Two Lives, One Soul



Diamond and Platinum were right, Red realized. There's something definitely missing in this ending. Blue and Green had an affair and then she turns up dead, apparently killed by Silver, who kills himself? And the newspaper account didn't reveal the name of the witness either. Nothing made sense and he could see why Blue wanted to reveal the truth. Perhaps that is what she meant when she said she wasn't the one Silver thought he knew? The affair, her disappearance and then turning up dead with Silver laying on top of her.

Rumors were whispered and he was able to hear them through his dreams. Did Blue stay with Green? Or did she wound his soul when she said good bye?

"One last time...we'll lay down last time...until we fade last time...we'll lay down today..." he heard Blue's thoughts again. Was that her way of saying good bye, that it was the final time they would see each other?

Red wasn't finding any leads. He typed in Senator Green Baynes into his computer and went to get a drink. When he returned, he found an entire page of Green's autobiography, including where he lived. That creaky mansion that no one dared to go to...Red believed it was called the Old Chateau in an estate that was long ago abandoned and now surrounded by trees. It was said to be haunted by ghosts, but Red wasn't afraid because he was already being haunted. He shut off his computer and got into his car. If Green was the last owner if that house, he was sure to find some clues about Blue's murder and maybe confirm some of his suspicions.

It wasn't hard to find, even through the thick trees. The monstrous mansion stood at the edge of the forest with a dark outlook, almost as if to warn travelers away. Red steeled his nerves and went inside. As he did, a chilling atmosphere gripped him, much like the chill from his dreams. Whether it was Blue's presence or another entity altogether, Red didn't know but he pressed on. A flashback ran through his mind and he realized this was just like his dream when he finally met Blue face to face. This was the house! This was the path he walked! And he knew which room to look in as well. He hurried inside, anxious to find the truth of what was really in the bedroom. Was it the same bedroom Green and Blue had the affair in?

As he walked through the room, Red felt a dizzying sensation. He gripped the door and looked around the room, seeing everything he had seen in his dreams before. The bed, the furniture, the mirror Blue was in...everything was in place. The only differences were Blue not being in the mirror this time and...

...why were the walls moving?

Red's eyelids grew heavy and he passed out on the floor. The last thing he heard was a woman screaming and a man pleading forgiveness.

"No no no! I demand that you let me go!"

"Please forgive me! I swear I'll make you happy, but don't leave me!"

"That was them...I'm sure of it...Blue and Green..." Red thought.

Much later, the sensation finally passed and Red was awake again. His suspicions were confirmed: Green had something to do with the murder. He was sure of it.

His thoughts then changed to Blue. Now that he had discovered the truth, what would happen to her? It was amazing that a spirit had transcended through time, seventy years later, to find her reincarnation and tell the truth about her death.

Is that what happens after death? The spirit of the who the person was will carry on through time while the soul becomes a new living life? Perhaps that was the ultimate message and Red smiled.

"I suppose that...even if I were to die tomorrow, I would be alright. I'd go on through time while my soul becomes another living person. After we die...the spirit carries on.

"But Blue...I still don't know the whole truth about your murder. Still...I'll try finding the answers and I'll also reveal it to the press about how they were wrong. Is that what you want?" he asked outloud.

"Not quite..." Right before Red's very eyes, the girl from his dreams appeared in a transparent form. The girl with the deep blue eyes, the pale skin, the black dress and white heeled was Blue. "I have to thank you. For seventy long years, the truth about my murder has been tearing my spirit in two. I just want someone to know that Silver did not kill me. It was the work of the Raiser who had put me into my grave. I wanted the person who held the same soul as me to know the truth about the past Now that the truth is revealed, I want you to move on and be brave. Don't cry for's no use crying for someone who has been dead for so long. But please...never forget you lived once before, through me. Please don't forget me..."

Red nodded. Now he understood why Blue haunted him. With the truth now revealed, Blue could finally be at peace and Red could move on with his life. The only difference now was he knew the truth about what lays beyond death.

"I definitely won't forget you, Blue. But I'm still did it happen?"

There was no answer. Blue only smiled mournfully at him as she faded away. Red sighed, not satisfied with what he had found out. There had to be a way of finding out what had happened.

His only option was to go back and see the Hypnotherapist, Pearl. Red got into his car and drove straight to the office. Pearl was not busy and he wasn't taking any patients on, so he agreed to send Red into a trance and seek answers from Blue's memories. Red was sure that those memories were still locked away inside of him, but no matter how much he slept, he did not dream.

An hour later, Red awoke to Pearl's words. "...when I tell you to open your eyes, you will return to the present, feeling peaceful and refreshed. Open your eyes, Red."

Red yawned. Pearl chuckled and asked, "So did you find anything out?"

"No...I didn't dream at all," Red answered.

"Perhaps the girl wants to hide you from the horrible truth and has finally left you. You're free of the haunting, Red. Maybe it is best to let it rest. If she is gone, let her be free as well," Pearl said. His eyes went to the window and eyed the black clouds coming in. "A storm is coming. You should return home, Red."

"I will. Thank you, Pearl."

"Anytime, Red," Pearl nodded as Red left. He failed to notice a strange smirk on Pearl's lips...

Red got into his car and began to drive for home. Blue may not have wanted him to know the truth about the very night, but he couldn't help but be curious. Yet his soul no longer felt torn in two and he was finally free of the terrible events that had been happening to him.

He quickly drove home, ready to greet his wife and son in the best mood he had been in for a long time.


It was a lovely and clear Friday afternoon and Blue was feeling great. Diamond and Platinum were coming to see her in a few days and she got a lot of work done, resulting in a salary increase. And it was about to get better. Blue had spotted a familiar flash of red hair on the sidewalk and her heart soared. It was Silver! And he was walking towards her! How she could ever let the Raiser love her, Blue would never know. Her heart really and truly only belonged to Silver and she was ready to love him again. She would try harder to make him break his habits, if only he would let her. She loved him and...

Silver smiled as she approached. "Hello, Blue."

"Hello, Silver," Blue said. She was trying to stay calm, but on the inside she was screaming with happiness. "You look much better."

Silver flushed. "I've...I've been trying to kick my habits...ever since you left, it's been hell for me, Blue. I know I'm not a perfect man...I have the worst kinds of addictions..."

"Shhh..." Blue put a finger to his mouth. "I don't want perfection. Silver, you have always held my heart in the very palm of your hand."

"I have?" Silver's eyes widened.

"Please...can I see you later? I want to talk to you," Blue said. "Let's go for a walk along the path you and I shared our first kiss on."

"Definitely. I love you, Blue," Silver said, kissing Blue on the cheek.

"I love you too, Silver," Blue said, almost in a daze. It couldn't get any better than this. She was getting her friends back and Silver as well. All she had to do was break free of the Raiser...oh Arceus. The Raiser. Silver would kill his brother if he knew she had an affair with him.

She was going to have to make sure the Raiser kept his mouth shut. Blue hurried up to Green's mansion and knocked on the door. Sure enough, he was there and hurriedly welcomed her in.

"I'm so glad you're back, Blue. Will you stay with me, then?" Green asked, holding his arms out.

Blue shook her head. "No, Green. I've come to say good bye." His arms dropped and she continued to speak. "When I came to you, I was seeking comfort and condolences, but you had seduced me instead. I'm sorry, but I don't want to be with you."

"Seduced? Is that what you think I did?" Green asked in surprise.

"That's how I feel now. I was in such an unfeeling and vulnerable state when I came to you and you got me into your bed instead. That's not what I wanted!" Blue shouted. Green's expression changed and he grabbed her hands.

"There had better not be anyone else, Blue. I'll kill any man who dares to lay a hand on you!"

"Do that and I'll go to the police. You will lose everything you worked so hard for. Let me go!" Blue was getting angry. Green's grip had loosened when she threatened blackmail and Blue tore herself free. "This is the end, Green. Move on." With that said, she hurried out to her parents' home, where she had been staying when she wasn't with Silver.

Green watched her leave and went to his study. He picked out a pistol from his safe and made sure it was loaded. "It's not the end, Blue."

Blue was smiling as she walked away from Green's home. That was it. She was finally free from his possessiveness. She also had her love renewed and was going to rendezvous with Silver to make it official. She was so excited to see him later.

When it got dark, Blue bid her parents farewell and hurried off to the moonlit path. There was Silver, waiting for her with a flower (her favourite: a bluebell). The reunited couple hugged and shared some close kisses.

"Will you take me back, Blue?"

"Of course, Silver."

"So this is who you're leaving me for?!" Green suddenly burst out from the dark trees, a look of fury on his face. Blue screamed and Silver glared at his older brother.

"The hell are you doing here, Green?!"

"I told you, Blue. If another man lays a hand on you, I'll kill him!" Green spat at Blue, completely ignoring Silver. Silver patted down his jacket, knocking a bottle of liquor out of his pocket and pulling out a switchblade. The liquor bottle shattered on the ground, spilling the cheap booze over the three pairs of feet but no one took notice. The brothers began to scuffle violently and Blue was still screaming in horror. Her screams got louder as Green pulled out his pistol and shot Silver.

"SILVER!!" Blue shut her eyes and continued to scream.

"Open your eyes, Blue," Green sneered and he shot her as well. She fell to the ground, her eyes wide open and the pain exploding throughout her body.

Silver, still with a bit of life left in him, saw his lover fall with blood gushing out of her chest and knew they were both going to die. Although the pain was tearing him apart as well, he crawled over to her and finally fell on top of her. "One last time...we'll lay last time...until we fade away..." he gasped out and settled into death's cold grip. Blue sighed, her last breath escaping out of her lungs and finally died.

Green watched the pair of them in their final moments with cold eyes. "To think you would leave me for an ungrateful man, Blue..." he whispered. "I did warn you. Now..." he looked around desperately, but no one else was around. There was just enough time to cover this up. He quickly sprawled a note from some paper in his pocket and stuffed it in Silver's jacket. It was then he spotted Blue clutching a bluebell in her hand. Such a cheap flower! It made Green angry to see it. He grabbed it out of Blue's clutch and tore it into pieces.

"They'll buy into my words and believe it was Silver. And I'll go on living..." Green sneered. He ran for town and began yelling for help, pretending to have witnessed the whole thing.

Back at the bodies of Blue and Silver, two spirits lifted into the air and rose towards a blinding light only they could see. Their souls would now be used to give new life in good time. Their spirits, however, would move through time together and carry on the afterlife.


Red arrived home as the storm was getting worse. His thoughts were still on Blue and, for once, he finally felt good. He was free of the haunting that had plagued him and, at the same time, learned all about his past life and what happens after death. His soul was intact, no longer torn in two. Now he could live.

"We'll meet again, Blue," he said outloud. "Someday soon." He doubted Blue was listening, since he was no longer being haunted by her, but it felt good to let out. He got out of the car and rushed up to his house, unlocking it and stepping inside.

"Ruby! Yellow! I'm home!" Red called. But there was no answer. He noticed a note placed on the table beside the front door.


Since the storm was bad, I took Ruby over to see Crystal, Gold and Sapphire. He refused to calm down otherwise. There's some food in the fridge for you. We'll be back once the storm calms down. Love you!

"Aw Rattatas," Red sulked. He had missed his wife and son a lot, but he cheered up once he saw the storm winds pass. It shouldn't be too long until they got home. Red decided to put his feet up to some music and a drink until they got back. Maybe they would have a Family Game Night as well. It had been a while since they had one.

He got a lemonade from the fridge and turned on his favourite CD. Settling into his favourite chair, Red let the words take him to another place and relax his nerves.

Master! Apprentice! Heartborne, seventh seeker! Warrior! Disciple! In me the Wishmaster!

The music played loudly and Red sipped his lemonade. Due to the loud volume of the music, Red failed to notice another car pull up in his driveway. A man got out of the car and walked into Red's home. A glint of light reflected off the pistol the man was carrying. The glint traveled over the man's messy blond hair and past his orange coloured eyes. It was the hypnotherapist, Pearl.

Red's eyes were closed at this point as he basked in the rhythm of the music. Pearl tapped Red's shoulder. "Open your eyes, Red."

"Aaah!" Red's arm lashed out and knocked the CD player off its table, causing it to break. Static boomed up from the speakers. Pearl stood over him, giving him a familiar cold look. He raised his pistol and shot Red.

"The cycle has been completed again...just like how it was in our past lives. You as the Evolver, Red. And I as the Raiser," Pearl put his pistol away. He had to get out of here before anyone discovered him. He hurried out of the house and drove away.

The story ends where it began.


Scenes covered: One Last Time, The Spirit Carries On, Finally Free.

Thus we come to the end of Red's story. In the end, the truth destroyed him.

For anyone confused as to why Pearl would murder Red, look closer at Pearl's last line. Red is Blue's reincarnation and Pearl just so happens to be Green's. By murdering Red, Pearl completed the cycle again.