Times apart

Chapter 1: Arriving

7 years ago, it was in Shinnouh right before the Championship…

A day with much sunshine and a happy bunch of Trainers made out of Hikari, Satoshi, Takeshi, Nozomi, Suzuna, Jun, Naoshi and Kôhei are heading for the stadium to participate in the opening ceremony. The laughers are loud, one could think a kindergarten class or similar is having fun around the corner. They talk a lot.

And? Are you three ready for your spotlight?"

"What question is this dear Nozomi, of course they are prepared for such a big fight. I would be strange if they weren't."

"Then you don't know Satoshi Kôhei, he never is prepared, nevertheless how important his fight is."

"That's not true Takeshi I'm so ready right now…"

Running at one place quiet some distance before Jun is shouting "Yeah, yeah guys couldn't you go little faster now I want to fight, fight, fight and beat, beat, beat all opponents as fast as possible to claim the cup."

"You shouldn't rush the things so much boy. Your Pokémon will get nervous and fight badly in this state. Sit down listen to the voices of nature and relax your Pokémon will enjoy this as well."

No time for this, I must win the tournament and enter in the elite league to beat them as well and claim the title of the league champion and become the strongest, fastest and youngest master of all. Now hurry up. I count to 10 and if you aren't there I fund you 1 Million Pokédollar. 1-2-3… …ah the heck, who got time to count, I await your arrival at the Pokécenter" and don't wonder if I already defeated all trainers there…" and so he vanishes with the blowing wind of hassle.

"Someone should tell him he can't fight in the final immediately and that everything must be drawn by number first to definite the qualifying groups and that…" Takeshi states.

"Takeshi, I believe it is already to late for that since he is out of sight already…"

After Suzunas comment everyone remaining is laughing loud.

Somewhere near them stands a pale old tree log. The branches of it form a strange looking fork with many small twigs and no leaf. Someone is standing, half hidden behind this tree and he is annoyed. "I can't stand such weaklings and I never will understand how even one of them could get eight Shinnouh badges, especially him, they must all have fought the weakest of all gym leaders. I thought Shinnouh would bid a little competition and worthy challenger but I was wrong. I hope at least the elite league will be better. The win of this rather ridiculous tournament with all his weak competitors is easy and fast won anyway."

Saying that, Shinji leaves the screen.

Back where the others are they pass many spirited trainer who all do some serious last-second-training. Donphan, Magmortar, Fearrow, Aggron, Pupitar, Rhyperior, Dugdri, Mantyke, Meganium, and many, many other very strong Pokés are along the way. This arsenal of strong Pokemon really is impressing. Hydro pump shooting holes in the ground, Frenzy plants destroying the thickest log, Fire Blast vaporizing clouds in the sky and so on, this surely will let Satoshi sweat in the all-or-nothing battles who follow soon. Well not all-or-nothing for now since the pre-qualification contain some group battles which don't require to win everything to venture forth. You only have to place second in order to continue for now.

The gang enters one of many of the big Pokécenter in the trainers den, the city, if you want to call it so, where all trainers and their travel companions, if they had some reside. They overhear a conversation next to the door, in a small corner where surprisingly Jun stands and more or less patient listens.

"Did you hear that?"

"What, what?"

It appears Mikuri opened some kind of elite coordinator academy where he and a few other legendary coordinators teach a few selected youngsters to become world famous."

"Is that so? That is pretty interesting I wonder what the criteria's to enter there are."

"As far as I know Mikuri himself approaches the coordinators who he thinks deserve this chance and that there is nothing like a qualification meeting or something to enter this boarding school. Only a selected few who showed their potential in Mikuris eyes may enter."

"Wow that is equally interesting to something I heard."

"What is it Kagomi?!"

"Well, according to my information Shirona and a few of other regions elite league champions did the same for battler. But here as well Shirona picks the candidates herself and no one knows where this school shall be located as well."

"Hopefully my friend gets an invitation because this would be even better than just placing good in this championship."

"It certainly would but I for my part, as coordinator also want to enter this school…" and sighting they both leave.

"Awesome, awesome, awesome, I want to go there right now but I must wait until she comes to me and I hate to wait. … Huh? Satoshi and the others, it was time already. Why didn't you tell me about the pre-qualification, if I had known this I would already do some last minute training to kill the time."

Rushing as ever Jun says this and is already at leaving. "But you…" again he was away before Satoshi could finish.

"You know him Satoshi. Anyway let's hand over our Pokémon to the lovely Joy for a check up. Oh, lovely Joys everywhere…" now Takeshi is absent like ever. Luckily a poison jab stopped him again. Following this, the friends one after an other, hand over their Pokémon to Nurse Joy while Satoshi fills out the registration form. Because of his anxiousness Satoshi nearly rips the form apart while writing and in the end he slips and scratches the pretty wooden desk pretty bad. Hearing this sound of destruction the others startled. Satoshi is really burning hot for battling right now. Also the people around them look towards Satoshi with a shocked and angry expression. A little embarrassed he sits down at the next, little distant table and after a short reluctance, just a few heartbeats they follow but it was enough to hit Satoshi even more.