More Than a Ninja

Chapter nine: The Third Round Begins!

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Chunin Exam Stadium…

Lee immediately tried to roundhouse kick Neji in his 'Leaf Hurricane'. Neji, anticipating such a move, easily blocked it with his forearm.

'My Jyuken is practically useless to block his chakra points…Although I can still damage his organs. This may be more challenging then I expected.' Neji mused. Lee spun himself out of Neji's grip and jumped backwards.

"Give up. Fate is on my side. You are a fool for trying to defy fate." Neji stated calmly. Lee merely grinned.

"I disagree with you Neji-kun! I will prove today that hard work and determination can defeat pure genius. You are a fool for underestimating me Neji-kun, my eternal rival. The flames of youth burn brightly." Lee shouted as he settled back into his Goken stance. Neji narrowed his eyes.

"So be it." He then charged forward at high speeds, but nothing Lee wasn't ready for. He attempted to palm thrust Lee in his stomach, only for the green-clad ninja to block the wrist at the last second and sending a fist towards the cocky Hyuga's face. As predicted, Neji blocked the fist and 'Jyukened' Lee in the side. Lee doubled over in pain.

The youthful ninja pushed himself back up, much to his bodies protests.

"I will never give up!" Lee yelled.

"Lee! Take them off!" Lee turned to see Gai giving him a sparkly smile. Lee gasped at this.

"But Gai-sensei! You told me never to take them off unless I was protecting my precious people or ninja way!" Lee announced. This confused everyone present, even Lee's teammates.

"Hai Gai-sensei! I will make you proud." Lee then reached down and unstrapped his leg warmers, revealing leg weights. He took them off and held them parallel to the ground.

"I don't see what a couple pounds are going to do…" Tenten muttered.

BOOM. This was the sound that was made when the two leg weights literally made craters in the ground. "I stand corrected." Tenten gaped.

"I can move much more freely now." Lee smiled as he literally vanished into a blur. He reappeared no more than a second later in front of Neji, fist sailing into the Hyuga's face. Neji gaped as he was sent flying back into the wall. He got up and growled, before settling into his Jyuken Stance.

"Byakugan!" Neji growled as the veins around his eyes seemed to bulge out. Lee appeared in front of him again, but Neji was expecting it this time and managed to not only block Lee's attack, but to slip an attack in of his own. He struck Lee's chest with a Jyuken strike, narrowly missing the heart. Lee narrowed his eyes and sent Neji sailing away with a carefully aimed punch.

"I'll admit you are stronger than I thought. But you are still a failure, and once a failure, always a failure." Neji stated as he wiped blood from his mouth. He grunted through the pain and ran straight at his teammate.

"Foolish." Neji stated. "You are within my range of division." This caused Hiashi to openly gap; a branch member teaching himself the 64 palms was unheard of. "Two Palms." Neji yelled as he struck with two finger strikes. "Four Palms. Eight Palms. Sixteen palms. Thirty two palms. Sixty four palms!" Neji finally yelled as he struck all of Lee's chakra points. "It's over. With all your chakra sealed, you won't even be able to move. Give up." Lee growled.

"I was hoping to use this on you. Neji I have been saving this to be able to finally best you." Lee ignored his body's protests and stood up strong. Chakra started to whip around him wildly. "Initial Gate: Release!" Lee's wounds immediately began to heal. His chakra levels began to rise astoundingly.

Up in the stands Kakashi turned to Gai.

"You taught him to open the gates?! You know what that can do to a person!" Kakashi berated his old time rival. Sakura turned, curious.

"What are the gates?" She asked. Kakashi turned to her.

"There are eight celestial gates that restrict the flow of chakra in your body. By adding extreme amounts of pressure one can open these gates to give them a tremendous boost. A normal person is able to use about 20% of the bodies muscle…the gates work by forcing the body to use all of it's muscle. If you go too high into the gates; your muscles will start to tear. The gates will give you a tremendous boost for a short amount of time. However the effects of their body far outweigh the advantages. In a nutshell; If a person was to open the eight gates…they can gain power beyond the Kage's…but the drawback…they would die." Sakura gasped at this and Gai nodded solemnly.

"I had too. You don't know Lee. You don't know how far he is willing to go for his dream. It is my responsibility to give him every bit of help I can in this. He will never give up. His dream is to show the world he can be a great ninja, even without the use of Ninjutsu or Genjutsu." Gai reasoned.

"How many can he open?" Kakashi asked. Gai hesitated.

"Five. He can open Five." Gai responded. Kakashi's eyes widened in shock.

"What?! Are you mad?" Gai didn't respond.

Lee didn't seem to be stopping any time soon. "Heal Gate: Release!" The chakra continued to increase as Lee continued. "Life Gate: Release!" Lee's skin started to glow orange and his veins bulged out and his chakra seemed to glow red. He then disappeared and knocked Neji back in a massive shockwave of energy. Neji stumbled up again as he rubbed his cheek from the blow. Lee then appeared below him and sent him sailing in the air with an upward kick. He then appeared behind his rival and delivered a menacing punch, sending him flying in the air, only to be intercepted by lee again. This continued until Lee eventual sent Neji flying towards the ground, only for him to catch him by his bandages, pull him back and knock him back down in a shockwave. Neji knew impacting the ground at this rate would kill him, so he brought up all the chakra he had left and started to rotate.

"Rotation!" He yelled as the shield of chakra crashed into the ground. The result kicked up enormous amounts of dust. When it cleared it showed a bleeding and bruised Neji, unable to move. Lee stood on the other end, still in his goken stance. Looking closer you would see that he was too physically exhausted to remain conscious, yet he was still standing. Gai's eyes watered at the sight of this.

"Lee! You have proven yourself to be an excellent shinobi, worthy of the utmost respect! Even in the break of unconsciousness you still stand up to fight." Gai shouted through tears.

"Gai-sensei! I've finally done it! I've proven that you don't need ninjutsu or genjutsu to be a great ninja!" Lee yelled out as he passed out, falling onto his back.

"Due to neither combatant able to continue: I call this match a draw!" Genma shouted. The crowd roared in approval, some still watery eyed from Lee's determination. They had witnessed the Hyuga prodigy fought to a standstill by a no named, dead last, who couldn't even use ninjutsu! It was definitely a match worth watching.

"That was definitely an entertaining match." One of the judges announced.

"Yes. Both contestants show a lot of skill; however I don't believe either of them really deserves the rank. Perhaps next time?" Another said.

"It did seem there wasn't much planning on either side." The third agreed.

Naruto grinned up in the stadium at the match. He definitely thought Lee was a strong opponent.

"Will Aburame Shino and Sabaku no Gaara please report to the stadium?" Genma announced. Gaara grinned with visible bloodlust. Temari and Kankuro flinched; which didn't go unnoticed by Naruto. Shino looked as uninterested as ever, but inside he was getting ready for one hell of a fight. He'd seen what the sand-user could do.

"If both contestants are ready: Begin." Genma announced.

"I do hope you amuse me more than my last opponent did. Mother really wants blood today!" Gaara grinned psychotically. If Shino was intimidated, he didn't show it. Shino's bugs swarmed out of his sleeves, intent on draining the chakra of the sand user. They went towards at the sand user at high speeds. As soon as they got within a foot, a wall of sand rose to defend Gaara, the bugs tried to absorb the chakra from the sand, but died as soon as they were exposed to the demonic chakra.

'This is very illogical. If my bugs are no use against him I don't have any other options…He won't stop before I'm dead…I guess I'll have to concede.'

"Proctor, I concede." Shino stated. Gaara growled as he grabbed his head.

"I'm sorry mother…I will get you your blood, I promise!" He yelled out, scaring the crap out of the rest of the people.

Naruto turned to Temari. "You're brother seems kind of—insane." Naruto pointed out.

"You don't know the half of it." She muttered. Naruto frowned but didn't pester.

"With Aburame Shino admitting defeat, I hereby announce Sabaku no Gaara the winner!" The audience noise wasn't nearly as loud after this. In fact, most of them were on the verge of soiling themselves after the display from the red headed teen.

"The next match will be between Haruno Sakura and Nara Shikamaru." Genma announced.

Up in the Kage's deck, Sarutobi looked toward the Kazekage. "Your son seems very unstable."

"He is." Was all the Kazekage said in return.

"If both contestants are ready: Let the match begin!"

"Troublesome! I have to fight against a girl again!" Shikamaru muttered as he bashed his head into his hand. Sakura growled at this.

"What did you say?" She growled as she cracked her knuckles. Shikamaru was immediately analyzing the situation. Sakura looked to have done some serious training over the last two months. She had put on more muscle and looked much more serious. She even had twin tantos on her back. He knew this match wouldn't be very easy. Sakura knew she wasn't going to get a response, so she pulled out a sealing scroll. Shikamaru eyed the scroll wearily as Sakura smeared her blood on it.

"Water Clone Jutsu!" Sakura announced as five water clones appeared to the side of her. Shikamaru narrowed his eyes.

'She sealed water into a scroll to use for her jutsu…hmm interesting…' With this thought Shikamaru extended his shadow, trying to catch the group of Sakura's. As the shadow approached the group of six jumped separately. Shikamaru mumbled a troublesome at this. He didn't know which one to try and catch. The Sakura's grinned as they charged in, faster then Shikamaru expected from the supposed weakest genin. He threw six kunai at the clones, only for every one of them to dodge. Shikamaru once again extended his shadow, catching one of the Sakura's. It smirked before it burst into water. A second Sakura appeared behind it, capitalizing on the new source of water.

"Water Dragon Jutsu!" Sakura yelled as an enormous dragon appeared behind her. The dragon spun protectively around her before it shot at amazing speeds at the lazy genius.


Kakashi grinned at the looks of shock plastered on the rest of the rookie's faces, even Naruto's. Sakura had learned an A-ranked water Jutsu! They had all counted her as a weakling, and she was proving them wrong.

Back on Battle floor...

Shikamaru narrowly dodged the Jutsu. He knew if it had hit, he'd be finished. Sakura stood panting. She had expected to win with that. Her chakra reserves, while not nearly as low as they had been, were still only average genin and she only had enough chakra for a single water dragon. Shikamaru noticed Sakura's apparent tiredness and sent out his shadow to try and capture her. She dodged backwards until the shadow suddenly abruptly stopped. A look of realization plastered itself onto her face.

"I see. Your shadow jutsu has a limit. If I just stay behind this line I will be out of your range." Sakura confirmed as she marked a line with one of her tantos. Shikamaru closed his eyes and put his hands into his 'thinking pose'. A few minutes later Shikamaru's eyes lazily fluttered open as an idea popped into his head. He needed to stall.

"Troublesome woman. You're almost as bad as Ino." Shikamaru purposely taunted. A vein appeared in Sakura's head.

"What was that?! Oh you are so dead!" Sakura ran forward until she was about to pass the line. She, however, stopped and looked down. The pinkette figured Shikamaru's intentions were to get her to cross the line. She smirked when she just stood there.

"Ha. I guess I figured you out huh?" Sakura asked. Shikamaru feigned a look of annoyance as he created his shadow. The shadow, however, passed the line and just about got Sakura. If it wasn't for her quick reflexes, she would have been a goner. "How?" She muttered. "The walls shadow!" Sakura shouted when the answer came to her.


"I think Sakura's got your student beat, Asuma." Kakashi looked to the chain-smoking Jonin. Asuma merely smoked.

"I wouldn't count Shika out yet. He is always 10 steps ahead of his opponent." Asuma finished.


Sakura made another mark in the ground with her tanto. She then fired a group of shuriken at the lazy ninja, which we deflected by a kunai in his hand. She would use jutsu, but her reserves desperately needed to recharge from the water dragon. Sakura took out a kunai and was about to throw it, when she discovered she couldn't move.

"Wh-what? How?" Sakura asked as she found Shikamaru's shadow connected to her from the back. The Shikamaru in front of her faded away, this revealed it to be just a clone.

"When you looked away I switched myself with a clone. Since then I waited until you fell into my trap. It's over." Shikamaru moved his right arm to his neck. This arm just happened to be the same arm Sakura had a kunai in. "Give up or I will slit your throat." Shikamaru threatened. Although Sakura was almost positive he was bluffing, she gave up regardless.

"I give up." She grudgingly announced.

"The winner is Nara Shikamaru." Genma announced. The audience roared in approval at the long, but interesting match. It was more of a battle of wits than raw power. Sakura sighed as she walked back up the stairs. On her way she passed Naruto.

"Great job out there Sakura! I didn't know you were so good!" The blond praised. Sakura nodded.

"Thanks. I hope I did well enough to be promoted to chunin…" She trailed off.

"I'm sure you did. I'm up next. Wish me luck." Naruto grinned as he walked past her. She nodded and remembered who he was up against. Uchiha Sasuke.

"Will Uchiha Sasuke and Uzumaki Naruto please report to the field?" Genma announced. The crowd immediately went deathly silent. It wasn't everyday the village pariah fought the last Uchiha. Many people had come to the Chunin Exams solely to see the Uchiha fight. The two contestants were soon standing across from each other. Sasuke hadn't changed his look at all in the last few months. He still wore his blue shirt and white shorts, and he was still as stuck up as ever.

"You should just give up. You stand no chance against an Uchiha like me." Sasuke 'helpfully' pointed out. Naruto grinned.

"It's gonna be priceless to see that smirk wiped off your face when I kick your ass." He proclaimed. Sasuke merely growled back.

"Let the Match begin!" Genma announced. Sasuke immediately charged forward, intent on getting the early upper hand. He attempted a straight jab, only for the blond to duck under it and land a knee to his gut. Sasuke growled and went through a set of seals.

"Fire Release: Grand Fireball Jutsu!" Sasuke exhaled an enormous ball of fire that went flying towards Naruto. Naruto went through hand seals of his own.

"Wind Release: Wind Dragon Jutsu!" A dragon made of sharp wind blades roared and went flying towards Sasuke's fireball. The two attacks met in the middle and canceled each other out in a fierce blast, knocking the two competitors back. When the smoke cleared Naruto was already charging Sasuke, he attempted to sweep the raven haired boy's legs out, only for Sasuke to jump over his leg and plant a firm fist in the blonde's gut. Naruto jumped backwards to regain his breath. He didn't have long as Sasuke was already racing through a set of hand seals. He took a deep breath.

"Fire Release: Phoenix flower Jutsu!" Five small balls of fire shot out at Naruto. Naruto narrowed his eyes as he finished his own jutsu.

"Wind Release: Great Breakthrough!" The blast of wind easily deflected the small fireballs and sent the hidden shuriken flying back towards Sasuke. Sasuke narrowed his eyes and dodged the shuriken.

"It's time to get serious." He closed his eyes and reopened them to reveal the famed Sharingan. Naruto narrowed his eyes and charged forward, not knowing what difference the eyes would make. He attempted to punch the Uchiha, only to get backhanded before he could even connect his punch. He growled as he continued to try to hit his opponent, only to experience similar results of blocking, dodging, and counter attacks.

"Weakling. There is no way a clan less loser like you can defeat an Uchiha. You're a weakling, your friends are weaklings and your teachers are weaklings. Do you honestly think you could become Hokage? As if! I know, how about I become Hokage? You wouldn't even be here if you didn't have that smelly mutt as your opponent in the first round." Sasuke smirked.

"What's that supposed to mean?" Naruto glared.

"It means you got it easy facing such a weak opponent. I, however, am not weak." Sasuke mocked. If looks could kill, Sasuke would have died a thousand times over.

"You can insult me all you want. I can tolerate it. You can even insult my dream and I'll tolerate it. But when you insult my friends, you crossed the line. I was just planning on humiliating you. Not anymore. I'm going to utterly destroy you now." Naruto had a look of dead seriousness on his face.

"As if!" Sasuke growled as he flipped backwards and landed on stadium wall. He then went through three hand seals before grabbing his wrist. Lightning erupted from his palm in a very familiar jutsu.

Stadium crowd…

Gai turned to Kakashi. "You taught him that jutsu!" Kakashi looked just as shocked.

"No…I didn't! I haven't even talked to the kid yet he knows my sole original jutsu!" The scarecrow seemed to get angrier as he continued.

"Then how could he have learned it?' Kurenai butted in.

"I'm not sure." Kakashi answered but inward he was thinking he knew who the suspect was. Danzo.

In another part of the crowd Danzo smirked as he watched Sasuke perform the jutsu he had given him.

Back on battle field…

Naruto narrowed his eyes at the use of the Chidori. It was his sensei's personally jutsu. Sasuke had never been with them on a mission so it left two options. He had stolen it, or Kakashi had taught him it. Naruto highly doubted it was the latter because he knew Kakashi didn't like the kid at all. The blond Jinchuriki then smirked and held out his right palm. Soon chakra started to pick up before it started to spin into a sphere shape. The chakra looked like a mini-hurricane in a ball.


Temari gaped at the jutsu the two were performing. "What kind of Jutsu are those?" She asked her wide eyed sensei. "Sensei?"

He shook himself from his shock induced absence of mind. "Those are both extremely powerful A class assassination jutsu. The Lightning one is called the Chidori. It is the one and only original jutsu of the infamous Copy-nin. The one on the right is a creation of the Yondaime Hokage himself. It is called the Rasengan." Temari gawked at the stories behind the two jutsu. If leaf was full of ninja like this, she wasn't so sure about their odds.

Kakashi stood shocked at this sudden revelation. Naruto knew the rasengan. Sasuke knew his chidori. He did one thing no one who knew him would ever think he would do. He dropped his book and fainted.

Sasuke brought the jutsu to the side of the wall and carved a long trench into the wall as he ran down towards his blond haired enemy. Naruto merely created a shadow clone. The shadow clone hurled him into the air so he met with Sasuke as both thrust their respective jutsu at the other.



The two jutsu met in a power deadlock as both fought for superiority. The sheer amounts of wild, untamed chakra made a blinding light around the two fighters. Soon enough an explosion knocked both the genin back as their jutsu canceled each other out. Sasuke glared at the blond for canceling out his trump card. Naruto was now beyond pissed

"Let me get this straight. First you insult me. Then you insult my friends. Then you insult me dream. You then insult my sensei by stealing his original jutsu." This caused gasps from the crowd. "Enough is enough. I'm going to absolutely humiliate you in front of thousands of people." He turned to his teammates and smirked. They crowd was in for a show.

"What could you possibly do? Both our trump cards are revealed." Sasuke stated matter-of-factly. Naruto merely grinned. Before Sasuke could blink Naruto disappeared into thin air. He reappeared a millisecond later and delivered a power punch to the Uchiha's face, sending him flying backwards. Before Sasuke could brace himself, Naruto disappeared and reappeared behind Sasuke. He sent him flying upwards with an uppercut. Once again Naruto 'jumped' above him and delivered a flying axe kick, sending him flying into the ground.

"What the hell?" Sasuke gasped out as the wind was knocked out of him. Naruto then 'jumped' to his original position. This all took place in about 5 seconds. "W-What did you do?" Sasuke asked weakly. Naruto grinned.

"You like? It's my bloodline limit. I call it 'jumping'." This shocked the crowd. The boy had the ability to teleport place to place and claimed it was a bloodline.

"Sasuke is unable to continue; Uzumaki Naruto is the winner." Genma announced. The crowd was dead silence for a whole minute until a single man rose up and started to clap. He was followed by more and more people until the entire audience was roaring with approval. The Uchiha heir had been beaten, no humiliated by the village pariah.

In the Kage's booth Orochimaru licked his lips. 'That ability…I must have it! If the Kyubi didn't already infest that boy I'd mark him as my own.' Orochimaru thought.

"Is something the matter?" Sarutobi asked, seeing the Kazekage starring.

"It's your shinobi…that is a very interesting ability no doubt." Orochimaru covered for himself. Sarutobi nodded, obviously excepting that answer.

"Yes indeed. It is his Kekkai Genkai that only shows up every 10 generations. It allows Naruto to teleport anywhere he's ever been, or anywhere he can see." Sarutobi answered. Orochimaru licked his lips under his veil.

Temari looked wide eyed at Naruto when he sat back down. Naruto noticed the starring and immediately rubbed the back of his head.

"Hehe…I told you I'd beat him!" He grinned. Temari blushed and nodded. She immediately hardened, knowing her match was up next and that she would have to forfeit it.

"Will Sabaku no Temari and Tenten of Konoha please report to the field?" Genma called. Tenten grinned and made her way down—only to be stopped at Temari's announcement.

"Proctor—I forfeit!" Temari yelled. This surprised pretty much everybody, including Naruto.

"Temari, why'd you quit without even fighting?" Naruto asked. Temari looked down in shame and mumbled something. "What was that?" Naruto asked.

"I said I'm sorry." As soon as those words left her lips glowing feathers started to fall down into the crowd, putting everyone who couldn't dispel genjutsu into a deep sleep. Naruto growled as he dispelled the genjutsu.

"What's going on?" He yelled as Temari, Kankuro and Gaara all left to a quieter place for Gaara to transform. Naruto didn't know where they were going or what was going on, but he was sure of two things. Number one: Konoha was being Invaded, and Number two: He wouldn't let the sand siblings get away. Naruto immediately took off at full speed after the suna-nin. Kakashi growled.

"Kiba, Sakura, find as many genin as you can and go after them!" Kakashi ordered. Kiba and Sakura nodded and took off to find some more genin. They ended up recruiting Shino and Shikamaru. They would have got Sasuke, but he was currently too injured to fight.

Naruto continued to pursue the three siblings until the three suddenly stopped. Kankuro turned around and revealed his puppet, crow.

"Temari, take Gaara and go on ahead. I'll take care of Blondie here." Kankuro motioned for his sister to leave. Temari shot a sad glance at Naruto before she took off with Gaara. Naruto tried to follow, only to barely dodge a poisoned attack from crow.

"Your battle is with me." Kankuro stated. Naruto growled as he dodged another swipe from the puppet. He 'jumped' to Kankuro's position and attempted to land a punch on the older boy. Kankuro, having expected this, dodged at the last moment. Naruto narrowed his eyes and was about to create a Rasengan when he felt four presences behind him. They were very familiar presences.

"I will stall the enemy. You three go and stop Gaara." Shino pointed out logically. Naruto nodded and was immediately hopping through the trees, followed closely by Kiba, Sakura and Shikamaru. Soon enough they arrived to see Temari standing next to a large sphere of sand. She looked unsure about something.

"What is he doing?" Kiba asked. Temari didn't answer as she sent a powerful blast of wind at the four. Kiba, Naruto and Shikamaru dodged, but unfortunately for Sakura she was sent flying back into a tree. Naruto narrowed his eyes.

"Whatever he's doing—I'm gonna stop it. Distract her!" Naruto suddenly held out his palm as a ball of chakra spiraled into existence. Temari's eyes widened. She couldn't let him hit Gaara's sand shield with that. She was about to intercept Naruto, when she all of a sudden heard.

"Fang over Fang!" The Suna girl barely dodged twin tornadoes as they burst through a tree. Kiba and Akamaru nodded towards Naruto, who nodded back.

Naruto 'jumped' in front of Gaara's shield as he reared his palm back. "Rasengan!" He yelled as he plunged the ball into Gaara's shield. The shield held strong for about a second until the Rasengan started to overpower it and shredded a hole in the middle. Gaara watched helplessly as the ball stopped an inch away from his face.

"I think I got him!" Naruto yelled as he tried to pull fist back. He felt a large hand clamp on his arm. "Crap!" The blond Jinchuriki panicked as he pulled with all his strength and pulled his arm free. Out of the hole in the sand Naruto could clearly see what he could only describe as a demon's arm. The sand shield slowly crumbled to reveal Gaara. Gaara had half of his face looking like a Taunki made out of sand. He also had a single demonic arm.

"Mother wants your blood Uzumaki!" Gaara screamed as he batted the blond with his arm. Naruto adjusted himself in mid air and landed on a far away branch.

"Gaara please don't kill him!" Temari pleaded to her younger brother, or what used to be her younger brother.

"You're useless!" Gaara growled as he batted his sister away. Temari was flying full speed and headed straight for a tree. 'So this is how it ends?' She opened her eyes when she found herself hitting something soft. The blonde haired girl saw that her savior was none other than Naruto. He flashed her a face-splitting grin.

"Don't worry Temari-chan, I'll take him down." Naruto whispered in the girl's ear. He set her down and focused on Gaara.

"You would kill your own sister like that? That's wrong on so many levels. You're family." Naruto shouted. Gaara merely flashed a psychotic grin.

"Family? I never considered either of those two my family. They are worthless. They are weak." The demon-possessed boy shouted right back as he reared his arm back.

"Suna Shuriken!" Gaara yelled as he shot a round of sand shuriken at Naruto. Naruto dodged out of the way and 'jumped' behind Gaara. He attempted to deliver a punch to the Taunki's back, only for sand to erupt from the back and wrap around him.

'This is bad…' Naruto thought as he looked at his teammates. He could swear he heard a deep howling laughter in his head.

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