I'm not as happy with this as I thought I'd be, but I still like it. This one's inspired from the Kagamine Len song 'Discotheque Love.'

And hey, look at that; this time it's not twincest (Hints at it, though). For better or for worse, eh?


Night Club Romance

The sound of fast-paced dance music was muffled by a pair of tightly closed double doors. Len Kagamine, a regular of the bar/dance club that the doors shut off from the rest of the world, simply walked past the bouncer with a nod and entered, much to the dismay of the twenty-odd people waiting in a line.

As soon as he opened the doors, a wave of loud yet tantalizing music hit him, urging him to merge with the crowd inside and lose himself in the beat.

'But before I can start having fun,' Len thought, 'I'll need to find someone to dance with.' Shifting his way through the hordes of people crowding the dance floor, Len smiled and gave quick waves to friends he made after the months worth of weekends he spent there. His eyes quickly scanning people's faces, and he saw many that he recognized, but upon turning around, he stopped. 'Who… Who is that?'

The girl he saw had both blonde hair and blue eyes, as he did, and she almost immediately was the sole focus of his attention. She was moving gracefully with the continuous beat of the song, and with each fluid motion she captured another piece of his heart. Completely smitten within moments, he was sure of it; he was in love with her.

'But who is she?' he thought, feeling his face begin to blush. She was practically surrounded by both boys and men, which disgusted Len even more after he recognized some of the faces. Some of them were well into their twenties, while she looked to be the same age as him. He thought about going over and talking to her, but decided against it when he couldn't come up with anything to say. That, coupled with the perverts dogging around her- whom she didn't seem to notice, really- stopped him from going any closer than he was.

So he watched; watched as the men were shrugged off one by one, and watched as a path seemed to open up in the crowd, almost as if the people were urging him to make his move. And so he did, despite his mental freak out as he walked over to her. Out of the corner of his eye, he could swear that he saw the blue and purple haired men who were hitting on her earlier pointing at him briefly, but he paid them no mind. He would need to be focused if he didn't want to join them.

As he approached, his head became lighter; not as if he were about to fall unconscious, but as if he were in a dream, but he kept a straight face as best he could. He was having second thoughts; 'I'm not good enough for her if I can't do this…' Suddenly though, he had a surge of confidence. 'Hm…' He reached the spot next to her. 'Then I guess I'd better do it.'

Reaching out his hand, he gave her a smile that reflected something he could tell she hadn't seen in the others; sincerity. After a brief moment where his heart seemed to skip a beat, she returned his smile and grabbed his hand. "My name's Len," he said as they danced with the beat. "Yours?"

"Rin." She said with a smile that nearly made him melt on the spot. "Rin Kagamine." His face showed a bit of shock.

"Really? Then it looks like we have the same last name and look alike. You wouldn't happen to be my long lost twin, would you?" She giggled and twirled before landing in his arms as the song approached its ending.

"If I was, it still wouldn't stop me." She kissed him. Wordlessly, he kissed her back. When their lips finally separated, he said,

"I can tell we'll get along just fine."