100 prompts and write a sentence for each.

Velocity, Hardcore and several others you might not recognize are Ocs. Most are based in my AU.


100 Sentences



26. Nervous - Velocity had never said or done anything to him. In fact, she had always been… nice to him, but it didn't matter, his hands still shook in his lap. Primus, she wasn't looking at him, her focus on the data pad in her hand.

27. Eliminate - In the shadows of the parking garage, Hardcore watched the flame covered semi and little red Sky pass by, the Prime and his bondmate. That glitching femme was the reason both Decepticons and Autobots consider him a rogue.

28. Birth - Hound watched in rapt fascination. The female cat strained and pushed her offspring from her body, then licked the kitten until it mewed and struggled to move closer to her. He named to tiny, new calico "Spot," and decided to keep that one for himself.

29. Medicate - Catherine ordered another Scotch and tonic, hoping to ease the loneliness that ate at her. She ignored the scrape of the chair next to her being moved, and a body flopping into it. She focused on her own misery.

"So what are we drinking tonight?" Agent Simmons waved the bar maid over.

30. Poor - Optimus strolled through the remains of the building that once held his residence, even in the destruction, opulence glittered in the rubble. As Prime, the state had provided for his every need and as a labor-bot named Orion, he had made just enough to survive. Unlike the Primes before him, hadn't come form the comfort of nobility with huge credit accounts, and what little currency he had went into the war coffers.

31. Rob - The feel of sticky hands sliding along his armor woke Sunstreaker from his recharge. Malicious vengeance raced through his fuel lines as the thin strip of metal slid between the panels of his door. Smiling to himself, the Lamborghini obliged and unlocked his door. Humans were so stupid.

32. Confess - Velocity walked into Optimus's office, and instantly her guard went up. Apprehension hung in the air. Her mate waved her in and offered her his chair. "Ratchet and Wheeljack have just given me some information and I believe it is best if you are made aware of these things also. It has to do with your ancestry."

33. Forgive - Sideswipe looked up as the cube of high-grade hit the table in front of him, sloshing onto the table. Across from him, Sunny lowered onto the stool, another cube in his brother's hand. Side's smiled sheepishly and picked up his fuel cube, knowing they would never discuss what happened.

34. Cranky - Limping into the medbay, Ironhide left a trail of energon, coolant and other vital fluids on the floor behind him. When Ratchet saw the damage, the green mech started cursing rapidly in both Cybertronian and English. Ironhide picked up the feared and formidable wrench that Ratchet used to keep most patients in line, and hurled it at the medic. "Just mute it and fix this fragging mess," he snapped as he hobbled to one of the examining tables.

35. Breakdown - He punched the wall again and again until his knuckles ached. It did little good. He slammed his fist into the wall once more and pain shot up his arm, releasing the tension in his spark. He wiggled his fingers and one fell to the floor. He bent over to pick up the digit.

A familiar hand touched his shoulder. "Primus, Sunny."

Sunstreaker turned away, he hadn't wanted his brother to witness this.

36. Still - Velocity sat on the hillside, her knees pulled to her chest and her arms wrapped around them. With her head tilted back, her optics took in the stars overhead. She hadn't moved for several cycles, and he didn't disturb her. She needed time to say good-bye to the only home she had ever known.

37. Lover - Chromia stilled her systems and sighted the target. Slowly, she applied pressure to the trigger. Powerful hands slipped around her waist, distracting her as she fired.

"You missed," Ironhide whispered in her audios.

Smirking, she sighted to target again. "It won't happen again." The hands traveled up to her chest.

38. Flame - Cliffjumper sat at Teletraan's console, his optics wide and his mouth slack. He glanced at his duty partner, and Hound turned to look at him. "A troll found my Facebook page, what do I do?"

Hound went back to watching the security grid. "You will take on any Decepticon, but the words of one human terrifies you."

39. Run - Explosions shook the world around them, but Barricade stayed focused on the sleek, red femme crouched beside the remains of a human building. He moved quietly, stalking his prey, closing the distance between them.

40. Wake - Velocity crept into their recharge chamber, carefully, slowly, making sure that she moved silently and wouldn't wake her slumbering mate. She smiled wickedly, knowing what her would do to her in retaliation and looking forward to it. Crouching down she compressed her hypercoils, building power, then counted to ten. She launched herself at the prone form of Optimus Prime.

41. Speech - How long had it been since he had addressed such a multitude? How many vorns had passed since so many Cybertroninas had gathered in one place to hear him? He cycled his vents before stepping forward and turning up the volume of his vocals. "My fellow Autobots…."

42. Last wish - Optimus glanced at his bondmate. "Have you made a decision?"

Velocity flipped through the stack of travel brochures, frustration evident on her features. She turned her pleading optics to him. "I can't settle on just one place, especially knowing that it could be a vorn or more before we return to Earth."

43. Angel - Sam lifted the baby over his head and spun in a circle. Danielle giggled in absolute delight as she drooled in her Daddy's face.

44. Elope - Catherine laughed then snorted. The haze of single malt made the smarmy special agent's proposition silly, instead of offensive. Simmons reached out and touched her hand, he winked and she giggled. God, she didn't even know where he lived.

"What else do people come to Las Vegas for?" The man shrugged with faux-innocence.

45. Blind - Shockwave turned to face the seeker that sauntered into this workshop, letting Starscream think that he was being looked at. In truth, the sensor was useless, all of the connections from the optic had been irritably severed by the Autobot tactician. If it wasn't for the mired of other sensor arrays he could rely upon, he would have been left to die. A sightless Decepticon had no use in Megatron's army unless no one knew that he was blind.

46. Dream - Velocity stared at the thick streak of stars overhead. Since she was a child, she had always wanted to see them up close, wanted to walk on the dirt of an alien world and feel the heat from an alien star and see things no one else had ever seen. Time, reality and life had eroded her kid-dreams of being an astronaut. But now, she was going to get to see distant stars up close and walk on an alien world. It was a dream come true and it terrified her.

47. Journey - "The wheel in the sky keeps on turning. Don't know were I'll be tomorrow…" blared from the Camaro's speakers as Sam loaded his one piece of luggage into the trunk.

"Yes, you do. You'll be in Detroit." Sam shut the trunk lid, shaking his head. He turned and gave Michaela a hug.

48. Drown - The injured Decepticon laid, unable to move, gurgling as his intakes filling with energon and oil that seeped from his wounds. He turned his head and watched the black Autobot approach. The enemy mech checked his cannons, they both knew what would happen next.

49. Alive - In the dark of the room, she looked at her hand and wiggled the fingers. The gears and coils moved in a seamless, smooth harmony. No matter how long she inhabited this body, she would always marvel at the living metal.

50. Stomach - Mikaela struggled through ten more crunches, then collapsed on the mat. Being a young didn't help her recover her pre-pregnancy figure, and she wondered if she would ever posses the tight abs that had seduced Sam.