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Four Years On, Ch2

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"Nagasumi, it's time to get up."

Nagasumi opened his eyes to the brightly smiling San. He smiled back up and pulled himself up and gave her a quick kiss, "Morning San."

It had been three weeks since the wedding, and San and Nagasumi had returned from their honeymoon a few days before. So far, their marriage had been a very happy one, in spite of Maki's attempts to kill Nagasumi, without either of the couple realising she was there.

San and Nagasumi dressed and went downstairs. They were sleeping in San's room at Nagasumi's parents house still, they were only eighteen after all, even if they were a married couple. When they arrived in the kitchen, Nagasumi's mother was in there putting together some breakfast. She turned and smiled at her son and his wife, "Morning you two, did you sleep well?"

"Yeah, thanks Mum," Nagasumi replied, making sure to get a word in before San and his mother started their usual morning inane chatter.

Nagasumi sat down at the table, while San insisted on helping his mother make the breakfast. He smiled to himself as he watched the beautiful young mermaid flitting about the kitchen, doing her best to help. He was glad that he had met her, and that they were married. There was no obvious external difference between the way that they had been, and the way they were now, except that they were now sleeping together of course. The big difference was something sub-conscious. They felt like they finally really belonged to each other. Of course, they had loved each other for years, but now they were truly together. It was something that neither of the couple could explain, but it was there.

Nagasumi was interrupted from his thoughts by Lunar, who had just come down, "Why the vacant look Slave?"

Nagasumi sighed, he and San had given up telling Lunar that he was not her slave long ago, but it was still irritating when she did it. Lunar still lived with them, though nobody could understand quite why, since she seemed to have such disdain for Nagasumi and San, but the pop star must have her reasons, however weird they might be.

"Lunar-chan, am I not allowed to think?" Nagasumi asked in a voice full of his annoyance at her way of addressing him.

"Well a slave's job is not to think, but to do as his master, or mistress, tells him."

Nagasumi gave up on arguing with the girl: her superiority complex in regards to him was far too great. Funny that she thought she was so great, when she knew San was only about three metres from her, and San could better Lunar at everything, except the number off psychological issues they had.

"Breakfast is ready," San's sweet voice said. Nagasumi looked over to her, seeing her smiling at him as she served the eggs and bacon out to everyone. Lunar sat down to eat, and Nagasumi's father came in to join them, before being promptly sent away to eat by himself on the sofa. San sat herself next to Nagasumi, her bright smile still firmly in place. Nagasumi smiled back at her, then gave her a peck on the cheek.

"SLAVE! Not at the breakfast table!" Lunar exclaimed, secretly wishing it was her receiving the kiss, before she caught herself wishing that, and cast the thought to the back of her mind.

"Is there something wrong with me kissing my wife? Nobody objected to us doing a full on-the-lips one at the wedding, so why are you complaining now?"

Lunar looked annoyed, but kept quiet. 'Ah, stupid logic, I love it!' Nagasumi felt San's lips briefly touch his cheek, and he turned to look at her, while she tried to cover her slight blush. Okay, so maybe they had not been as public with their displays of affection before the wedding, but San was still just as embarrassed whenever Nagasumi kissed her in front of anybody. But, as Nagasumi thought to himself, she looked cute when she was blushing. Very cute.

He finally turned his attention to his breakfast and tucked into the food that his mother and wife had made him. 'My wife...'


San and Nagasumi walked hand in hand to where they were to meet the others. Lunar walked slightly ahead of them, leaving the couple to themselves. They were soon to leave for college, and while most of them were going to Tokyo, Saru had failed most of his exams, and was instead going to work for Kai, as his servant of sorts, while Kai himself had, in spite of his not-too-great grades, mysteriously managed to get a place at a very good university in America, which had also mysteriously just got it's hands on a lot of money to spend on marine biology, the subject that Kai wanted to study, and Mawari was going to a special police-training accademy a little way from Tokyo. This was going to be the last time that they would see each other before Kai and Saru set off for America, and they were spending the day together. Of course, Nagasumi was prepared for the expected tricks that Kai would try to pull to get San into an affair, but was still going to try to enjoy the day.

'The last time I see all my old friends together for a while, this should be fun,' he looked at San, half-walking half-skipping next to him. On the hand that Nagasumi held, he could feel two rings, on the second finger was the little glass ring that he had bought her back at the festival by the sea, and on the fourth, the golden ring that showed their marriage. San always wore them both, 'And she's always so happy these days, I'm glad she's happy that we're married.'

He looked ahead, to where Lunar had just joined the others, Kai in his spacesuit, Saru standing next to him carrying both their things, Mawari and Akeno chatting with with the Class president ('What was her name again?' Nagasumi wondered,) and now Lunar joining in to start an argument.

"So, here come the lovebirds," Akeno said in a plain voice, although she failed to contain her slight smirk as she spoke.

"Ah, San, you look especially beautiful today," Kai started his flirting.

"You're late, do you want Mawari to teach you what society says about lateness?" Mawari said, fingering her whistle.

"Oh, the one with the second largest bust in our old school has arrived." Saru was drooling from the proximity to so many girls.

"Her's aren't larger than mine, and Akeno's are only a little!" Lunar glared at Saru.

"Um hello you two," the former Class President blushed a little when she saw them- like all the girls, she still had some feelings for Nagasumi, but unlike the others, she still showed it on occasion.

"Hey guys!" Nagasumi said in reply, while Lunar beat Saru's perverted head in. "And Lunar-chan, don't kill him, we don't want you to be arrested by Mawari now do we?"

San smiled at everyone, "Hi everyone, sorry we're a bit late. So what first?"

Kai stepped forward, "Well first, you and I book into a hotel and leave everyone else to..." He did not finish, as Nagasumi's foot was quite effective at shutting him up, by removing all the air in his body.

As Saru went to revive his spaceman-master, Akeno spoke, "Let's go to the park, I'm sure there is something for us to do there."

"Like a massive orgy in the forest!" Saru spoke, before the girls all kicked him down on top of Kai.

"Well then, let's go," Nagasumi and San led the way, still holding hands. 'This is just going to be a normal day, with my best friends and of course, my darling wife.' Nagasumi could hardly help but smile.


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