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Summary: At the end of Book 3, the Salvatore brothers add their own diary entries on what both Katherine and Elena meant to them, to the back of Elena's diary. Spoilers for up to book 3.

The Final Parting

Chapter 1


Stefan had watched as Bonnie placed Elena's blue velvet diary on one of the old wooden shelves in the library. The truth was now placed for anyone that wished to go in search of it in Elena's tidy, slanted handwriting. As he saw Bonnie leave the old oak door, Stefan made his way silently to the shelf and picked up the small hard-backed book.

The pages were thick, like the ones in a fancy notebook not the normal cheap paper found in a school workbook. The pages were slightly creamy yellow, the colour of pages in a well read novel as the ink begins to smudge across the pages. Stefan flicked through the first couple of entries from before he'd known Elena. Many talked of the death of her parents, many about other boys in school. His eyes scanned some that mentioned her holiday in France and then he finally came to the first entry after his first day in Fell's Church. He read these quietly, feeling the pain as he saw some things from her point of view; things that had seemed tiny to him were things that she commented on for pages in her own font.

He slipped over these entries until they stopped suddenly at the date her diary had been stolen. He sighed, remembering the troubles with Caroline and realised that it had been one trouble after another ever since they'd become a couple. His own nature, Damon, Caroline, The Other Power.

After a few pages, the entries continued to after Elena had become a vampire. Some talked of her horror after she'd woken and gone to Damon, when she had forgotten that she was in love with him. The later ones talked of the way she'd felt as they'd looked for the identity of The Other Power, her reaction to the events in the town such as the murderous dogs at her memorial service, saving her younger sister from her cat, feelings of hopelessness as they prepared to face The Other Power. There was talk of unity and sacrifice. Her last few days.

Stefan turned the last page, to the last entry, an addition by Bonnie. It discussed how everyone felt about Elena's second death, how things are changing for the town now, the fact that Stefan had promised to stick with Damon, the fact that the town would forget the truth and life would continue as always. Stefan didn't want to forget and no-one else should. Elena had not weakly died from a natural cause and it should be remembered that she died to save the town. Stefan hardly realised when he pulled a pen off the desk next to him and sat in a nearby armchair. He carefully turned to the next, blank page and began to write his own response to the awful events and to Bonnie's entry.

16th December,

Today was terrible. Awful. The pain is like a part of me died and yet I can still feel it. I don't know if I'll ever stop feeling this pain but I doubt it. Because I can't forget her or the things that she brought to me. Understanding, hope, possibilities for the future; I'd laid my soul out in front of her and she didn't reject it. She brought love to me, to a creature that shouldn't be loved. A dark creature, destined to live off the life substance of other creatures. Human beings. She should have been disgusted and yet she gave me everything.

After we arrived on the surface from the crypt, we saw people rejoicing that the attacks were over; maybe they finally felt safe for once. I carried Elena out into the sun, her body still and her eyes closed as if she was in a tranquil sleep. Damon walked beside me, his leather jacket ripped and stained with blood. There was damp blood on my shirt too and the crimson was completely opposite to the silvery paleness of Elena's cold skin.

The police approached us as many of the towns-people crowded myself and my brother. Bonnie, Meredith and Matt came, tears flooding down their cheeks as we explained in hushed tones that this time Elena was really dead. Elena's aunt appeared and began to sob over the frail body of the beautiful girl that I held in my arms. She stroked her smooth cheek as I watched four-year-old Margaret look up with teary, wide eyes. I clutched Elena to me as the police tried to remove the body, they questioned what had happened. I answered them quietly and shortly, not really wanting to discuss what had transpired in the crypt. How I had lost her.

I know to many people, Elena may have seemed spoilt, always getting what she wanted but I knew there was so much more to her. She was used to getting what she wanted, true, but she was kind, compassionate, stood up for those who needed it and selfless (when she needed to be). So selfless that she'd died to save the entire town.

Just thinking of that moment makes me feel like I've just died once again. The way she looked, her perfect features glowing in the sunlight. I can still feel the fear and powerlessness as I stayed strapped to the gate while the girl I loved burnt in the power of the light. Her face full of pain as she pinned the other pale haired figure to the ground.

Katherine. After all this, she had betrayed us. I couldn't believe that all the pain I'd felt for her over the years was a lie. That she hadn't died in fifteenth century Florence. That the fight I'd had with Damon had been pretty much unnecessary, that we hadn't forced her to kill herself. She'd made me live with that guilt for so long.

I could still feel that same shock as I'd felt when she first revealed herself to be the Other Power. Sweet, innocent Katherine couldn't be that evil. She'd always been the perfect, well-raised girl, pure and flawlessly schooled. I was shocked to see the girl that I had once known had become a killer, ruthless, someone full of hatred. And so jealous- to want to kill me for falling in love with Elena, to want to kill Elena because I loved her.

I began to feel something that was not quite hate for Katherine (I could never really fully hate her) because of her desires to kill and hurt Elena. I could live with her attempting to kill myself and my brother but to try and harm Elena, who had given her no reason for her murderous thoughts, was simply unforgiveable. She'd brought Damon and I to Fell's Church in the first place, she had to deal with the consequences of that decision, even if it meant us falling in love with another girl. After all, how could I not fall in love with her? How could Katherine have not foreseen it?

Elena was beautiful… more beautiful than even Katherine, with her soft, long, golden locks and her bright, clear-blue, shining eyes. Her full lips. She was a wonderful girl, passionate and lively yet giving and redeeming. I'd never deserved her and yet she'd promised me everything. Why not Matt? So caring, he'd have given her anything and would have been so much better for her. And yet she'd chosen me. She'd chosen me over everyone else. Matt. Damon.

I was almost proud of my brother for sticking by us. Although I could never forgive his cruel, unforgiving nature and what had happened to us in our past. But none-the-less, he had turned down Katherine's offer to join her in all her power. There must be some good still left in him, for him to have made that decision. I hope so. I promised Elena I would watch his back and we would look after each other. I will never break a promise I have made to Elena.

I know the pain will never leave me and I will wish she was here for as long as I decide to live but I know Elena gave her life for a good cause and that I could never berate her as it's just who she was. A good person who died to save others. She sacrificed herself for a town that will probably not remember why she died. But she won't just be another statistic in the town records. Many people say she was the queen of Robert E Lee School and I believe that. She was so special, so wonderful and I shall love her forever, just as she promised she will love me. And I believe she will, even in death.

I love you, Elena.

Stefan Salvatore


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