Two Lives, One Soul

Music story based on the Dream Theater album Scenes from a Memory. I do not own either PokeSpe or Scenes from a Memory.

Main Characters:

~Present (1998)~

Red: Nicholas
Pearl: The Hypnotherapist (person who uses hypnosis induced sleep to treat patients)

~Past (1928)~

Blue (The Evolver): Victoria Page (Metropolis/Love)
Silver (The Trader): Julian Baynes (The Sleeper)
Green (The Raiser): Edward Baynes (The Miracle)

Other characters will be revealed as the story progresses.

AN: I am madly obsessed with the story Scenes from a Memory has. I just HAD to write out a novelization of it and using the PokeSpe characters just made it all perfect. I love PokeSpe and I love all the characters (except Pearl and kinda Green too). I'll be writing out each scene from the original CD and adding my own twist of originality to it as well. If you know the story of Scenes from a Memory, you'll know how this ends (sadly). If not, I hope you keep reading.

This story is rated T for the following: drugs, alcohol, gambling, murder and a brief sex scene (non descriptive).


"Close your eyes and allow yourself to relax..." a man said as he set up a ticking clock. He faced another man who was lying in his therapist's chair and looking quite tired. "Let me set this clock up for you so you can wake up later after your dream. We will look into your dream together and find out why you cannot sleep peacefully."

"Mmm..." the red eyed man said. "Doctor Pearl, are you sure this will work?"

"Most reasons for not sleeping is a problem within dreams. I'm going to send you into a deep sleep and you will enter your own dreams as well. From there, you will be able to find out what is wrong. Now imagine a brilliant white light above you. Focus in on this light as it flows through your body..."

The man in the chair yawned and did exactly as Pearl said. He began to feel calmer and more peaceful, like he couldn't be harmed. The ticking was hypnotizing him into an even sleepier state than he already was in.

"Now as I count back from ten to one, Red..." Pearl was saying, though his voice sounded so far away. "You will feel more peaceful and"

Red's eyes began to close. His senses were drifting away and he couldn't hear Pearl anymore.

"You will enter a safe place, where nothing can harm you...five...four...three...two...if at anytime you need to come back, all you must do is open your"

Red was asleep. Satisfied, Pearl turned back to his desk to work on his papers.

In Red's mind, he finally felt safe from all the fear and pain he had been enduring from nightmares he had been having. He was wandering closer to his destination and looking at all the scenes played out before him, most of them from his own life, but some others that had people he had never met before.

Yet it all felt familiar.

Without even realizing it, he spoke. "Hello, Blue. It's good to see you, my friend."

"Where did that come from??"

Suddenly he felt something strange happen. It was as if his whole body was lifted up and brought through a powerful wormhole. The scenes he had been watching before looked like they were being re-winded at an extremely fast pace. A calendar began flipping through its pages, going from year 1998 and moving backwards.

"Where am I being taken to?!" Red yelled out.

The calendar stopped. He took a closer look at it and he couldn't believe his eyes.

Friday, May 28, 1928.

"Seventy years ago..."

Red realized he was stuck in his nightmares again. The calender vanished and a new scene had replaced the moving pictures from before. Just like before, he was standing in front of a large house with a small path. It felt oddly familiar, but...there was no way it should have been. He knew he never came here before!

Red began walking. He entered the house, feeling a very cold and haunting chill from the front walkway and into the foyer. The stairs appeared to move and Red hurried up them. In the hall at the top of the stairs were several doors, but Red knew which one to open. It felt like he was being called into the room...drawn in by some unknown force. He opened the door and went inside.

The room was furnished with all the normal furniture: a bed, a dresser, some shelves with nick knacks and a mirror. Red approached the mirror, but instead of seeing his own reflection, he saw the girl.

It was always the same. A girl took his reflection's place in the mirror. She didn't really look like him, for he was in his late twenties and she was so much younger. She had long brown hair, vibrant blue eyes and wore a black dress with white boots. Still, Red felt such a powerful bond to her but he had no idea why. He did not know who this girl is or was or why she replaced his reflection.

The hypnotherapist's powers kept him sleeping. This was what he had come here for: to find out why this dream kept occurring. Without opening his eyes or bolting up in a sweat, Red took a deep breath and went closer to the girl. Maybe this was Blue, the person who's name came out of nowhere when he entered the world of dreams. Her eyes looked so pained and Red sensed an untold story behind them. Something was tearing her apart.

"Young child, won't you tell me why I'm here?" he asked.

"Tonight I've been searching for it...a feeling that's deep inside me. Tonight I've been searching for the one that no one knows. Trying to break free...I just can't help myself!" the girl cried. "I feel like I'm going out of my head. It tears my heart into two...for I'm not the one The Trader thought he knew!"

Red's eyes suddenly snapped awake. A spirit enveloped him and he immediately thought, "Blue..." The hypnotherapist made notes on today's session and Red hurried out. Finding out who Blue was and why she was haunting him suddenly beckoned him. It was a whole other life in a completely different time and Red understood Blue was trying to tell him something. These were no ordinary nightmares he was having. He was being haunted by a ghost. Her life felt a part of his and he wanted to know why.

Red got into his car and began driving home. He had so much to do to solve this mystery. He had to know who Blue was, why this other life was always drawing him in and also why Blue was haunting him. She had said something about not being the one The Trader thought he knew...

"Strange deja vu..." Red thought. "Today I am searching for it...the feeling that won't go away. Today I am searching for the one that I only know. Trying to break free..." he tapped the steering wheel and felt something tear at his soul. "I just can't help myself. I feel like I'm going out of my head. Now it's tearing my soul into two...I don't think I'm the one I always thought I knew. It's uncanny strange deja vu..." he raised his eyes to the sky. "But I don't mind. I hope I'll find the truth."


Scenes covered: Regression, Overture 1928 and Strange Deja Vu.

A rather boring intro, but it gets better. I promise.

I chose to have Blue's gen II outfit because it seemed better and more fitting in a 1928 setting.