It was Valentine's Day. It was supposed to be a lover's day, full of love and kindness, flowers and chocolates. It was a day in which people are supposed to be together.

However, Rick Castle was alone. His daughter, Alexis was off with her boyfriend while his mother, Martha went to a movie with one of her friends. He had no one to talk to, except to the characters he was writing about and himself, too. He was enjoying talking to himself, to an extent. He began to grow lonelier and lonelier by the minute. He missed her – the only and only – Kate Beckett.

If he couldn't be with her, he would kill off another one of his characters.

He wanted to be in her arms, he wanted to see her beautiful body, and he wanted to give her flowers, candies and chocolates! He wanted to impress her, woe her, love on her and give her the best night of her life (even though it would be impossible, judging that they were just friends currently).

He gathered up the courage to call her. It was his only chance to say something to her. He had never noticed being this lonely before, probably because it was 'lover's day'. His throat choked up while the phone was ringing.

"Hello?" She answered. "Castle?"

"H-h-hello," he replied chokingly.

"What is it, Castle?" She grumbled. "Please, I'm busy."

"Kate… t-there's something I've always wanted to say to you…"

"What?" She sighed.

"Happy Valentine's Day…," he said happily. "Kate… I love you and I want to be with you! If I cannot be with you, I will kill off one of my characters!" He said hurriedly. She gasped and he heard a thud in the background. He knew that she had fainted.

That was convincing enough for him. He smiled happily. He knew that she loved him but she was too scared to say so. He too was too scared to say so.

"This is the best Valentine's Day ever," he grinned.

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