Transformer Memes


General Info


Instead of uploading memes as singularities, I have decided to place them in one collection. This away, the reader can decide if they wish to wade through mindless dribble or read an actual story. I rarely participate in memes, so this list may become stagnant after a while.

General Disclaimer: I do not own the Transformers. They belong to Hasbro, Tomy Takara and others. I am only playing around and will give them back. I make no money from this. However, I do own Sira/Velocity and Hardcore. They belong to me and I don't share.

Ratings T: Language, violence, hinted at erotica, gore, adult situations, chemical usage with the intent of altering ones perceptions (drug/alcohol/high grade usage), possible commentary about religion and society, making fun of known celebrities, torture, angst, humor, mindless nonsense, and the author acting like a fool. This list is meant to cover any current or future memes added to the collection, but it is not an exclusive list of warnings.