Sequel to Kagome's Baby... at last...

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Chapter One: Meeting Inuyasha

"You WILL have her home before midnight." Inuyasha said in a hard voice.

"Uh... sure," he said with a slight roll of his eyes.

Pretty stupid move. Inuyasha had the guy up against the wall with his feet dangling two inches off the floor between heartbeats. Kagome should have stopped him, but she was enjoying it way too much. Besides, if she was strong enough to do that, she would have done it too. Would it be too much for her to fan the flames a bit? Nah. That would just be cruel. Tempting though... very. Last time a date showed up, the poor fellow actually wet himself.

"Let. Me. Repeat. Myself."

"Yes, sir. Midnight. No problem." Repetition turned out to be unnecessary.

His feet slowly touched the floor again. He definitely looked nervous now. His eyes darted to the stairs then to the door. It was entirely possible he was planning to make a break for it. What was his name again? Ryo? Or was that the last guy? Yuki maybe?

"I want your name. Full name, none of this nickname garbage. Your car license number. Your telephone number. And two references."



Inuyasha shoved a piece of paper and a pen at..... apparently Yoshiyuki Terada. The handwriting was a little shaky, but still legible. The guy looked completely unnerved when Inuyasha began sniffing him, to memorize his scent. The writing down of the numbers had been Kagome's idea. Even though should anything happen they wouldn't need them, but at least it made the guy THINK that they would use them. In reality, Inuyasha's nose would lead them to him in no time. But it was difficult enough to explain the half demon's peculiarity without telling people about his keen sense of smell.

"I will know if you have touched her you shouldn't have," Inuyasha growled. "And if I find that you have placed one hand in an inappropriate place, I will hunt you down. You do know the meaning of the word disembowel don't you?"

The man gulped. Guess he did.

To his credit, Yoshiyuki did not run away screaming into the night, like the first guy coming to call. He even managed a strained smile when the sound of footsteps finally came down the stairs. She was in her prettiest dress and her hair tucked behind her ear. She really was quite pretty. Kagome was glad she was dating... honest. But it was still a little scary. The world was not a kind and gentle place, and many innocent things turned out to be evil. She was traveling where they could not protect her. ...unless they stalked her and watched from the shadows (... not that they did that... too many times since she started dating).

"Yoshi," she greeted with a smile. Perhaps with a note of surprise in her voice? Surely they hadn't run off so many potential suitors that she was actually surprised to see one. "So good to see you. Are you ready to go?"

The answer, of course, was . But what he really said was "Sure."

Bending to kiss Kagome on the head, then lifting her head up to give a kiss to Inuyasha's cheek, she turned to go.

"Be careful, Mama!" Kagome called. Maybe they should put on their shoes and trail after them after all.

Her mama smiled gently, then firmly shut the door behind her. Inuyasha sat on his haunches and stared at the door menacingly. Kagome sat at his side. Every since they married, Inuyasha went fanatical about the protection of his new family. It didn't get bad until Mama started dating. Each of her dates had to meet Inuyasha first. Grandpa actually insisted on it. In fact, she could hear his slightly maniacal laughter from the kitchen. Kagome pitied her daughter should she ever have one. And they thought Miroku was overprotective of his baby girl? Ha! It was likely their daughter wouldn't date til she was in her 30s at least.

Speaking of which.... it was time.

She hadn't told anyone yet. She could barely wrap her mind around the idea herself. It was a kind of a scary subject. Sure she was thrilled. But... well... how would Inuyasha react? He didn't seem to like being around Miroku and Sango's two kids. He protected them, of course, but almost seemed scared of them. Scared of hurting them, likely. And he still had so many worries about his heritage, would this bother him too? She was certain he wouldn't leave her, but would this be one more burden? One more worry? And she knew SHE wasn't ready. She was scared. And she didn't want to mess up.

"Just tell me already," Inuyasha said gently. His hand gently laying over her own.

Kagome sighed. "Let's go into the living room."

With one last glance at the door, Inuyasha stood up and helped Kagome to her feet.

"Sit," she said. Then regretted it when he crashed to the floor. She cringed. "I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to! I just mean si.. uh, to have a seat on the couch. I'm so so so sorr..."

"Yeah yeah."

They had the opportunity to get rid of the cursed necklace, but Inuyasha surprised her by refusing to have the spell lifted. It was an insurance he had said. For her protection. Without complaint he got up and sat on the couch.


Strong. Brave. Faced demons. Monsters. The undead. How many times had he fought on with his stomach sliced open, or having a sword sticking out of him somewhere? Tough hard as nails Inuyasha...

...dropped to a dead faint at two words.

"I'm pregnant."



Author's Note: This first chapter was originally going to be a short story on its own. But then I got to thinking... and finally decided to tweak it a bit and make it the beginning of the sequel to Kagome's Baby, one of the first fanfiction series I wrote. It isn't necessary to read that story to understand this one... I hope. Though it is entirely possible that I make references to things that have happened.

With luck I won't have tooooo many discrepancies between the two stories, but I'm not swearing to it.

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