A Royal Flush

Summery: Hermione Granger is the sole survivor when Voldemort attacks her home. Albus is sent to retrieve her and brings his Potions Master along. How will our favorite Slytherin react when he find out the truth about Hermione? R/R



The months after their wedding flew by. Hermione graduated at the top of her class, just like everyone predicted. She and Severus were now living in the royal castle and she was due any day now. They had found out Hermione was going to have a little boy. They had decided to name him Joshua Gabriel.

"Severus…ugh…I think it's time." Hermione moaned as she sat up in bed.

"I'll floo Poppy." Severus replied as he jumped from the bed.

For six hours Hermione was in labor, with Severus right at her side. Joshua was perfect. He had a head full of black hair like Severus and powerful lungs. Hermione sat up in their bed and smiled as she watched Severus hold their son.

"He's perfect Hermione." Severus smiled.

"Yes he is. You look like a natural holding him." Hermione said with a smile of her own.

That first year seemed to fly by for the proud parents. Joshua was walking at eight months and started talking a little after he was a year and a half. Hermione stood on the back porch watching Severus give Josh a piggy back ride around the backyard. Hermione had never seen Severus as happy as he was when he was with Josh.

"Come on you guys, time for dinner!" Hermione called out.

Josh's laughter rang through the air as Severus ran past Hermione and into the castle. Hermione just chuckled and shook her head as she followed her husband and son into the home.

Hermione sat in her study going over a new plan that had been brought up during the last session of the Wizengamot. The plan was to create a Wizarding Orphanage for all those children who had lost both their parents in the war. The war had been over for almost five years, but the devastation was still present. She decided to take on the project herself.

"Um…Mistress." Rose said as she popped into the study.

"Yes Rose?" Hermione asked.

"You might want to come see this. Ivy and Lily aren't allowing Master and Young Master into the castle." Rose answered nervously.

Hermione looked at the elf in confusion and then followed. When she got to the back door she saw why Ivy and Lily were so irate. She placed her hands on her hips and faced her husband and son.

"Severus Derek Snape and Joshua Gabriel, what is the meaning of this?" Hermione demanded. The two were covered head-to-toe in mud.

"Now dear, before you start yelling, let me explain." Severus said.

"This had better be good Severus." Hermione replied.

"Well, Josh wanted to see if he could dig from here to China and asked me to help. You know I can't refuse him honey. Besides, didn't you ever do anything like that as a child?" Severus explained.

"No I didn't do anything like that. As for digging to China, Josh, that is not possible. Of all the days you two had to pull this. Grandmother and Alyssa will be here in one hour for dinner. Ivy, Lily, Rose, apparate them straight to the bath tub. Ivy, Lily, scrub Josh till he gleams. Rose, you help me clean up this mess and make sure the backyard isn't a disaster." Hermione instructed.

The three elves nodded. Before they could apparate Josh and Severus upstairs, Hermione grabbed the camera, snapped a picture of them, and busted up laughing. Josh and Severus began laughing as they were apparated upstairs.

"Mommy, is it true I'll be the next King after daddy?" a ten year old Josh asked.

"Yes honey, but that won't be for quite some time. Next year, you will start at Hogwarts. Just because you're the Prince, doesn't mean you can't have fun just like the other students. This is where your upbringing will be different from mine. I was trained more on how to be a Princess and such, and it took your Uncle Harry to help loosen me up. I want you to have fun and learn everything you can, but most importantly…don't forget to make friends and have a good time. You understand?" Hermione answered.

"That's what daddy said." Josh replied.

"What did I say?" Severus asked as he entered the library.

"About studying, but making friends and having fun next year." Josh replied.

"That's right. Remember, just be yourself. You have plenty of time to play the role of Prince when you get older, right now, just be a kid." Severus smiled as he ruffled Josh's hair.

"Dad!" Josh whined as he pulled away.

Severus sat under the oak tree in the backyard, taking in the peaceful night air. That morning he, Hermione, and their four-year-old daughter Sarah, dropped Josh off at Platform 9 ¾.

"Hey stranger." Hermione smiled as she sat beside him.

"Hey yourself. Sarah asleep?" Severus asked.

"Yup. She had me tell her the story of how I became friends with Harry. She finds it funny about me nearly being clobbered by a troll." Hermione answered.

"I think she just likes the adventure of the story. That and it shows you in one of your few damsel in distress moments." Severus replied.

Hermione nodded. The house seemed so quiet without Joshua yelling that Sarah was taking his things or Sarah crying that Josh was picking on her. It would take some getting used to the fact that their oldest son and heir to the throne was now at Hogwarts.

"Harry and Draco promised they would keep Josh out of trouble." Hermione sighed as she sat between his legs and leaned against his chest.

"Well, I wouldn't worry about Josh getting into trouble yet. Next year however, that will be different because Jason will be there." Severus added as he wrapped his arms around his wife.

Hermione just moaned at the mention of Jason's name. Jason Ryan Malfoy was Draco and Ginny's ten-year-old son. Despite the one year difference, Jason and Josh were best friends. During the school year, Jason stayed with Ginny at Malfoy Manor while Draco taught Potions. Harry had taken up the D.A.D.A post.

"What are you thinking?" She asked.

"I'm thinking about how lucky I am. I was given a second chance when you choose me as your bodyguard. Now, I have everything I've ever wanted. My mother back in my life, a beautiful and loving wife, two of the greatest kids a parent could ask for, and peace." He answered.

"Well, I'm glad your life is peaceful. Because of you, I found strength during my darkest times. The death of my parents, the death of my cousin, and dealing with that nightmare of a war. Thanks to you, I managed to pull through and come out stronger than ever." She said as she snuggled deeper into his embrace.

The couple sat under the stars just reflecting on everything that had brought them together, almost tore them apart, and where they were now. Both thankful for all they had gone through, even the bad, because it made them better rulers for their Kingdom and better parents to their children.

The End!!