Chapter: Three

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Previously on Pain:

Pain, without love
Pain, I can't get enough
Pain, I like it rough
'Cause I'd rather feel pain than nothing at all
Rather feel pain than nothing at all
Rather feel pain

Silence chocked the Hall like a suffocating smog...

Until it washed over...!

All was silent...

Naruto looked over the crowed, his sapphire eyes showing his nervousness. This was the exact same reaction he had gotten from Kurumu when he had 'expressed' himself from within, for the very first time. He had never heard of these Lyrics to his song before, it just came out of him... His guitar skills came easy with the help of his Kage Bushin, along with the drums.

A few moments passed as every set of eyes in the Grand hall were set on him and him alone. He started to fidget a little on the spot, this was so nerve wrecking!

A few people with good eye sight, were quite startled to see Naruto's eyes switch from a Nervous pool to a Mocking sly twinkle in less then a second.

"I am the man who has no enemies in the North, South, East and West, not even in the heavens! I am one of the Kitsune's, a blonde-haired toad tamer! Even a crying boy would stare in awe... The great Naruto-sama! That is me!" Naruto announced as he threw his guitar to the ground and started...Hopping on one leg, doing some crazy dance that you would imagine a Crazy hermit doing.

Even the clones decided to join him...

"NARUTO-KUN IS SO AMAZING AND FUNNY!" A shrill female voice shrieked from the crowed seemingly waking everyone up from their dazed like state after having seen,...Whatever it was that he just did.

The crowed went wild!

Cheers could be heard from a mile away, praises were yelled across the Hall and a few "Marry me!" proposals cut through the ear. Naruto smirked, this was more like it!

Arrogant smirk still in place, he picked up his guitar and went off stage towards the back prep-up room. As he descended the stairs he saw HER.

Ura (Inner) turned around just in time to see Naruto descend the wooden backstage stairs, she quickly attempted to wipe of the dry tear steaks that were on her cheeks. Yes, Ura-Moka had cried not for herself but for him, Naruto Namikaze...

She had heard his performance and couldn't help but chuckle dryly...

'People enjoy the music, yet they don't understand how in depth from within himself it blossomed from...' Moka sat up from her seat, having just finished with her make up. Her hair was done in a lovely style, and her kimono was nothing to laugh at.

(From the Episode when her and Kokoa kick Kokoa's bats human formed ass!)

She stared at him, he looked so handsome. He was currently rummaging though some draws looking for something. And he just seemed to have found it...His mask. How she despised that mask, it was a reminder of what happened THAT night. And it hid his handsome features...

Pulling his mask up, Naruto walked towards Moka and whispered a quick and soft "Divine" in her ear. Moka smiled, a soft smile. Divine...A word he used to use to describe her, once again before THAT night.

She sighed so many things had happened on that night...


"Hokuto Kaneshiro!" Naruto gurgled, blood seeping out his mouth and eyes. His body a tattered mess, Moka watched from afar as Naruto continued to try and stand while she was still down from the blow Hokuto had given her...

End Flash~

Moka shivered at the memory, how she wished that the Headmaster had gotten there sooner and none of this would have happened.


Moka looked herself at the mirror one last time, she looked divine as Naruto would say. Picking her Microphone up from the table besides her, she walked up the wooden stairs prepared to get this over and done with.

'Baka Omote (Outer), convincing me to do this.' Moka mentally growled in frustration. She was now in front of the crowed, Naruto had been able to express himself and make the crowed go wild...So she was going to prove that she was his equal and she could do just as good! She was good enough for him.

She raised her hand to the air and dropped it back down, telling the crew she was ready.

She was going to baffle them!

(Trinity Cross – Nana Mizuki)

The prologue snatches away everything along with the scenery before us as the pure white feathers falls now

Flying away without even hearing the last words into this uncertain sky with nowhere to go

The special color that blocks my heart, sometimes a shadow, sometimes a dream, and sometimes love

When the shard of memories become important, they change into small courage

and overlap in the silhouette

If the prayers will become an unseen wind and reach the nape of your neck

I feel that I can overcome the pain and lies and the regret left behind so

believe, the many radiance that appears when you close your eyes

The proof of eternity is this Trinity Cross

Even if there's no song that will echo forever, this feeling will never fade

The pain I carried without knowing it, sometimes darkness, sometimes rain, and sometimes love

The important feeling

that was similar to the warmth notifying me that every scene is wonderful now

With a strong force that can be called as an oath I felt that 'I want to protect you'

I feel that I can cope with the sins and punishment and the regret from sadness so

believe, even if the sudden wind makes you uneasy

The proof of eternity is this Trinity Cross

I wonder why? I feel far from time to time. Although I'm very close.

Feeling painful by wanting to convey more words than now

to an endless tomorrow

The pure white feathers fall now and become the veil that covers the two of us

I feel that I will never get lost again in the morning and night and the regret of reminiscence

believe, the many radiance that appears when you close your eyes

The proof of eternity is this Trinity Cross

And Baffled they were...

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