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Chapter 1: The Forest.

It was a cold fall night in Konoha, darkness had fallen early and the light of the moon cast dark shadows across the ground. The wind was biting, blowing red and gold leaves through the air. Freezing rain came down in sheets covering the roads with a slick covering of ice. Most of Konoha's citizens were inside their homes eating supper or listening to the rain hitting the roofs as they sat beside a warm fire. The unlucky few that had to leave the warmth of their houses ran quickly down the streets not paying much attention to their surroundings, not that there was much visibility in that weather anyway. They were all much too occupied with getting to their destinations and returning home for the night that they didn't see a little six year old boy with blonde hair running down the streets, his wet clothing sticking to him like a second skin as he tripped his way towards a large forest wearing shoes that were two sizes too large for him. Not that they would have cared much about the boy anyways. If they had seen him they might have even given him a little slap for blocking the roads.

Naruto ran down the streets as fast as his little six year old legs could carry him. He had been running in the cold for at least ten minutes before it had started to rain. At first it was just a light sprinkling of water, but it soon became more of a rainstorm. The rain was so cold that he was surprised that it hadn't begun to snow yet. Naruto started to think that his idea of running out of his apartment to train had not been such a good idea. It had been two days ago when he had heard the Hokage talking to a ninja with an animal mask on his face about a large forest. The Hokage had said that it would be the perfect place for the ninja to train and that he would become more skilled in no time. When Naruto had heard this he immediately decided that he would sneak out and find that forest so he could become the strongest ninja in the whole village. So here he was, his orange jumpsuit drenched and bright blonde hair plastered to his forehead. His teeth had started to chatter a minute ago and he could feel the numbness threatening to take over his legs. His whole body was trembling as he went slowly down the streets, careful not to slip on the ice. Suddenly something came into view. It was a large forest surrounded with a large metal fence. This had to be the place!

Forgetting all about how exhausted he was and how much ice was on the ground, Naruto ran towards the forest and entered through the first large gate he found. As he marched off into the forest he realized that the large trees were shielding him from the rain. He had already started to warm up a bit and began humming a tune that he had heard one of the villagers singing before. This forest wasn't as scary as he had imagined it to be. He had thought that there would be giant beasts and monsters from his nightmares that he would have to defeat but the forest was really quiet. All he could hear was the slight pitter-patter of the rain that made it past the branches of the huge trees hitting the plants close to the floor. It was strange, he thought, that there were no animals about but he supposed that they must have been hiding from the rain as well.

Making his way through a little dirt path that was overrun by weeds and brambles he continued his way through the forest. The place was actually sort of calming. It had a nice feel to it that made Naruto feel at home. He closed his eyes and listened to the wind swirling through the trees to find him. It lifted his hair out of his face and he watched an awe as the leaves flew around looking like the dancers that Naruto had seen performing in the village streets before. Was this why he felt so at home in the forest? He couldn't explain how but the wind seemed to be telling him the way to go. It was whispering comfortingly into his ears like a friend telling you a secret, and giving him gentle pushed in one direction. He decided that he would follow the path that the wind had set out for him.

As Naruto followed the wind he was unknowingly avoiding the dens of all the animals that were living in the forest. Most of the animals were sleeping in the forest right now and would only attack a human that clumsily landed on their homes. Only the wolves were out on that night, drawn out of their warm beds by the enticing light of the moon. They padded about quietly in search of some food to eat their eyes seeming to glow as the light reflected off of them. Their long black claws and bone white teeth gleaming in the pale light. They let out quiet yips and barks that could not be heard over the rushing of the wind. They moved silently through the trees like ghosts, their hunt had begun.

By the time Naruto had made his way to a little wooden shack between the trees it had already grown dark. Even in the darkness he could see that it was run down and covered with moss and vines. Anyone coming through the forest would not give the little building a second glance, but right now Naruto was tired and needed a place to rest. Though the shack would not be Naruto's first choice of where to sleep it was certainly enticing after all of the walking he had done, it was almost better than his apartment that was littered with empty ramen cups that had started to grow mold. He made his way inside and cleared the dirt and grime out a small patch where he could sleep. As he was doing this his hand brushed against a cold object that felt like a metal chain. He would wait until tomorrow to find out what it looked like, but for now he slipped the chain of the necklace over his head and lied down. As he fell asleep his dreams were filled with vivid images of men in white clothing that wielded glowing blue bows.

Naruto woke up with a cold blanket of sweat covering him, his heart thumped wildly. He had been awoken from his peaceful slumber by the sound of growling. It was low and menacing and seemed to come from all directions. In his hiding place Naruto began to sob. All he had wanted to do was grow stronger but now he was going to be killed by some wild animal. He would never have the chance to become the Hokage and the villagers would hate him forever. No. He would not let this happen. He would not simply fade from existence; he was going to become strong! He would be the Hokage! As Naruto thought this the necklace that he had found began to glow an eerie blue as if responding to Naruto's feelings. Out of instinct he pulled the necklace off of his neck and placed it onto his right wrist. As it touched his arm there was a great surge of energy and Naruto found himself holding a glowing bow in his hand, just like the men in his dreams. Unknown to him his highlighter blonde had hair turned jet black as his eyes became an even brighter shade of blue, if that was even possible. His eyes seemed to glow with the same energy as the bow, as if showing the immense energy that was building up in his soul.

Stepping fearlessly out of the shack Naruto was surrounded by five pairs of glowing eyes. These eyes belonged to the largest wolves that Naruto had ever seen. His resolve started to falter. How could he defeat these beasts? They were huge! At least three times his height, but he had no time to thing about this as the first wolf lunged at him, pointed claws aiming for his neck. Out of reflex Naruto pulled up his only weapon. He didn't know how to use it, but is seemed to come naturally as he created a glowing blue arrow in his hand and fired it with the bow. The arrow struck true, right through the wolf's heart as the beast collapsed to the ground. Had Naruto been out of danger right now he would have probably broken down crying at having killed for the first time. The other four wolves were more leery of Naruto now. They looked at each other uncertainly before leaping at him all at the same time. Naruto knew he had been caught. He would not be getting out of this situation yet he still wished with all of his heart that he was somewhere else. So with a blinding flash of blue light, Naruto disappeared from the ninja nations leaving no sign that he had existed besides his old apartment and a small dirt free space in an old shack in the forest of death.

The wolves stared at the empty space where a child, that was to be their next meal, had just stood. Confused as to where their pray had gone they sniffed around for a bit, but it was to no avail. Naruto was not in that world anymore.

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