the loft**

"Alright, Mike, found their signal. I'll get to work on hacking the camera's, but I don't see what good it'll do. It's got several passwords and has two different frequencies. One is probably the audio and the other the video. These girls are good." Sam explained as Michael looked over his shoulder.

"Thanks, Sam. I just need the audio. I need to know what Gilroy's planning." He explained as Sam punched in his code for a password hacking program. "And what the girls are doing." He added under his breath.

"Mike, I'm in." Sam said slightly surprised at the speed of the connection. He blinked in surprise as several pictures popped open showing the bathroom, kitchen, front door, and living room. "Seems they're passwords are pretty simple. Audio will be up in a minute. Seems they keep the video and audio recording at all times. We can rewind and watch as far back as at least month." He explained as he started to rewind.

"What's he doing?" Sam asked starting to pause the film on Gilroy kneeling on all floors on the floor. Michael took him about two seconds to figure it out.

"Ah, I wouldn't. Just keep rewinding. I don't think you want to see that." Michael stated quickly. They sat rewinding for another few minutes. Before Michael suddenly pointed at the screen. "That's one of them. Keep going back." Sam nodded and hit pause just as the girl came in the door. Sam leaned back and hit play.

"She's a cute one." Sam said leering at the woman.

"She's not that great in person." Michael commented as they watched the recording. Sam sighed pausing on the picture of Isabelle leaving the house.

"She's cute. She single?" Sam asked grinning as he spun to look at Michael.

"Don't know. Don't care, Sam."

"Who do you think they were talking about, Mike? I mean you know any one you ticked off since you got here?" Sam asked frowning. Michael stood up slowly and crossed his arms.

"Yeah, tons. I'll send you a list and review the rest of the recorded film." Michael sighed out rubbing his forehead with a frown.

"OK, Mike, in the mean time I'm gonna go see if Fi, can get some information about the people bugging the twins. If we can get it so the twins don't need Gilroy, maybe we can get rid of Gilroy." Sam offered as he got up and left. Michael nodded and sat down.

"This is going to suck." Michael mumbled as he rubbed the side of his head and pressed play swiftly muting it. "Yep, just like I thought." Michael mumbled as he watched Gilroy start to whack off on camera. "Let's see if I can figure out what he's planning." Michael mumbled as he reset the recording and started watching, fast forwarding through the time when Gilroy's alone or not home.

*Completely untrue statement. They would care, they just wouldn't tell Gilroy.

Ok all the tech speak, I suck at. I have no clue if it could be done that way or not. But as to the recording, I'm debating on whether or not to reveal what Gilroy was doing during some parts of the month. And as to who the arms dealer is that the twins have messed with is going to be a villain from one episode from season 1. I need to look him up some time soon……-guilt slams down on my head- I'll update soon.