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"Hey, Elric!" called the high school senior, Envy, as he strutted over to me, the young sophomore, Edward Elric, during our lunch time. I looked up to see Envy's two goons that he calls friends; Frank Archer and Solf J. Kimbley, walking right behind Envy acting as his entourage.

"What do you want, Envy?" I growled. Alphonse, my little brother, sat beside me along with our childhood friend, Winry Rockbell. Sal and Winry glared up at the three seniors knowing all too well that the only reason they walked over to torture me.

"Well…" Envy pulled up a chair and sat by me. "I figured since you want to stay soooo skinny that you wouldn't want your lunch, now would you?" he said as he stole my lunch and started to eat the sandwich and handed the rest to Kimbley and Archer.

I loathed, hated Envy, Envy had been treating me this way ever since we first met and I don't even know why Envy treated me this way. "Go to hell, Envy, and take your fuck toys with you," I bit out, trying to keep my anger in check.

"What did you call us, you little bitch?" Kimbley demanded as he grabbed a hold of my medium-lengthed golden braid and pulled so that Kimbley was glaring down into my amber eyes.

"You heard me. You and Archer are just Envy's little fuck toys," I snapped back, with a glare of my own.

"That's it, you little…" Kimbley didn't even get out the last word before he punched me square in the face. I stumbled back and fell into the lunch table behind me, before I fought back with a punch of my own to Kimbley's gut. Winry and Al just stared at the fight before their eyes in awe, while Envy and Archer just watched in amusement as I pinned Kimbley to the ground, after Kimbley had punched me in the jaw a few times, I came back and started punching him wildly with my right hand to his face and chest.

I felt grab me suddenly from behind as I was about to throw another swing Kimbley's way. I swung my right arm back hitting the cafeteria helper behind me. I struggled a while and finally stopped when two other cafeteria people stopped my actions. I looked down at Kimbley seeing what my bind fury, rage made me do. Kimbley was no longer wearing his famous crazed smirk on his features, instead he laid there on the ground bloodied and broken to the point of being nearly unconscious.

Two other staff members rushed into the cafeteria and checked Kimbley's pulse. "He's alive, but barely," one of them said as they glared up at me. They carried Kimbley out of the room to an awaiting ambulance outside the school. Everyone in the cafeteria just stared at me, some in awe, and others in fear, but most in disgust. I didn't know what happened, I remembered Kimbley punching me and I remembered myself punching Kimbley in the gut, but anything after that was a mystery to me. I kept thinking and trying to remember what I did but it was just black. The cafeteria people let go of me and led me to principle Bradley's office, where I waited and waited, somewhat patiently with the principle's secretary, Ms. Douglas, watching over me. I waited for what seemed like hours for the principle to call for me. When I was finally called for, I walked into the principle's office feeling like I was awaiting my death sentence.

"Please, Mr.…" the principle started before looking down at a piece of paper, as if he were researching something. "Elric, please sit." I obeyed the man's polite demand, trying to somehow get on the man's good side as much as I could. "You seem like a good boy, Ed, may I call you Ed?" I just nodded my head in reply. "Good. Do you know why you're here, Ed?" Again I nodded my head as I tried to look as innocent as possible. "Good, I'm glad you're cooperating. Now, could you tell me what happened?" I nodded again before taking a deep breath; I told principle Bradley what happened. The principle just stared at the whole time I talked, with absolutely no emotion on his face. "Well, Mr. Elric," Bradley said after I finished talking. "Since you have no record of doing anything wrong during school, and my sources say that Mr. Kimbley started this quarrel that went on and that you looked to fight back out of self-defense, I'm going to let you off with a warning…" Suddenly there was a knock at the door; the principle called for the person to come in. in walked an average-height woman with short brown hair and a distinctive mole under her left eye, which her eyes were a dark color of blue. "Ah, Ms. Ross, thank you for coming to my office," Bradley said politely.

"Sorry, Sir, I had to finish a stack of paper work real quickly," the brunette explained politely.

"It's quite alright, Ms. Ross." Bradley turned back to me. "Well, Mr. Elric, I'm going to leave you and Ms. Ross, here, be." I nodded my head sheepishly in reply. Bradley and Ms. Ross exchanged a few words before the principle walked out of the office leaving me and Ms. Ross alone. Ms. Ross pulled up a chair and sat beside me, making me feel slightly uncomfortable.

"Hello there, Edward, may I call you Edward?" she asked politely.

"Sure, you can even call me Ed if you want, I don't care," I admitted stubbornly.

"Ok, Ed…I want to ask you if you would go to a group session." I didn't know what she was talking about. I had never heard anything about the school having group sessions. "From your reaction, I can tell you have no idea what I'm talking about."

'Well, she's got that right,' I thought to myself, but instead of saying that out loud I just nodded my head in agreement.

"Well, tomorrow, group sessions start up and I'm one of the counselors that are in charge of it, and I want you to join and I can tell that you're a very sweet young man, so please consider it…" I started to think about all the things that she was telling me about the group sessions and it sounded interesting to me. "Well, you have until the end of the day to think it over-"

"I would like to go to a group session," I stated interrupting her excitedly.

"Ok, well, sign this and have your parent or guardian sign it and you can just hand it in tomorrow during group ok?"

I nodded my head in understanding. After us talking for a little while, the principle came back in and Ms. Ross left but not before giving me a warming smile, which I returned. "So, Ed, you do realize that I'm go to have to call your parents and inform them about your behavior, you did know that right?" he asked.

I just nodded trying to act as calm as possible on the outside, but on the inside was a completely different story. I couldn't stop screaming at him to not call Father and tell him about what I had done. Father was not a force to be reckoned with and whenever I would do something wrong I wouldn't just get punished, I'd get dominated and forced into a corner to the point where I would hide in a deep place in the back of my mind until the beatings and the sexual abuse would stop.

The school bell rang during the last period of the day and I walked out of my science class with looks of horror flashed my way by the students that I had to pass to get to my locker, which was at the other end of the school. I ignored the looks and just thought about how I could explain this all to Father and tell him that I had to lie to hide the real reason why I beat Kimbley 'til he was almost dead, which I had heard that he would be fine and back in school in a week or two. "Hey, brother, Alphonse said as he stood beside me waiting to get his stuff out of our shared locker.

"Hey," I responded.

"So, how bad is it?"

"He let me off with a warning, shockingly, since I hadn't done anything extremely wrong in the past."

"Wow. So, what are you going to tell Father?" Al asked as he started retrieving his things.

"I don't know yet. I could tell him that Kimbley wanted sex nor no money and I had to fight him off, or that Kimbley promised me the money after the sex and then after we had sex he didn't give the money and I had to beat it out of him. But either truth or lie I'm screwed, he'll still beat the shit out of me, since I wouldn't have the money to support the lie," I thought out loud, telling Al my options, as we walked home.

"Maybe I could say that I was the one who beat him up and you were just covering for me," Al suggested.

"No, Al, I don't want you getting hurt for my screw up, ok? I love you and I don't want that bastard to hurt you, ok?"

"Yeah," Al agreed.

Before we knew we found ourselves staring at the rusted old decaying front door of our house that had been decaying since the 1916's. I didn't know, nor did I care, what was going through Al's head but my mind was racing with the different possibilities of what was a waiting beyond the red paint-chipped door. I so badly wanted to run, but to my dismay my feet were frozen to the ground not having the enough courage or balls to flee off into the distance. I didn't have the guts to grab Al's arm and try to drag him away from the life, no the hell that we lived through on the other side of that door. That's all we need to do was drag our sorry asses away from that house just to get away from that horrible, twisted man, but we didn't have the courageousness to pull something like that off. We had a chance to escape every single damn day, and yet we did nothing but hold our breath's and hope that Father would stop treating us as animals and go back to the times before our sweet, caring, loving mother died. Our mother always, no matter how bad of a situation she was in, would wear a smile on her face and act like nothing was wrong even though she was hurting she never showed it just so Al and I wouldn't worry and so to also keep us happy and care free, without a worry in the world.

"Brother…" Al interrupted my thoughts. "We have to go in now," he said as he squeezed my shoulder reassuringly.

"Yeah you're right…" I turned to Al. "Al, if anything gets out of control I want you to barricade yourself in your room. Lock the door and move the dresser in front of it as fast as you can, you got that?" I questioned with such seriousness in my voice that it scared Al a little.

"I love you, big brother."

"I love you, too, little brother." We smiled warmly at each other before nodding in agreement that we both knew that we had to go in there and see what awaited either just me or both of us. I walked in the door first telling Al that I would signal for him if the coast was clear. No one was awaiting us into the living room but dead silence. I signaled Al and we both walked in and shut the door behind us. I motioned Al to go up in his room and gave Al my book bag and he knew what else to do. I walked into the kitchen to see four men sitting at the kitchen table. One of which was Father, the other three I had never seen before. Father had his back towards me, but I could immediately tell that he knew I was there.

"You have three minutes to get ready, these men are customers so you better not keep them waiting!" he bellowed. We'll talk about that phone call later." I ran up to my room and quickly grabbed my work clothes from the bed and put them on, I let down my hair and quickly brushed it before I went in the bathroom and did a quick job of brushing my teeth. I checked my appearance and before rushing down stairs I knocked on Al's door in our own secret way to tell him that I was working. I ran down stairs and into the kitchen in record time. "A minute and twenty three seconds to spare," Father informed me before I motioned for the awaiting customers to follow me.

We walked into my room before the largest man of the three pushed me on the bed as the other two watched him fuck me senseless; once he was done the other two did the same while the two left out watched and jacked off at the sight of me being fucked.

Thank You, Lord! I finally finished typing the prologue. Ok, some of what happened in this story happened to me. The parts that happened to me were when Ed was in the principle's office and that's it. But the real reason I had to go to the office was because I threatened I'd kill all the preps (not unless they're gay guys), and I got into big trouble. I never actually meant it; it was just something I said because one of my guy friends from the catholic school I had been going to a year before had asked me how much I hated preps. Then the next day in my first period a prep (and the prep was a girl) asked me if I was going to kill all the preps, and I said no. although at the time I thought she said maps (yes, I know I'm an idiot) hell, I even looked at her weird and said, "Maps? No, I'm not going to kill any maps." After a while I figured out what she actually said and I had this feeling like something really bad was going to happen. And I was right; I got called to the office and got yelled at by the assistant principle. The counselor that asked me to join group was extremely nice but she kept touching my hand, which annoyed the hell out of me! Anyway, the abuse in the story is because I've been reading Dave Pelzer (the creator of The Child Called It and The Lost Boy) books lately and so I put those two together, added a pinch of prostitution and sexual abuse and…WALA! I created A Teenage Hell!