ScarlettShana: Snakes? Hey, you on?

ScarlettShana: Snakes? C'mon...I know you're there...

ScarlettShana: Snake Eyes, stop fooling. Why don't you like chat? I mean, you can COMMUNICATE...

TheStormShadow: Hey Red, what is up?

ScarlettShana: The ceiling, buddy...

TheStormShadow: Haha. Not. What is with Snakes?

ScarlettShana: He won't come on chat...for SOME reason...*glares at his user name*

TheStormShadow: Tut tut, brother. Chat is fun...give it a shot.

ScarlettShana: He's on, that's for sure. It says so...apparently he's buried in e-mail.

TheStormShadow: He is always buried in e-mail. I do not know why...I did not send him anything...

ScarlettShana: There's gotta be SOME way to get him on here...

TheStormShadow: Some way, yes...but we cannot exactly threaten over the internet...

ScarlettShana: Well, we could, or have Hi-Tech send him a virus...but I don't think that'll work.

TheStormShadow: I doubt it. He is a jack-you-know-what sometimes.

TheStormShadow: and I minded my language so do not jump all over me for that...

ScarlettShana: don't're being a good boy today. :)

TheStormShadow: is feeling very special right now—cannot believe Red complimented him

ScarlettShana: Well, you are being nice today, so you deserve it. =D

TheStormShadow: feels completely smothered in compliments...and from the most gorgeous gal on the team, too!


ScarlettShana: That did it! He's on! Congrats, Stormy!

TheStormShadow: Really? HAHA! Yes, he is. Good show!

NinjaSnakeEyes: ....shut...up...just be glad I'm on.

ScarlettShana: What took you so long?

NinjaSnakeEyes: Mail. Lots of it. Besides, I don't care for chat anyway.

TheStormShadow: ...But you are doing it....

NinjaSnakeEyes: SHUT UP!

TheStormShadow: Why? You were the one shutting up a few minutes ago.

NinjaSnakeEyes: Shana, hit the kick stick.

ScarlettShana: Will do! Bye Stormy!

TheStormShadow: No—WAIT!

thestormshadow is offline...