Chapter 1 The War Begins

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It's not like the world would fall, crumble, blow up, explode, collapse, disintegrate, shatter and die without the internet, right? WRONG! The internet is the most important thing in the entire galaxy. Well, according to a few particular people.

This story is about none other then the five obsessive friends, Aang, Toph, Sokka, Katara, and Zuko; just regular teens in the regular world during the regular time period, who like to chat with each other a lot. In fact, they made their very own chatroom on the internet! The youngest of the group is Toph and Aang, both 14 years of age, and the oldest is Sokka and Zuko, both 16. Katara is stuck in the middle… sadly.

Aang and Zuko would continually fight over the poor girl's heart, without caring who Katara actually wanted, while Sokka hated them both, and Toph would sit back, relax, and enjoy the show.

Speaking of which, that's what I advise you to do. The curtains are rising and the lights are dimming. So, as they say in Germany, Genießen Sie!


Sokka closed his door loudly and groaned out loud. The world really, really seemed to hate him, and he had had enough. What did he ever do to receive this kind of torture? Sure, one time on a tour of the White House he set off two nuclear missiles somewhere near the Equator, but that was an accident. Accidents happen!

But, nooo, the world didn't care about accidents. It just wanted to make sure Sokka would have the worst life possible.

"Grr… the moment I get my hands on that son of a motherless goat, I'll… I'll do something alright, that's what I'll do," Sokka mumbled frustratingly as he sat down at his desk. His Samsung NC20 laptop lay open in front of him; waiting to be used. Sokka turned it on and opened the tab he had saved reading, "Fearsome Fivesome Chatroom."

He placed his fingers on the keyboard and began to type.

Fearsome Fivesome Chatroom:

BoomerangHunk01: Hello? Is anyone on the chat?

PurpleKatara44: Hey, Sokka. :| Here we go again...

BoomerangHunk01: katara!!! you are SO ded! what did that jerky jerkface Zuko do to you?!?!?!

PurpleKatara44: Calm down Sokka, he didn't do anything! We just went on a friendship date to the movies, nothing romantic or whatever. Besides, I can do what I want with my life. :P And would you quit typing like that?

BoomerangHunk01: I knew it! that idiot kissed you!! I cant bleve u wuld do this to me!!! ._.

ArrowKid15 has entered the chatroom.

ArrowKid15: Hey Katara and Sokka. Wait… Katara you actually went on a date with Zuko?! I thought you liked me?

PurpleKatara44: No, Sokka, he didn't kiss me. :P Oh, and Aang, it's nothing personal, it was just a little friendship date! Of course I like you. :)

BoomerangHunk01: get outta here, Aang! im in du middle of type!yelling at Katara.

PurpleKatara44: Sokka I'm serious, stop it!

EarthAngel has entered the chatroom.

EarthAngel: sup guys. Oh no, Sokka being a dork again?

PurpleKatara44: Hey, Toph. Don't get me started! Sokka is getting all worked up just because I went on a date with Zuko.

BoomerangHunk01: aha! u confess!!! now what? Aang going on a date with me?!

ArrowKid15: What? ): Katara do you really like Zuko more then me?

EarthAngel: Okay, okay, I've been thinking up their future kid names and I've come up with Katako and Zukkat! :)

PurpleKatara44: No Aang, I don't like Zuko more then you. I like you guys both the same! ... Hey- Toph! Who's side are you on?!

EarthAngel: My side. :)

RetardedDork has entered the chatroom.

RetardedDork: Hey guys. :) How are… Okay, who changed my username to Retarded Dork?!?! ._.

BoomerangHunk01: Ha ha! XD It's even funnier in action!

EarthAngel: Hahaha! XDD Sokka, I never thought I'd say this, but you're a genius!

PurpleKatara44: Sokka!!! ._. Did you hack into Zuko's account and change his username?!?

ArrowKid15: I find it highly amusing. :) And anyway, back off Zuko, Katara is my girl.

RetardedDork has reset his password.

HotStuff2000: That's much better. Ahem. Sokka and Toph, you're both pathetic. Katara, how are you? :) And Aang… Katara is MY girl! She is in looove with me. That's loOoOoOoOove! :D

ArrowKid15: Yeah, right, she would never fall in love with a retarded dork like you.

EarthAngel: BURN!!!!!! XD

BoomerangHunk01: I never expected you to talk like that, Aang. Hmm. I guess you're alright… for now. C:

PurpleKatara44: Aw! It's so sweet of Aang to act manly for me! :3 But guys, please don't fight over me again.

HotStuff2000: Oh pa-leese. Katara doesn't want a little kid for a boyfriend. She wants a hot manly man like me!

BoomerangHunk01: Zuko's a man? I thought he was a girl.

EarthAngel: Ha ha ha! XDD One point for Sokka, one point for Aang, and zero points for Zuko. XD

PurpleKatara44: Sokka, shut up! :| And Zuko, Aang is not a little kid. He's as much of a man as you will ever be.

ArowKid15: Yes! :D

EarthAngel: So far Aang is winning. ;)

HotStuff2000: But, Katara- how could you? D: I thought you liked me?

PurpleKatara44: I do like you Zuko, but I like Aang too. Now can you guys please stop fighting over me?

ArrowKid15/HotStuff2000: NO!!!

PurpleKatara44: FINE! If you two are going to act that way, then I'm leaving. Xl

ArrowKid15: No, Katara, don't leave! We fight over you because we like you. Katara, I...

ArrowKid15: The depth of my soul cannot contain the exceedingly great love which my heart doth share for thee! The intensity of my love is like a thousand blinding suns at the bottom of the abyss, so powerful it can cure the darkness of every dead, ugly, stupid, smelly, salty, un-intelligent, nasty, foul, horrid, Chuck Norris, rubbish, revolting, hideous, cat, awful, worthless fish and everything else that would seem unnecessary to be fit into this world! 'Tis with much humiliation that I confess my great affection towards thee! But doth the bird not consume the worm, just because it beith afraid of the worm's wiggle? Nay; I tell you the truth with honor and much strength in my heart- for it is written!


BoomerangHunk01: O_O

EarthAngel: O_O

PurpleKatara44: O_O

HotStuff2000: O_O Well, um...I'm hot! :D


EarthAngel: :| Way to sell it, Zuzu.

HotStuff2000: D: Okay fine; what do you want me to do to prove my love for you, Katara? :D Let you touch my car? Give you a teddy bear? Flex my muscles?

BoomerangHunk01: AHEM. Did you just say you were going to flex your muscles to my baby sister?!?!?!! 8|

HotStuff2000: Technically, I typed it, I didn't say it. ;)

BoomeraangHunk01: Grrr- Zuko I'm gonna kill you!!!!!!!

HotStuff2000: Calm down, Sokka. I can flex my muscles to anyone I want to! Including Katara. :P Gosh, sometimes you just can't shut up...

BiimeraangHunk01: ARGGGGGGG- ZUKO YOU BIG, OBESE, We are sorry, but due to setting changes made by Katara in this chatroom, the words this user is typing is either unsuitable, mistaken, or not relevant to Katara's interests. If you would like to see them, please refresh the page or else call your doctor.

PurpleKatara44 has left the chatroom.

HotStuff2000: ... Way to go, Sokka, you made Katara leave the chatroom by typing all those bad words. :|

BoomerangHunk01: Would you stop typing, please?!?!?!?!? DX

HotStuff2000: Fine, I'll blame it on someone else. :| ... Way to go, Aang, you made Katara leave the chatroom by writing all those fancy words! D8

ArrowKid15: I didn't mean to… DX

EarthAngel: Oh shut up, Zuko. You're the one who made those girls explode the other day for flashing them your smile. :)

HotStuff2000: What does that have to do with anything??? And they did not explode! Psh- I don't need this. I am leaving.

HotStuff2000 has left the chatroom.


ArrowKid15: ... Sokka, Toph? Do you guys think Katara should be with me or Zuko? D:

BoomerangHunk01: Well, frankly I hate you both, but Zuko is more of a WORD BLOCKED and you are more of a... eh, you're not as bad as him. :l

EarthAngel: I don't care at all, but don't stop fighting now! It's hilarious when Sokka gets all mad about you two fighting over Sugar Queen. XD Did you see all those words he wrote? XDDD Ah- the classic.

ArrowKid15: :l Gee, thanks guys... I guess I'll go to bed now. Bye...

ArrowKid15 has left the chatroom.

BoomerangHunk01: Hmm... maybe I should invite Suki here! :D

EarthAngel: Your girlfriend? Come on, dude, this is the Fearsome Fivesome chatroom, not the Fearsome Fivesome and Suki chatroom. :| If you invite her here then I'm leaving.

BoomerangHunk01: :P Well... you're just jealous that...that... I'M A JUNK!

BoomerangHunk01 has left the chatroom.

EarthAngel: ... XD

BoomerangHunk01 has entered the chatroom.

BoomerangHunk01: I MEANT HUNK!

BoomerangHunk01 has left the chatroom.

EarthAngel: Sigh... the secrets I have, and the dorks that I like.

EarthAngel has left the chatroom.


Katara flopped on her bed and sighed. She felt so overwhelmed! Had Aang really meant all those things that he wrote? And if he did, did Katara feel the same way about him? Ugh! Love was so complicated! And what about Zuko? He wasn't really the romantic type, but still, he was a great friend...and maybe even more. Hmm.. Katara just didn't know what to do. Aang and Zuko would never stop fighting over her as long as they lived! Unless...unless Katara choose one of them as a boyfriend; then the other one would have to give up and move on.

But who should Katara choose? Aang was sweet, sincere, cute, funny and adorable. But Zuko was tall, handsome, charming, and smooth. Hmm… this would be harder then she thought. She'd have to get someone else's opinion first- just in case. Sokka would say no even if Chuck Norris was an option, but Toph might be more helpful.

It was settled. Tomorrow at lunch Katara would ask Toph who she should choose, and then that would be the end of all her problems!

Or would it?

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