A Royal Flush

Summery: Hermione Granger is the sole survivor when Voldemort attacks her home. Albus is sent to retrieve her and brings his Potions Master along. How will our favorite Slytherin react when he find out the truth about Hermione? R/R


Chapter 1

Hermione Granger was sitting in her room playing poker on her computer when her mother yelled for her to come downstairs.

"Hermione, could you come downstairs please." Larissa Granger called out sadly.

Hermione finished her hand and turned off the game. As she walked into the living room she found her mom and dad sitting on the sofa. Her mother looked as if she was trying very hard not to cry.

"Mum? Dad? What's wrong?" Hermione asked nervously.

"Sit down honey." Richard Granger said in a comforting tone.

Hermione did as he said. After a few moments her mother took a breath and began explaining.

"I…I just got this letter from your grandmother. It's your Uncle Philippe. He's dead." Larissa replied sadly as the tears she was trying to hold back began falling.

"Oh no! What happened?" Hermione gasped, as the sadness and disbelief reflected on her face.

"According to your grandmother, he was coming downstairs when he tripped on the carpet and fell. The healer said he broke his neck and died instantly." Richard explained quietly as he held his wife in his arms.

"So what's going to happen now?" Hermione pleaded. She had her head bowed as she waited to hear what was going to happen next.

"I don't know. I'm…I'm going to get started on dinner. It should be ready in an hour." Larissa answered.

Hermione and Richard watched as Larissa walked into the kitchen. They both knew that when she was worried she would always do something to keep her mind occupied.

"Dad, is…is mum going to be all right? This has to be hard for her." Hermione questioned as she sadly stared after her mother.

"I don't know little one. Your mother is strong, but losing Philippe has to be hard for her. Plus we both know she needs something to occupy her mind when she's hurt, sad or angry." Richard sighed as he patted her hand.

She nodded. She stood up, kissed her dad's cheek and headed back upstairs. Like her mother she too needed something to occupy her mind. She sat at her computer and started a new game of poker.


Meanwhile, a meeting was going on at Hogwarts between Albus and Minerva. They were sitting in Albus's office discussing the war with Voldemort as well the Order of the Phoenix's spy Severus Snape.

"Albus, he can't keep doing this. I'm afraid that he will be killed the next time he is summoned." Minerva pleaded sadly.

"I agree. I have spoke of this to Severus, but he refuses to stop. He feels he still owes the Wizarding world something." Albus sighed exhaustedly as he stared at the numerous pieces of parchment scattered on his desk.

"That's absurd! How many lives has he saved by his work! Voldemort has to know that Severus is no longer on his side!" Minerva exclaimed.

Albus could only nod. Just then the subject of their conversation entered the office. Severus walked over to them and plopped down heavily in the arm chair next to Minerva. He ran his hand over the back of his neck as he tilted his head from left to right. He took a deep breath then began to speak.

"The Dark Lord was happy about something. He sent out Lucius and a few others on a raid. I don't know the target and he didn't say, but whoever it was, he said it would send a message to you and Harry Potter." Severus explained, the exhaustion evident in his tone.

Before Albus could speak, an alarm began sounding. It sounded like the blaring of a fire engine siren. He looked to his left and saw where it was coming from. The color drained from his face as he jumped to his feet. He opened his desk and pulled out two things. A sealed letter and what Severus assumed was a port key in the form of a crystal figurine of a unicorn.

"Albus, what's going on?" Minerva asked in alarm.

"I have no time to explain. Severus, do you have your traveling potions kit on you?" Albus replied franticly.

"Yes sir." Severus informed him.

"Good, you come with me. Minerva, remain here until I return." Albus instructed.

Albus walked from behind his desk, took hold of Severus's arm and the two disappeared as the port key activated. Minerva was left confused as the alarm finally shut off. A few seconds later Albus and Severus appeared in a house. Severus looked around. He could tell it was a muggle home.

They were standing in a foyer of some kind. On the wall to his left there was a oval shaped mirror framed in a red wood frame. Beneath the mirror was a three legged end table made of the same wood as the mirror's frame. On the right wall was a floral arrangement. The flowers were plastic pink, blue and purple roses. They were bent to form a heart shaped wreath. He also noticed the floor was a deep burgundy plush carpet.

"This way." Albus whispered.

Quietly the two left the foyer and entered the living room. The sight that met them was horrendous. There was a family of three laying on the floor. Blood spattered on the walls and pooling beneath the three bodies. Albus rushed to the body of the young girl. The only one who still had their head attached.

"Please be alive." Albus whispered.

"What's going on? Who lives here?" Severus asked.

"Thank Merlin." he sighed in relief as he felt the strong pulse under his fingertips. "I'll explain, but not here. We have to get her out of here and quick." he explained.

Severus nodded. He watched as he removed the letter, broke the seal and left it on the coffee table. He then magically placed a spatter of blood on the letter to make it seem as if the letter was already there. Albus scorgified the girl's clothes, gathered her into his arms and removed the port key.

"Severus, grab hold of the port key. The authorities will be here any second." Albus said.

Severus grabbed the port key and the three disappeared. They reappeared outside the gates of a large castle. Severus recognized the castle at once. Before he could say anything Albus burst through the gates and hurried for the castle. For an old man, Albus sure could move pretty fast.

Severus didn't have much time to take in the castle, but took in what he could. The castle was smaller than Hogwarts, but no less breath taking. The stones were what looked like grey granite. There were four towers. One facing each direction. North, south, east and west.

He could make out an orchard to his right. His sense of smell told him there was a garden off to the left. As they headed for the castle, he saw a beautiful white marble fountain. The fountain had a statue of what he assumed was a water sprite that had water flowing from her open mouth, the finger tips of her left hand and the flute that she held in her right hand

"Albus, what are we doing here? And are we where I think we are?" Severus asked as he hurried to keep up.

"Yes, we are where you think we are. As to why, let us get her inside and I'll notify her grandmother. Although I'm sure she already knows." Albus answered.

They entered the castle and scared the daylights out of two house elves. The elves were not expecting anyone to be coming by the castle that night. Their Mistress was suppose to arrive in the morning. So the arrival of the two wizards was a bit of a surprise to them.

"Master Dumbledore! Oh no! What has happened to Mistress?" one elf asked.

"She was attacked. Lily, go prepare her room. Rose, go fetch her grandmother at once." Albus replied.

Both elves disappeared and Albus led the way up the large stair case. Within moments the elf Lily appeared and led them into a bedroom. Albus gently laid the girl on the bed and Lily snapped her fingers. The young girl was instantly in a pair of pajamas. It was then Severus saw just who the young girl was. It was Hermione Granger!