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Shawn Spencer bustled into the crowded police station leaving his best friend trailing behind. He had promised Gus that they would be just quickly collecting their check and leaving on their two week trip to Las Vegas. But Shawn couldn't go to the police station without spending at least five minutes chatting up Juliet, and so he was trying to outrun his friend who was so insistent upon leaving.

Shawn skidded into the bullpen after jogging down the hallway and quickly scanned the room. Juliet was nowhere to be seen. Shawn sighed as Gus appeared at his side, giving him his patented death glare.

"Okay, okay. Lets get the check." Shawn held up his hands in defeat.

"Thank you." Gus turned and walked towards the chief's office.

It was then that Shawn noticed a strange woman sitting at Juliet's desk, typing away. Surely they couldn't have replaced her, Shawn thought. He quickly made his way over to scope out this new woman. As he neared the desk she brushed her shoulder-length brown hair behind her ear revealing a sparkling wedding ring. Dangling from her wrist was a bracelet Shawn had seen many times. The same bracelet that had belonged to Juliet's grandmother. Suddenly the woman turned to face him.

"Jules?!" Shawn gasped. As she turned he noticed something even more shocking. Her once taut stomach was oddly distended. Surely he would have noticed if Juliet was pregnant.

"What? How? What?" Shawn waved wildly at her appearance.

Juliet chuckled. "It's for a case, Shawn. Don't worry, I'm not really pregnant."

Shawn breathed a quick sigh of relief and cracked a smile. He heard Gus shout from behind him signaling it was time to collect their girlfriends and get on the road.

"Gus and I are going on a vacation." Shawn explained. "You'll just have to manage without us I guess. Though this case does look fascinating...maybe I can stay for a bit..."

"Don't even think about it Shawn." Gus admonished.

"Don't worry Shawn. We'll handle it, enjoy your vacation." Juliet smiled. Shawn opened his mouth to protest.

"Shawn!" Gus shouted again as he walked out of the building. "You promised!"

"Coming buddy!" Shawn gave Juliet another once-over. Oh how he wished he could stay for this one. Attempting to dispel his curiosity he waved to Juliet and followed Gus out the front door.

Juliet turned back to her computer. Just a few more pages of paperwork and they would be off. She glanced at the case file again. Three pregnant women had been found slain in an elementary school playground in nearby Selwyn Village. It had been a typical quiet residential neighborhood and all of the victims were close friends. For weeks the case had no leads, the previously crime-free neighborhood was shocked at the tragedy that had fallen on their community. Because the residents were such a tight knit group, few were willing to speak to the police. Finally giving into frustration, the Chief agreed to send Lassiter and Juliet in undercover in an attempt to break down the group and get some answers.

She opened the envelope on her desk pulling out her new drivers license. She and Lassiter would play Brad and Allison Jackson. They had just purchased a house in this neighborhood and were expecting their first baby. It was Juliet's job to join the local baby group and get to know the neighborhood women. Lassiter was posing as her lawyer husband. He had already signed them up for the country club where he could play golf with the neighbors. Juliet smiled and patted her fake stomach. This case would hopefully be somewhat fun, especially being able to see her partner as a doting husband. She hoped he could keep up the ruse.

Because Juliet had already visited the crime scene, she had been forced to drastically change her appearance. It had been difficult to part with her long blonde locks, but she found that the brown hair suited her. It made her look serious she thought. She liked serious.

She tapped her pen on the desk. She was getting impatient waiting for this case to begin. Lassiter had left over an hour earlier to pick up their new car. Her packed suitcase sat next to her on the floor.

"Ready O'Hara?" Said a voice suddenly from overhead. Juliet glanced up to see Detective Carlton Lassiter smiling and twirling a new set of car keys in his left hand, now sporting a matching wedding ring to hers.

"Is that what you're wearing?" she inquired, scanning his navy blue suit, crisp white shirt and classy tie.

"What?" he asked sheepishly. "This is what I always wear!"

"To work, Carlton. You always wear that to work."

"You said I could be a lawyer. Lawyer's wear suits."

"Yes, but not when they are helping their pregnant wives move into a house! It's okay. We'll stop at your place so you can change."

Lassiter grimaced, but decided to go along with it. After all, he certainly wasn't a marriage expert. He faced this case with as much determination as usual, but there still seemed to be something was bothering him. He wondered what it would be like to pretend that O'Hara was his wife. Sure, he could appreciate that she was a beautiful woman, but she was his partner. He'd always forced those sorts of thoughts out of his head in favor of a professional relationship. Lassiter hoped that they would be able to remain professional throughout this case, but he was starting to think that he wouldn't mind being in a relationship with his partner. This terrified him. It was with trepidation that he ultimately chose to don a form-fitting white t-shirt and the only pair of jeans that he owned.

Juliet smiled when Carlton emerged from his house and jogged towards the car. She so rarely saw her partner out of his work clothes, and he looked good dressed down. Really good. Juliet shook her head. You will not become attracted to your partner she thought to herself. She smiled when Carlton got in the car.

"Ready?" She asked.

"As I'll ever be." He turned, patted her stomach (which earned him a giggle) and started the car.

When they pulled up to their new house, the neighbors were already standing outside waiting. Carlton crossed in front of the car to open the door for his wife and smiled at the couple standing in front of the door.

"Hello, and welcome to Selwyn Village! I'm Susan Monmouth, and this is my husband Jared." Said the bright woman standing at the front of the group. Her short blond hair was neatly tamed into a smooth bun and she wore a pink dress that accentuated her pregnant stomach. She looked like the typical suburban housewife. Her husband was no different in a button-up shirt and dress pants, he too smiled as he held out his hand.

Juliet smiled back at the couple. "I'm Allison Jackson, and this is my husband Brad." She shook hands with Susan. "We're so happy to be moving into this neighborhood." She added. She jumped slightly when she felt Carlton's hands rest on her shoulders.

"My Ally just fell in love with the house the moment she saw it." Lassiter smiled at the couple. Juliet turned to face him in shock at his truly sincere voice. Lassiter then added to the surprises by wrapping his arms around her waist. She liked this, it felt comfortable, like she just fit there. Her smile widened.

"And I see you are having a baby too!" Susan motioned at Juliet's belly and then at her own. "Is this your first?"

"Yes," Lassiter put his hands over her stomach, "We're so excited! And we just found out it's a girl!" Juliet was almost frightened by this strange doting man that had replaced her usually un-emotional tough partner.

The neighbors exchanged a few more pleasantries and then Juliet and Lassiter were able to enter their new home, which was full of moving boxes and a few pieces of furniture. Some of their friends on the force had partially furnished the home, but left it to Juliet to fully decorate. The duo ordered a pizza and started to unpack a few of their things.

It was not until after 11 pm that Juliet discovered there was only one bed in the house. Two bedrooms, but only one bed. She supposed that this was to keep up with the ruse in case the neighbors ventured upstairs. She glanced into the front room, it was painted a pale pink and a white crib stood against the far wall. A sudden warmth filled her body. Carlton appeared suddenly behind her.

"This room would be so great for my rifle collection!" he exclaimed. Her old partner was back. Juliet giggled.

"Oh but Brad honey, it's the baby's room!" Carlton just gave her a look of pure confusion.

"Oh, right." He left her side and trotted down the hallway to the master bedroom. By the time Juliet reached him he had already removed his shoes and was unbuttoning his pants.

"Woah, woah!" She exclaimed. "We should probably talk about this first."

He again looked confused. "We're professional partners O'Hara, I'm sure we can share a bed without anything happening." He finished unzipping his pants and pulled them off. He stood clad only in the white t-shirt and a pair of blue boxers. Juliet couldn't help but steal a glance as he folded the jeans carefully and laid them on the chair next to the bed. He pulled a clean shirt out of his suitcase and changed into it, climbing swiftly under the covers. He was obviously waiting for her to join.

Juliet sighed and began to remove her jewelry. She slipped her shoes off and pulled a silk nightgown out of her bag. Not one to strip in front of her partner, Juliet brought her pajamas with her into the bathroom. She slowly removed her makeup and brushed her teeth. When she got to changing into her pajamas, she realized something embarrassing. The detective that had fitted her with the fake pregnancy belly had neglected to tell her it both fastened and zipped in the back making it nearly impossible to remove on her own. She was standing in only a bra and panties and had no choice but to call Carlton in to help.

When he opened the door he initially gaped at her in surprise, but quickly unzipped her. She quickly tore the cumbersome thing off, and breathed a sigh of relief. When she turned to thank him he was already back in bed. She pulled the nightgown over her head and went back into the bedroom. She was sure she had seen him blush when he opened the bathroom door. Perhaps he did have feelings for her? She shrugged off the thought and got into bed next to her partner.

"Good night, O'Hara" he said gruffly and flicked off the light on his side. She settled down between the sheets and felt the warmth radiating from his side. This was certainly going to be an interesting case, she thought as she drifted off to sleep.