I knew I had hurt her. It was guaranteed from the start.
It wasn't like Angela had to tell me.
I mean it was obvious. If it had happened to me I wouldn't talk to me again either.
But she had to let me explain! She had to know the truth!
She deserved to know the truth.

"She's in a really bad way Edward. You REALLY hurt her with all this crap." Angela said to me.

We were outside Bella's house and I had been sitting on the pavement waiting for her to come out, when Angela and Alice showed up.
Alice had went straight into Bella's house and Angela had stayed to talk to me. Not like I deserved it.

"Do you think I don't already know that Angela? I just want to talk to her!" I almost yelled. Which would definately NOT help.

"Yeah. Well, she doesn't want to see or talk to you. She doesn't need any explanation. She knows the full story. EVERYONE knows the full story!" She yelled.

"Angela it's not my fault..."

"Screw you it's not your fault! She's been humiliated enough and doesn't need you hurting her more!" She paused. "Just leave her alone."

"But," I managed.

"No buts. Just leave her alone." With that she turned around and walked into Bella's house.

Suddenly, I was reminded of those mushy love films.
The guy gets roped into something, he falls for the girl, they fight and then make-up.
Everything is just so easy in make-believe. You can think and do whatever you want and NO ONE questions it.
But in the real world, NO you have to abide by all the rules and even when you don't do something, you do.
I wish everything was like make-believe, at least everything was easier.
At least everything was forgiven.