A/N: I recently finished the anime, and I felt like writing a short story about how things ended up. This is, as the name suggests, set four years after the end of the anime. And may I say that I think this section deserves more fics. There is a Lemon warning, in case you don't want to read it. Now, onwards and sideways:

Four Years On

Nagasumi sat in the car's passenger seat, while his dad was driving them towards the church, nervous as hell. Anybody would be in his state, and yes, you read correctly, 'towards the church.' Today was the day that Nagasumi and San would properly marry. There were only a few things that could spoil the day: one was Nagasumi's nerves, the other was San's father. Gozaburo still objected to the union, but had been persuaded by San and Ren not to kill Nagasumi, and to let San go. Although this had stopped San from worrying about her husband, it did little to quell Nagasumi's own fears. 'He's going to kill me before we get to the alter, I know he is.'

Someone tapped him on the back and he turned to see Kai smirking at him, "Don't look so glum, you are going to get married."

Nagasumi sighed, "It's not the getting married part that worries me, it's the insane father-in-law part."

"Well I'm sure that Masa can restrain him, and if he can't..."

"You are such a great friend, remind me why you are my best man again."

"Because if something happens to the groom, isn't it traditional for the bride to marry the best man?"

Nagasumi sighed, in truth he and Kai had become friends, and although Kai's habit of trying to take San away was pretty annoying, he was a good guy at heart. "Look, could you not try to take San away from me, just for today? Please?"

"But this is my last chance, before she becomes yours forever."

"This is also my wedding day, so can you please leave it, as we both know that you'll be trying to persuade her into an affair within ten minutes of us getting back from our honeymoon."

"True, and if I managed that it would be even more exciting, ahahahaha."

"Very funny Master," Saru said from his seat next to Kai.

"Ah, my servant, did you prepare my suit?"

"It is here Master," Saru said, pulling out the usual space suit.

"Um guys, when I said 'suits'... that wasn't the kind I had in mind," Nagasumi said, worried by this turn of events.

"Don't worry," Kai said, pulling the suit on. Nagasumi was worried though: in a hour or so he was getting married to a mermaid, with a spaceman as his best man, and to top it all off, San had chosen Lunar as maid of honour. Add to that the insane father-in-law, his own parents, and a murderous shark and things could not get much worse. Then he remembered 'This is my life, things can always get worse.'


"There you go San, that's the dress fixed," Mawari said, standing up from having fought with said dress for a good half hour.

"I can't believe that you are marrying my slave, I expect compensation," Lunar said.

'Well it's been decided for the last four years,' San thought, though she couldn't say it in front of Mawari.

"Well I'm just amazed that you are getting married at only eighteen. You still have to go to college, why so soon?" Mawari enquired.

"Well Nagasumi and I love each other, and want to be together as soon as possible," San replied, half telling the truth, but Mawri could not know the whole truth, or else she was dead meat.

"Or could it be that with so many girls around, you're worried that someone else will try to get him," a voice said from the doorway.

San and the others turned to see who it was. "Oh Shiranui-san, that's not true," San half-lied: she trusted Nagasumi, but she did not trust the other girls, "Anyway I'm glad that you came, we're almost ready to go aren't we?"

"Yes, I just need to fix my own dress," Mawari said.

San smiled, she was soon to be married to her beloved Nagasumi: she could not wait, this was going to be the happiest day of her life.


'Oh Father who art in heaven, please don't let him kill me, please!' Nagasumi was not greatly religious, but for once he was entrusting his life to God, as God seemed to be the only thing in this or any world that could stop San's father. 'I just want to be married to San, then let him do whatever he wants, just let me die as San's real husband. Please God!'

Kai walked into the room where Nagasumi had been waiting. Finding the young man kneeling before a cross was something Kai would never have expected. "Praying for help against Gozaburo?" Kai said, meaning it as a joke.

"Yes," Nagasumi said, glancing over at Kai, before returning to his prayers.

"Well about that, he said he wanted to speak to you."

'Thanks a lot God,' Nagasumi thought, "What about, dare I ask?"

"Well I'm not sure, he just said he wanted to see 'that brat who's taking my San away,' he didn't mention why."

"Then take me to him, and if I should die, then if you take the chance to make moves on San, my ghost will return and take bloody revenge, you got that?"

"Sure thing."

Nagasumi allowed himself to be led away by Kai, fearing what San's father was going to say and do. They entered a large room with a long table, and along each side sat members of the Seto group, and at the head of the table, Gozaburo sat glaring at the newest arrival.

"So you've come, Nagasumi, I am sorry that this day has come, but now..." Nagasumi got ready to run for it, "now... would you like some coffee before the ceremony starts?"

Nagasumi raised an eyebrow, pinched himself and blinked several times: this was not a dream, San's father had just offered him coffee. "Uh, yes please black, no sugar." Gozaburo poured the coffee himself, and motioned towards a chair next to him. Nagasumi was still on his guard, but sat down in th chair and took the coffee. 'Well, this could be the end of the world, San's father is being nice to me!'

"I have to say, I still don't like the fact that you, a human, are marrying San, but it can't be helped," Gozaburo sighed, "If anything happened to you, San would hate me, and when she gets angry, well, you know."

Nagasumi shuddered at the memories of the few times that he had been on the receiving end of San's anger. She was very scary, but Nagasumi knew how to make amends most of the time, but just occasionally she would storm off for a while until she came back in tears and apologise for 'not being chivalrous' and 'a terrible wife.' Nagasumi could only imagine how much worse it was for her father, although his sympathy for the old man was rather limited.

"So I've decided to try to hate you less, I'm not making any promises though, and if you hurt San then you are dead meat."

"I'd fight five-hundred sharks rather than hurt San."

"Well if you do hurt her then I'll send six-hundred, so I suggest you don't," Gozaburo laughed

Nagasumi laughed too, though he was not sure whether that was really a joke or not.

"Well, we'd better get going, the service starts soon," Gozaburo said. Nagasumi drank the rest of his coffee and stood, as did the others there. 'That's right, in a hour, I'll be married to a beautiful mermaid, things could not be better,' then he noticed Kai in his space suit. 'Okay, they could be a lot better.'


"We're here," Mawari half-screamed with excitement.

"Really Mawari, it's San that's getting married, not you, get a grip," Shiranui said calmly.

"Yes, but two of my best friends are getting married, I am allowed to be excited aren't I?"

San was currently very nervous, and that was not being helped by her friend's excitability. This was what she had always dreamed of, but that did not make it any less terrifying a prospect.

Lunar looked over to her, "Come on San, that Slave'll be waiting for you, so you'd better hurry up and go to him."

San nodded and they all got out of the car. 'Soon, very soon, we will be completely together, forever.'


Nagasumi stood by the alter, waiting for the ceremony to start. Kai was standing next to him, attracting all kinds of weird looks. 'Come on, I can do this, and then I get to disappear off with San to spend two weeks with just the two of us, I can't wait.'

Then, the music started, and everyone went quiet. 'It's starting.'


San, heard the music begin, and waited for the right moment to start walking. She was excited, but so very scared. 'Don't worry, everything will go okay, I'm sure.'

She started to walk slowly forward, she entered the main church, and everyone turned to look. She saw Nagasumi standing by the alter in his suit, smiling back at her.

Nagasumi was entranced by the woman walking towards him. She had on a beautiful wedding dress, that showed off enough of her curves to whet his appetite. She came up to him, and he did not notice anyone else in the procession, only her. Seconds later their arms were linked, and the priest began, "We are gathered here today..."


"I now pronounce you man and wife, you may kiss the bride."

Nagasumi turned to his wife, raised her veil, and kissed her, long and passionately.

"I present to you all, Mr. and Mrs Nagasumi Michishio."

Soon they were outside the church having photos taken, and having confetti thrown at them. Then Saru shouted "Party time!"


"I'm exhausted," Nagasumi said, collapsing on the bed in his and San's hotel room.

"Me too, but now we're finally properly married, I'm so happy!" San said, collapsing next to her husband.

"Yeah, to think we've been engaged for four years, and now I finally have the most wonderful girl ever as my wife, 'Till death do us part,' so don't let your dad near me if you want us to be married long," Nagasumi joked.

"Well in that case I'll properly break off ties with the family if it will protect Nagasumi," flower petals appeared on cue, "as a good wife, I need to look after my husband, otherwise it would bring disgrace to we mermaids."

"I was joking: he said today that he'd leave me alone for your sake, so don't worry," the flower petals disappeared as mysteriously as they had come.

"Really! Then we can live properly as a couple, without having to worry, I'm so glad," San pulled Nagasumi into a hug, "I love you so much Nagasumi."

Nagasumi kissed her before replying, "I love you too, San." He kissed her again.


Lemon coming up any second.


As they kissed, Nagasumi started to carefully remove San's dress. She stiffened a little to start with, but then relaxed as it came off, so she was left in only her underwear. Nagasumi was glad he had gained a strong nose, anyone with anything lesser would be spurting blood by the gallon by now.

Nagasumi kissed San again and again, slowly moving down towards the first of the two remaining items. As he reached it he carefully removed her bra with his teeth, and out came her ample breasts. Nagasumi could feel the intense pressure in his trousers, which was steadily building, but he ignored it to focus on making San feel good. He took the left nipple in his mouth and started to suck on it, earning a gasp from San. He brought one hand up to the other breast, and let his other hand wander over San's back, then lower, to the top of her panties.

By this point, San was beside herself with pleasure, and pushed her hips closer to his hand, hoping that he would understand her meaning. Nagasumi got the message, and slipped his hand into her panties. The inside of the garment was already soaked, and he pulled it off, before returning his hand to it's previous position. He rubbed her up and down, then slipped one finger in. It was warm and tight inside her, something he had never experienced before. He thrust his finger in and out, gaining moans of pleasure from his wife. Then she screamed his name and Nagasumi felt his finger being squeezed tightly, and his whole hand was covered in San's pleasure.

He removed his hand and licked his fingers clean, "That was tasty, I want some more."

San smiled, then she noticed his buldge, "As long as I get to taste you too."

Nagasumi happily complied, undoing his trousers and dropping them, to reveal a huge tent in his boxers. San pushed him down on to the bed, and climbed on top of him, positioning her head above the tent. Carefully, she removed the fabric and licked her lips. He was not massive, but he was not small either, and San could not tell, as she had nothing to compare him to. She lowered her head and took his head in her mouth. She stayed motionless, just letting her tongue lick around his head. Nagasumi was amazed that she was such a tease, but knew that she was waiting for him to start too, so he raised his head to her most private part, and started licking at the outside. San lowered her backside so that Nagasumi's mouth was at her womanhood, then she lowered her head on Nagasumi, making him gasp a little. She licked and sucked and he licked and thrust with his tongue. Then San shuddered and came again. This sudden introduction of the taste of San to Nagasumi was too much for Nagasumi, who came into San's mouth.

They swallowed their respective loads, then San moved to lick at Nagasumi's face, where some of her juices were splattered. He smiled at her, "You ready?"

In answer she lay on her back and opened her legs. Nagasumi quickly positioned herself between her legs, ready to enter. "San, you know that this may hurt."

"Yeah, but if it's with you, then I'm sure that I'll be fine, because I love you Nagasumi."

"I love you too, San-chan," he kissed her and entered.

San would have cried in pain, if not for the lips on hers. It hurt, but Nagasumi stayed still and kissed her gently until the pain subsided. When she was ready, she just nodded, and he got the message. He built up the pace, and kept going until...

"Nagasumi, I'm gonna..."

"Me too..."



They both felt themselves release, and collapsed on the bed next to each other.


Lemon over, for those who didn't read, take a rough guess at their current situation.


Somehow, they got under the sheets, and Nagasumi held San tightly in his arms.

"Nagasumi, that was... wonderful."

"I quite agree."

"Although, yours isn't the best name to shout out in bed, it far too long," San giggled. "Well, it's time to sleep, good night Nagasumi."

"Good night, my darling wife."


Maki cowered in a corner. She had been instructed to guard San, but after that little scene, she was thinking of resignation. 'That damn sea louse, doing that all of a sudden, with no warning, if only I had a clear shot...'

She was now at the 'Permanantly scarred for life' stage, which was not a good thing, especially when it comes to a psychotic shellfish. "I will kill him, and then he won't be able to corrupt San again, ahahaha."

"What's that noise?" a voice said from the direction of the bed, 'Shit, discovered by San.'

"If I didn't know better then I'd say it was that psychotic bodyguard of yours, come to deal death unto me." Nagasumi did not know how right he was.

"Well if it were then I'd have her fired, and never speak to her again."

At this point, Maki gave in and crawled into her shell, 'Everyone hates me.'


A/N: Too right Maki. This is the end, but if people want, I can make this multi-chapter. Otherwise, that's all folks.

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