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Dark Night

The night was quiet as Ciara walked up the pavement to the inn on the edge of the forest. Ciara had followed a trall, across Europe, across the seas themselves to here. She was breaking every rule just by setting foot on this ground. She had crossed into another's territory and she had to remain undetected. And wasn't that just as easy as it sounded.

Ciara sighed as she walked up the steps to the open doors of the inn. She wore a black cloak that could help her blend into the darkness of the night. No one would see her coming if she didn't want them to.

"Hello may I help you?" The inn keeper asked. She seemed nice enough, a bit aged but the smile she wore was genuine.

"I would like a room for five nights please."

She smiled at Ciara and wrote down something in a book. "Sign here please." I signed in as . I always used a fake last name. My true name was to noticeable.

As the innkeeper took the book and wrote down some more information she smiled at her. "Nice to have you here Miss Marrison." She said as Ciara handed her the money for my room.

She led Ciara up some stairs and down a hallway. The inn had a nice antique feel to it, smart upholstery. Shiny hardwood falls. Ciara smiled to herself as she recognised the hallow tap as she walked up the stairs. There was a secret passageway under there.

They stopped at a door marked 34 at the end of the hallway. The innkeeper turned to her after opening the door.

"This is your room, here's your key. And the restaurant will be open in ten minutes. You came just in time if your hungry. Let me know if you need anything Miss Marrison."

"Thank you Mrs….?" Ciara looked at her questioningly.

"Don't worry about being formal child. I like to be on a first name basis with my guests. You may call me Slavica."

Before she left the room Ciara slightly turned her head to the side and said. "My name is Ciara."

Why did I do that? I'm not meant to say anything unless it's necessary. Ciara thought to herself as she tossed her backpack onto the bed and headed for the shower.

She threw back the hoo

d of the cloak and unclasped the front. She draped it over a chair next to a desk as she passed. Ciara stripped as she stepped into the shower allowing the hot spray to cascade down scars, bruises, scrapes and tense aching muscles.

Why am I here? Why did I have to be a do-gooder and do the right thing? Why do I even care? Ciara thought as she just leaned her head on the tiled wall. Oh well the night is just beginning. Ciara smiled to herself as she subconsciously rubbed her tattoo of a phoenix on the right side of her hip.

The night wind howled as it bit at the hunters flesh. He didn't feel any of it. He wished he could but he had long since lost the feeling of anything. Emotion or otherwise. And he had lived so long in a dark and gray world he didn't even remember what colour looked like.

He felt nothing as the wolves howled farewell to him and he left the forest and stood in the shadows looking at the trees. His family were inside waiting for him. His brother Nicolas was introducing his lifemate, Lara, to his family. He needed to be there.

He had fed well this night and yet there was still an emptiness in him, his throat was dry and his soul was blackened. If he even had a soul anymore after all his sins. The darkness in him was whispering, telling him to indulge in his power, in the blood in the inn. There were more than enough humans full of blood to sate his thirst, even after that, there was a world full of humans who he could feed from.

Zacarias shook his head slightly to rid his mind of the whisper, temporarily.

He would last until he had satisfied himself that his brothers were happy with their lifemates then he would greet the dawn. He had lasted centuries, he did not want to risk turning anymore and forcing his brothers to hunt him down.

Zacarias walked into the inn and was greeted by his brothers in the sitting room. The humans were in the restaurant eating their meals.

"It is good to see you brother. It has been a while since I have been home." Nicolas said as he walked forward to clasp Zacarias' forearm. His brothers all gave him a similar greeting. Then the women walked in to the room. All were Carpathian except for Lara, Nicolas's lifemate.

"Lara this is my eldest brother, Zacarias." Nicolas introduced as a small curvy woman with red gold curls walked forward. She smiled at Zacarias as she snuggled under Nicolas's shoulder. "Is this the last of them? Or do you have more stashed in a closet somewhere?" Lara asked cheerfully. Everyone laughed, except for Zacarias though he wished he could.

The prince was walking across the room to greet his friend and warrior, Zacarias, as a shout went out through the inn.

"Here honey! Honey where are you??!!!!!!!" A drunk man walked around the rooms of the inn. Looking for what people assumed to be his wife. But appearances are deceiving.

The group turned to observe the man as he shouted incoherently for his 'honey'. He was getting increasingly violent as he pushed things over and shoved away the hands that tried to direct him to a door or chair.

Something is not right with that mortal. Zacarias thought to his brothers as the drunk walked up to the fireplace and grabbed a poker.

Energy was crackling in the room and something was emitting violent waves of anger. And it wasn't from the drunk man.

Upstairs of the in a corner of a room, heavy eyelids fluttered and opened to reveal glowing lilac eyes. The person shifted and walked into the hallway with the grace of a hunting cat. They tapped the knives strapped to their thighs and waist.

It seemed that someone was looking for trouble. And they didn't seem to care if they gave away what they were or that they even existed.

There was a rule about that, if you ever revealed your secret or endangered the others by reckless behaviour, you would be trialled and executed. Especially if you had as many sins as the man yelling downstairs.

His number was up. And his executioner wasn't faraway. In fact those leather boots that silently descended the stairs belonged to his executioner. The blade was drawn and the target sighted. But there were too many witnesses.

The executioner focused on the beating heart of the man. And suddenly he froze. The drunk spun around, seemed to connect with vivid lilac eyes, as blood spilled from his mouth and his heart stilled. Just like a heart giving out after too much drinking. With that done and people screaming and rushing to the mans aid. The executioner turned to leave and exit into the night.

Everyone was crowding around the fallen man and trying CPR in attempt to save him. The Carpathians were confused as the heart had sounded healthy and didn't seem weak in any way. It was as though one of their own had killed him in the least conspicuous and quickest way possible.

A sound of a door opening had Zacarias and Manolito turning to the back door. All they saw was a flash of a red cloak. That was enough to spike their suspicion. In an instant they followed the stranger out of the door. When they took a step outside there was nothing. Not a scent to follow, not a sound to alert them, not even an energy trail of a life form to follow.

What happened just now? MaryAnne asked her lifemate telepathically.

But still Manolito didn't have an answer to ease her fears. No one had an answer and that made a warning go out to every Carpathian, setting them all on alarm.

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