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After a long day of paperwork, Carlton Lassiter was glad to be home. Pulling through the gates of Mermaid Acres he was reminded briefly of the momentous case he had worked with his partner just a few years ago. He shook his head putting that week out of his head and focusing on what was waiting for him at home; a wife who loved him and a new baby. Carlton smiled pulling into the driveway of their home.

When he had deposited his jacket and briefcase, he wandered into the kitchen where he found his beautiful wife, making him dinner and wearing his favorite revolver apron. She flashed him a wide smile and offered him a taste of the sauce she had made. Carlton accepted, and then kissed her slowly and sweetly before turning his attention to the bassinet positioned across the room.

Sleeping soundly there was their baby girl, the most beautiful little creature he had ever seen. She had soft curls and piercing blue eyes that matched his. In her hands she clutched the stuffed pineapple that he had reluctantly accepted from Shawn Spencer as a baby gift. She couldn't sleep without the thing, and Carlton was not pleased. He brushed his hand over her hair, careful not to wake her.

Carlton then swiftly made his way to the bedroom and changed into a t-shirt and jeans, a requirement of his wife's who was tired of looking at his suits (no matter how nice they were). By the time he had made his way back downstairs he was beckoned to the table where he enjoyed a fantastic meal and shared stories with his wife.

Afterwards, the pair cleaned the kitchen up, and Carlton gave the baby a bedtime bottle and took her upstairs to bed. When he came down again, his wife was nowhere to be found. Smiling, Carlton descended the stairs to the basement where she was waiting with the dartboard set up, beer in hand.

"Ellie down for the night?" she inquired. He nodded flashing the baby monitor to her. She handed him a beer and a handful of darts, then kissed him soundly (no doubt to offset his game) but he responded nevertheless. She broke away, turned and threw a dart to the perfect center of the board, and then cheered for herself sticking her tongue out at him.

As he watched her blonde hair swish as she giggled and went to add her points to the tally board, Carlton knew that marrying his partner had been the best decision he had ever made.

The End!