Chapter: One

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A masked figure walked slowly and at a calm pace down the soil covered footpath. The figures surroundings consisted of, what seemed to be a fusion between a graveyard and a forest, a dead forest at that. Bats stared at the figure from their high perch atop the dead branches of the equally dead trees. Critters scattered as the figures steps drew near, the sky was a beautiful light sunny blue with little to no clouds in the sky. Grave stones littered the area around the trees and mountain tops, an ocean of blood seemed to be visible over the edge of a cliff to the figures right.

The figure itself seemed to be male from the long strides it took and from its physical stance, if not then it was a very, very masculine looking female. He seemed to be wearing a Uniform of sorts, that consisted of Black polished shoes, black slacks. There was no way he was going to wear those slacks that they offered him this year, and the year before...A white, long-sleeved, button-up shirt with a red tie and a green blazer. He also had a facial mask on that only covered the bottom half of his face, the mask was of the purest black.

He had blonde spiky hair, with long blonde sideburns. His skin was a handsome light bronze coloured, his eyes gave shame to the blue sky above him, the iris was a black slit. His ears had a canine like point to them.

He continued his trek down the footpath, while gazing around himself at the lush yet dead forest around him. Even though the place seemed dead, the atmosphere didn't seem that gloomy or horrifying.

The male who's age still seemed unknown, coolly shoved his hands in his pockets that were attached to his trousers. And let out a sigh while gazing up to the sky, allowing rays of beautiful sun light to stroke his bronze skin.

His eyes gained a sorrowful look in them as they gazed across the blood filled ocean over the cliff...Blood....He could name many things that connected with term blood.

'Hn, a new year...A new adventure.' He thought to himself as he pulled out a small packet of Cigarettes and flicked the bottom of the packet thus making a Cigarette pop out the exit hole.

Pulling down his mask, and revealing three whisker like marks on each cheek. He popped the Cigarette in his mouth he pulled out a lighter and burned the tip of the Cigarette until it burned nicely, before long he was puffing a way as he continued walking down the trek before him.

~Bus Stop~

(Same Time)

(Everyone else is dressed just as in Canon, so I shall not have to go into detail.)

"Good luck, Aono-san...Kukuku" The Bus driver with freaky glowing eyes called out to the young teen, who looked quite freaked out by the comment. The teen looked as if he was about to ask the Bus driver what he meant, but the buses hydraulics doors slammed shut in front of his face preventing him from communicating with the scary man.

Tsukune regretfully watched the bus drive back into the tunnel in which it had mystically appeared from. He was already regretting his decision about coming to this school, maybe he should have found a way to stay at Horisha High, he had some nice friends there and the school wasn't far from his house...But his father had received documents for a spare student to join this new school and thus had force him to leave his current school for this freaky one which he had never heard off.

His father had said that some of his fellow workers had heard about this school which was named 'Yokai Academy'. Apparently it gave a whole new meaning to the term 'good education'. Well he was about to find out now wasn't he?

Sucking in a deep breath to prepare himself, Tsukune span on his heel to see what his new school may resemble. But he was shocked to see that his school was about a mile away from his current spot, if the haunted looking tower in the distance was an any indication.

Taking a few hesitant steps forwards, Tsukune had gradually managed to move a little faster then a snails pace down the soil and dirt covered footpath. As he continued walking down the path, he took the time to look around himself...

'EHHH! Is that an ocean mixed with blood?!' Tsukune mentally squeaked to himself in horror. He was now officially totally and utterly freaked out, first glowing eyed bus drivers then haunted looking Academy's and now grave stones and a blood filled ocean?!

Whats next, Monsters maybe?

After a few moments of walking, Tsukune hurried his pace a little so that he could rapidly approach the building in the distance, maybe if he was in an area which was populated by people then he wouldn't have to feel so uneasy, and maybe he would feel a little safe?

Tsukune's musing came to a halt as he saw a figure in the distance walking in the same direction as he was. Quickening his pace once again, Tsukune attempted to get the figures attention.

"A..Ano! Hey!" Tsukune felt like he should just shove his head under the soil in embarrassment. How was he supposed to get some-ones attention without knowing their name? It made him look like an idiot running after someone who didn't even know him and calling them 'Hey'.

Tsukune nearly soiled himself right there and then when the figure who was about a couple of paces away from himself, vanished from sight and ended up being right next to him. Tsukune looked at the blonde teen next to himself in shock and disbelief.

"H-How?!" Tsukune gasped out as the teen who was currently smoking something (not that he knew anything about smoking mind you.) looked at him with an expression which was akin to, pity? But that expression was quickly replaced with annoyance.

"I don't know what your talking about, so tell me what do you want?" The blonde rudely muttered out as he started to continue his pace down the footpath. Completely abandoning Tsukune on the spot, who seemed to be too paralysed to move. The brown haired teen quickly walked in a step by step rhythm with the blonde teen.

"Hey! You asked me what I wanted, yet you just walk off and not allow me to answer you!" Tsukune miffed out as he started to brood a little, was this the custom in this school? Even the bus driver just brushed him of like nothing!

"Tch, quite it down will you? Listen, you seem to be new here so allow to introduce myself then leave me alone alright?" The blonde asked/said as he swayed his eyes in Tsukune's direction, waiting for an answer.

"Oh okay sure" Tsukune agreed as he offered his hand to the blonde next to him, while still walking. The blonde just stared at the hand for a few moments before he gave a loose and hesitant handshake.

"Troublesome...Name's Naruto...Naruto Namikaze." The newly named Naruto bemoaned, he had a bad feeling about this kid...

"Tsukune, Tsukune Aono! Pleasure to meet you" Tsukune said, happiness evident in his voice. He may just have made his first friend in this school, though he got the impression that Naruto wasn't a very social person.

"Trust me, pleasures all yours." Naruto offhandedly announced as he continued his slow trek towards the school.

'Yup' Tsukune thought to himself, 'He is unsocial'

~Yokai Academy Entrance~

(Few minutes later)

'He isn't that bad, he seems to be quite friendly if you direct the conversation. He doesn't seem to enjoy talking much, he must be a bit shy!' Tsukune mused to himself as he continued to talk to Naruto about his former School and his friends back home.

Naruto on the other hand....

'Why...Why won't IT shut up! Kuso I knew this kid was bad news, It's a bloody chatter box! It talks and talks and doesn't allow me to have my peace. Not even my 12th Cigarette in a row is able to relax me with this THING next to me, Kami-sama save me!' Naruto mentally ranted, while on the out side he was nodding along each time Tsukune made a pause in his speech. He was currently on Auto-pilot, a very hard and easy to mess up technique he learned from his previous Sensei's, Kakashi in general.

Tsukune was about to talk more in depth about his family, but he suddenly stopped dead in his tracks when his vision caught site of an angel...

She had amazingly long shiny Pink hair...

The purest of emeralds as eyes....

And the smoothest looking pale skin...

"W-who is she?" Tsukune gasped out, a soft and dazed gasp at that. Naruto on the other had had a completely different reaction, as his eyes swept over the girl that Tsukune was mentally masturbating about. His hand protectively covered his neck, just above the collar bone. His eyes widened and he narrowed his eyes a little, looking left to right for an escape.

"Naruto, do you know her name?" Tsukune drooled out as he continued to stare at the pink haired beauty. Naruto's mind suddenly clicked and his expression turned mischievous, very mischievous. Naruto quickly pulled Tsukune behind a bush and forced him to duck down.

"Her name is Moka Akashiya, she's the schools whore. She licks and sucks anything that has a meaty stick between its legs. She would do anyone, and I mean anyone if you asked her nicely." Naruto whispered in Tsukune's ear, sounding as serious as a military officer would to his or her troops.

Tsukune couldn't believe his ears, that pure looking angel was a WHORE?! The very thought of it made him cringe a little, but she was so beautiful...Maybe...Just maybe he could get to know her and then she would fall in love with him and they would be happy together and she would stop whoring herself but only fu-- Okay he was stepping over the limit there.

Naruto having recognized most of the fleeting emotions running over Aono's face, decided to do something about them. Looking in Moka's direction for no longer then a second, he turned his attention back to Tsukune.

Tsukune's thoughts came to a smashing halt as he felt a hard blow to his side, a gift from Naruto's elbow. Tsukune glared at Naruto who just brushed him off...Again!

"Pss, look I told you she wouldn't mind having you." Naruto whispered as he pointed back to Moka. Tsukune snapped his head towards Moka's direction the second time that day...And he couldn't believe his eyes. She was staring at him...Eyes filled with lust and want, she seemed to notice that she had finally captured his attention. She offered a soft smile (One he returned himself, with a little drool added to the mix) and gave him a twirl so he could admire her shape and form. He wasn't displeased with what he saw that was for sure.

Tsukune was about to get out of the bush and attempt to talk to her before she seemed to pin him down with her gaze, as if ordering him to sit still. She turned around having her back facing him and bent down, allowing her small school issued skirt to lift up and reveal her pristine clean white panties... She slowly lifted her hand up towards one of her soft and lovely shaped ass cheeks and gave it a small squeeze, then she placed two long and delicate fingers into the hem of her panties before pulling them completely dow.-..


Naruto snorted in amusement as he watched Aono faint from blood loss, bloody pervert. He not so gently slammed one of his fists into Aono's chest making him cough up and come back to the world of the awaken.

Once Tsukune got his bearing back, he looked back in Moka's direction to see she was just standing upright just like she was before she put her little show up for him. Naruto noticing that Aono was staring at Moka, confusion written all over his face, decided to 'help' out.

"Ya know Aono, I've had her quite a few times myself, and I must say while she is quite tainted...She's worth it." Naruto drawled out while blowing non-existing dust of his nails, looking completely unconcerned about the whole ordeal. But if one was to look into his eyes they would see mischief, a lot of mischief.

"H-hai, okay i'll try...." Tsukune announced but it sounded as if he was attempting to convince himself, and not Naruto.

"Tch, go on then, I don't have all day." Naruto groaned out, looking a little irritated. Another thing in which Tsukune had picked up, Naruto seemed to change moods quicker then you could say ' Kuso'.

Looking once again at Naruto for support, which he didn't give. Tsukune got to his feet and walked in the direction of the girl named Moka.

Naruto snickered to himself as he mentally counted to ten. Unaware of the person who was literally right behind him. Ready to pounce as soon as he was ready to blow.

'One...' Naruto looked on as Tsukune tapped Moka on her shoulder, attempting to gain her attention.

'Two...'. They both chatted for a bit, but he could see Moka was distracted seeing as though she kept looking around for something...Or someone. Naruto quickly pulled himself back a little, hiding further in the bushes.

'Three...' They were still talking, but Tsukune seemed to have gained Moka's attention.


Several things happened at once, Tsukune had suddenly decided to be blunt and blurted it out that he wanted to fuck Moka, The Moka Akashiya like the 'whore' she was.


Naruto howled in laughter as he watched as the Aono kid got slapped by a Moka super punch as he labelled it.


But his laughter was cut short as something or someone tackled him from behind. A soft and smooth pair of arms wrapped themselves around Naruto's torso as he attempted to loosen the hold his captor had on him.

"That wasn't a nice thing to do Naruto-kun." A quite voice whispered in his ear, Naruto's eyes comically rolled to the back of his head as he attempted to look at his captors face. Not that he needed too mind you, he could recognize that voice a mile away.