Driven by Love: Book 1: Everyone Makes Mistakes

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Chapter 17: Epilogue

Ten years later…

It was a bright and sunny day. Everyone seemed to be in a happy mood, everyone except for the depressed chipmunk that was making her way down the sidewalk that she had grown accustomed to over the years.

She kept walking until she reached the iron gates which signaled that she was close to her destination. The girl tightened her grip around the two bouquets of flowers that she was carrying, pulled the strap of her purse further up her shoulder, and stood still, staring at the intimating gates.

'I guess it's now or never…' The girl concluded sadly before stepping through the gates and continuing towards her destination.

The girl's journey seemed to finally come to an end as she approached two lone concrete slabs. Silently, the girl dropped to her knees and placed the carnations on the two blocks before picking herself off of the ground and muttering a few honorable words.

The girl's prayers were interrupted by a soft crunching noise behind her. The girl quickly turned around and saw a redheaded girl approaching her.

"Oh, um… hi…" The girl greeted the redheaded girl awkwardly.

"Hi…" The redheaded girl replied slowly. "Did you know my dad and uncle?" The redheaded girl finally asked.

"Your uncle and dad?" The girl repeated.

"Yeah, those are their graves." The redheaded girl replied coldly.

"Then you must be Samantha, right?" The girl exclaimed. "Wow, I haven't seen you or your mother in ten years…"

"Wait," Samantha said as she shook her head in frustration. "What are you talking about? How did you know my name, and how do you know my mother?"

"You don't remember me?" The girl asked. Seeing no different reaction from Samantha, the girl decided to continue. "My name is Brittany Miller. I was there when your father and uncle died, then I came to your house a few days later…"

"You were that girl that came to our house with that other boy and the older woman, right?" Samantha asked, her memories slowly recovering.

"Yes," Brittany sighed. "The boy's name is Alvin and the other woman's name is Miss Miller." Brittany stated.

"Not to be rude or anything…" Samantha began nervously. "But what are you doing here?"

"Oh," Brittany gasped. "I'm here because your father saved me that night, so I come here every few months to pay my respects." Brittany explained.

"Oh, right… I heard about that…" Samantha said quietly.

"Heard about what?" Brittany asked curiously.

"About what my other uncle tried to do and what he did do that night…" Samantha answered.

Brittany remained silent but a slight shiver went up her spine as her memories of that night came back to her. Brittany quickly pushed them out and forced a smile to on her face.

"So," Brittany began. "What are you doing later? Would you like to go and get some coffee or lunch or something to… you know, catch up?" Brittany asked.

"N-No thanks," Samantha replied, a little taken back by Brittany's sudden kindness. "I need to help my mother pack…" Samantha muttered.

"Pack?" Brittany repeated with a confused look on her face.

"Yeah, we're moving." Samantha explained. "My mom thinks that it'll be good for both of us to get away from everything for a while." Samantha said as she smiled back at Brittany.

"I know what you mean…" Brittany muttered. "It's been ten years and I still find it hard to believe that it all happened…" Brittany sighed before putting on another smile.

"Yeah, but I think that my mom's problem is that she can believe it all happened." Samantha giggled.

"I guess you're right." Brittany laughed in response.

"Well, I'm sorry that we have to cut this whole thing short but I really do need to get going…" Samantha said as she glanced at her watch.

"Oh, right." Brittany smiled before reaching a piece of paper a pen out of her purse and began writing. "Here's my number…" Brittany said as she handed Samantha the paper.

"Alright," Samantha said as she pulled out a piece of paper and pen of her own and began writing herself. "And here's mine." Samantha said happily as she handed the paper to Brittany.

"Thanks." Brittany said before folding the paper and placing it in her purse.

"Alright, I'll talk to you soon." Samantha smiled as she began taking a few steps backwards.

"Definitely," Brittany replied with a small smile and a wave. "Good-bye."

"Bye." Samantha muttered before fully turning around and walking away.

Brittany continued to watch the girl walk away before sitting down on a nearby bench. 'She's grown a lot…' Brittany thought happily before she began thinking about the subject a little harder. 'Actually… everything has changed…' Brittany realized as she thought about all of the changes and events that had occurred over the past ten years.

Brittany was right; a lot had changed over the years. It was hard at first, but eventually, everyone was able to put the whole mess of the Carmine brothers behind them. But even so, Brittany would make sure that she visited Dominic's and Benjamin's graves every so often. No one gave her any objection either, in fact, they encouraged her… especially Alvin.

After Brittany told him the whole story of how Ben saved her and what really happened, Alvin honored Ben almost as much as Brittany. Frequently, Alvin would even go with Brittany to the graveyard to visit the brothers.

Despite all of the nightmares and constant reminders of that tragedy, everyone was finally able to move on with their lives. A few days after the court date, everyone returned to school and it finally seemed that everything was getting back to normal.

While Alvin and Brittany returned to fighting over the most ridiculous things, they remained together through all of the years and in a way, all of the fights seemed to strengthen their relationship. Although there had been a few close calls to the end of their relationship, each time would end with both Alvin and Brittany realizing their mistakes and apologizing.

Simon and Jeanette, and Theodore and Eleanor had also seemed to get together. It took a while for them to admit their feelings towards one another, but both couples seemed to be finally stable by the time that everyone graduated from the third grade.

After getting into fourth grade, everything seemed to stay the same for a while before Alvin had gotten in trouble. Within the first marking period, Alvin had reduced his English grade below a thirty percent. Alvin was grounded for two months and was ordered to bring up the grade immediately by Dave, which required major tutoring from both Simon and Jeanette. Although she doesn't like to admit it, Brittany started to have trouble with her English as well and went straight to Alvin for help, bonding them even closer together.

Once in High School, things started to get rough for the six chipmunks. Eleanor had to deal with major self-esteem issues as older girls in the school would make fun of her for being overweight. But everything seemed to turn out for the best once she turned to Theodore who could easily cope and relate to her problem.

Things seemed to take an even harder turn as the group entered their sophomore year. Less than four months into the year, Alvin got into a fight with a junior and almost got expelled for it. The reason being, the junior tried to steal Brittany away from Alvin and when she refused, the junior struck Brittany across the face and forced a kiss with her. This infuriated Alvin when he heard about it, and Alvin immediately challenged the junior. Needless to say, Alvin won. But the fight had put the junior in the hospital for two days and Alvin was lucky to only get a month of suspension, also getting grounded for almost the remainder of the year.

Once the group became juniors, the group took a very unexpected turn for the worse, especially Alvin. It began when Alvin had joined the varsity football team. Almost instantly, he began hanging out with the jocks and more popular kids of the school rather than his real friends and family. Also, to everyone's amazement, Alvin had managed to become even more obnoxious towards everyone and everything, including Brittany.

It got to a point where Brittany was honestly feeling that she had to break her relationship with Alvin to keep herself from going down the same path. Before she could do so however, Dave had gotten a call that Alvin had been arrested. It seems as if the football team had invited Alvin to a party and when the police showed to break it up, Alvin was automatically brought into custody for the alcohol and drugs that they found at the party. While the tests that the police made Alvin undertake revealed that he hadn't taken any marijuana or cocaine that was taken by almost everyone else, he had managed to drink quite a bit of alcohol.

At first, Dave was completely and utterly furious with Alvin and was ready to make sure that he would be grounded until he moved out, but he eventually forced himself to calm down enough to listen to Alvin's reasoning behind everything. Apparently, one of Brittany's closest friends, Cathy, tipped Alvin off that Brittany was going to break up with him. Completely distraught, Alvin decided to take the football team's invitation to try and forget about everything.

Fortunately for Alvin, Brittany had been listening with her sisters, Simon, and Theodore. Hearing that she had caused Alvin heartache and feeling guilty, Brittany rushed into the room and confronted Alvin. At first, Brittany was angry that Alvin could ever do such a stupid thing, but soon she told him that she planned on ending their relationship because of the major change that Alvin had gone through. Finally realizing that he had caused everything, Alvin apologized to everyone and promised to change back to the normal Alvin that they grew to love over the years. Everyone accepted Alvin's apologies and moved on just like you would think that they would.

Surprisingly, in the group's senior year of high school, Alvin managed to stay out of trouble. While Alvin was still unsure whether he was going to end up going to college or not, he kept all of his grades up which came as a shock to everyone. Brittany was the same way. She wasn't sure whether she was going to go to college, but she thought that she might as well make a good transcript just in case.

Simon and Jeanette were different. They both knew that they wanted to go to college and had planned years ahead. Simon was going to major in Chemistry which had been his dream for a few years. He wanted to study it for a few years before ultimately becoming a teacher on the subject.

Jeanette, on the other hand, also wanted to become a teacher. Her dream was to become a general English teacher for a school. So she decided that she was going to take a major in English in college. Both her and Simon had also planned to attend the same college. They had both worked hard throughout all of their school years and retained a perfect grade point average, and their hard work paid off. They were both accepted and even encouraged to attend the Harvard University. At first, both were reluctant to accept the invitation because they didn't like the idea of moving so far away from their family, but in the end, they did.

Theodore and Eleanor however, both wanted to attend a special cooking school so that they could eventually realize their dreams of opening a restaurant. They both knew that it wasn't going to be easy, but they were positive that they could achieve their goal if they worked hard enough on it.

Now, ten years later and High School finally being over for the two families, everyone was bracing themselves for the drastic change that they were about to face. Simon and Jeanette had already begun packing because their flight to Massachusetts was leaving in a few weeks. While Theodore and Eleanor were helping their siblings pack, they were also looking through brochures for high-ranked cooking schools.

Alvin and Brittany however, were almost the complete opposites. While they did help Simon and Jeanette get ready and pack, they weren't doing anything to help themselves find a school or anything. Alvin currently has a job working as an auto mechanic for a car shop near their house. Despite the work he needs to do, Alvin has also been looking for an apartment for himself. After having to explain to Dave and Theodore that he needed his space, Alvin began looking for a place to live but he made sure to keep it close to the point that he could be there for everybody if they needed him.

Brittany on the other hand, had been working as a waitress for a café, but she recently had gotten fired and was now jobless. Originally, Brittany was going to follow Alvin and move out as well and look for a place for herself, but she decided that she wouldn't be able to leave Eleanor and Miss Miller alone on account that Jeanette was also going to be leaving soon.

As for today, much of it had already been planned out. Alvin and Brittany were going to help their siblings pack a little more, then Alvin needed to check out a few more apartments, and then, Alvin and Brittany were going out for an anniversary dinner. While it wasn't the actual day that they had gotten together, Alvin and Brittany finally chose an official day to call their anniversary, and it was today.

Finding herself suddenly tired, Brittany picked herself up from the bench that she was resting on and slowly made her way home. As she exited through the same gates as which she came, she began to completely back track to the point where she wasn't even paying attention to where she was walking anymore. Brittany started to daydream about what was going to happen between her and Alvin later in the day.

Beside from telling her that they were going out somewhere, Alvin didn't give Brittany any other details, instead, he promised her that she was going to love it. Still daydreaming, Brittany heard her cell phone begin ringing and quickly snatched it out of her purse.

"Hello?" Brittany answered.

"Hey, babe." The voice greeted.

"Oh," Brittany gasped. "Hey Alvie…"

"Ugh," Alvin groaned. "Didn't I say to stop calling me that? Why do you even do it?"

"Why do you want me to stop?" Brittany teased.

"Because it's annoying…" Alvin sighed.

"And that's why I do it." Brittany giggled.

"Hahaha, smartass…" Alvin smirked. "So, where are you?" Alvin asked.

"I'm on my way home from visiting Ben and Dom." Brittany answered. "What about you?"

"Me?" Alvin asked. "I'm at the shop… on my lunch break. I don't get out of this damn place for another hour…" Alvin muttered.

"Well," Brittany began humorously. "That 'damn' job puts money in your pocket, so I wouldn't be complaining if I were you."

"Yeah, yeah, yeah, mom." Alvin laughed. "Did you find another job yet?" Alvin asked after a brief silence.

"Unfortunately… no…" Brittany sighed. "I still can't believe that they fired me! I was one of the best workers there!" Brittany shouted into the phone.

"Well…" Alvin began awkwardly. "You did leave several people alone in the café to go and get your nails done…" Alvin finished as he let out a nervous chuckle.

"So? What are you trying to imply, Alvin? That it was my fault?!" Brittany snapped.

"N-No." Alvin answered quickly. "Anyway, are you still going to help Jeanette pack today?" Alvin asked, desperately trying to change the subject.

"Yeah, what about you, are you still helping Simon?" Brittany questioned.

"Ah-huh," Alvin hummed. "And are you ready for our special evening?" Alvin asked, slightly seductively.

"Can't you please tell me what you have planned?" Brittany pleaded.

"Nope, sorry babe, it's a secret." Alvin chuckled.

"You enjoy torturing me, don't you?" Brittany joked.

"Of course," Alvin smirked. "Anyway, I have to go, my breaks over. Love you."

"Love you too." Brittany giggled.

"See-ya." Alvin said quickly as Brittany heard a loud voice in the background.

"Bye." Brittany laughed as she closed her phone to realize that she was now standing in front of her house.

Brittany let out a gentle sighed and braced herself for the hard work she knew that she was about to endure and walked through the door. Almost immediately, Brittany heard a loud thud come from upstairs and ran up the flight of stairs to investigate. Brittany slowly walked through the hallway, quickly glancing around every corner in a futile attempt to locate the source of the sound, the last remaining room that she hadn't checked being the girls' old room. Brittany slowly pushed the door open to find Jeanette and Eleanor struggling to lift a broken bookshelf.

"What happened?" Brittany asked as she quickly helped her sisters and grabbed the shelf.

"Well," Jeanette groaned as the three placed the wooden plank back onto its holders. "I was packing up my books and… well; one side was heavier than the other…" Jeanette answered timidly.

"Come on, Jeanette…" Brittany sighed. "You're going to be moving out in a few weeks, you need to learn to be a little less clumsy…"

"Brittany, lay off." Eleanor retorted. "Jeanette's been so stressed out lately to the point where I'm starting to worry…" Eleanor said as she placed a sympathetic hand on Jeanette's shoulder.

"No, I know I've been a little harder to deal with lately…" Jeanette said sadly.

"I'm sorry; it's not your fault, Jeanette." Brittany apologized. "Besides, we're all a bit more stressed out lately…" Brittany groaned.

"Oh really, Brittany?" Eleanor asked, raising an eyebrow towards Brittany. "And what do you have to be stressed out about?" Eleanor asked curiously.

"Well, today is my anniversary." Brittany answered. "I say that calls for plenty of stress…"

"Why? Did you two get into another fight?" Jeanette asked as she began placing her old books into a cardboard box.

"Actually, no, things have been going great between us lately." Brittany said quietly.

"Then what's the problem?" Eleanor questioned.

"I guess that I'm just nervous…" Brittany sighed.

"Nervous?" Eleanor repeated. "You and Alvin have been together for ten years… what do you have to be nervous about?" Eleanor asked in disbelief.

"Well usually, Alvin will tell me what he's planning… but not this time. And I think he has something big planned…" Brittany concluded.

There was an awkward moment of silence between the sisters before Brittany picked her head up to find them avoiding eye contact with her.

Suddenly, it hit her…

"Wait…" Brittany said abruptly. "Do you two know something about tonight?" Brittany asked. "If you do, then tell me!" Brittany demanded.

"W-We're not keeping anything from you, Brittany…" Jeanette replied sheepishly.

"Oh yeah, I definitely believe that!" Brittany said sarcastically.

"She's right, Brittany." Eleanor said quietly. "We don't know… much…" Eleanor finished timidly.

"Much?" Brittany repeated before she began to glare angrily at her two sisters. "Tell me everything that you two know." Brittany demanded yet again.

Jeanette shared a brief glance before they both let out a defeated sigh.

"Well, Theodore told me that apparently," Eleanor began. "Alvin's planning a big date with you tonight. Something about Alvin finally coming to a realization about something…" Eleanor rambled.

Brittany nodded her head before turning to Jeanette.

"All that Simon told me was that he's happy for Alvin…" Jeanette said quickly.

Brittany nodded at Jeanette also before looking up towards the ceiling and tapping her fingers on her chin to think. In a quick second, Brittany's entire face lit up and she squealed in delight.

"What's gotten into you, Brittany?" Jeanette asked as her and Eleanor watched Brittany parade around the room.

"Don't you get it?" Brittany asked only to get blank stares as her answers. "Alvin must have gotten that raise that he's been working for!"

"So?" Eleanor asked slowly.

"So, Alvin and I are finally going to go on that trip to Hawaii that we've been talking about!" Brittany squealed again.

"Are you sure about this, Brittany?" Eleanor asked with hesitation. "It all just seems a bit… odd…"

"Of course I'm sure!" Brittany reassured her. "I can't think of anything else that Alvin could be planning…"

"Alright, Brittany, I'll take your word for it." Jeanette sighed. "I'm happy for both of you."

"Yeah, me too." Eleanor said happily. "Do you know how long the trip will be?"

"Thanks guys and I'm not really sure." Brittany answered. "When Alvin and I were talking, we were expected to be there for a few weeks, but I'm not sure how long we can stay with his raise…" Brittany pondered.

"Well, either way, I'm going to miss you!" Eleanor said as she gave Brittany a hug.

"Yeah, so am I." Jeanette said as she joined the two. "Even if I can't see you the day Simon and I leave, I'll be happy as long as you're happy."

"Awe, I love you both." Brittany said warmly as she wrapped her arms around her two sisters.

"We love you too." The two sisters replied as they briefly tightened their grip around their older sister.

As the three continued to hold each other, Brittany was the first one to break the silence.

"But, we've still got plenty of time to be together." Brittany said happily. She was starting to get the feeling that they thought that it was going to be their last time truly together. "How about we hurry up and help Jeanette pack a little so that we can do something afterwards?" Brittany suggested.

"What about your date with Alvin?" Eleanor asked.

"The date isn't until seven tonight, we'll have plenty of time." Brittany replied.

"Alright, then let's get to work." Eleanor said as her and Jeanette began to help Brittany pack.

'I wonder what Alvin's doing right now…' Brittany wondered as she continued to pack the cardboard boxes.

With Alvin

"Alright Mario, I'm out of here." Alvin said to his boss as he walked towards the shop's main exit.

"Wait Alvin," Mario said, stopping Alvin and making him turn around. "Didn't you say that you wanted to ask me something?"

"Oh, yeah…" Alvin muttered as he entered Mario's office and closed the door behind him. "Mario, we've been friends for a while, and I need to tell you: I need a raise." Alvin stated firmly.

"Listen Alvin, I know that we've been friends for a long time and I know that you deserve a raise, but now is just not a good time. I barely have any money to enjoy myself." Mario sighed.

"Come on, isn't there anything you can do?" Alvin argued.

"I'm sorry, Alvin, but no, there isn't." Mario replied.

"Alright…" Alvin muttered. "Okay, fine." Alvin sighed. "I'll see you later." Alvin mumbled as he opened the door of the office, walked through it, and slammed it behind him.

As Alvin walked out of the shop, he could faintly hear the sound of Mario's voice calling after him but he decided to ignore it.

Alvin made his way over to the red Jeep that he owned and silently got in it and started the ignition. 'I'm not going to let this ruin my day…' Alvin concluded as he turned on the stereo and started to blast music.

Feeling contempt, Alvin began to drive towards his house. As Alvin navigated his way through the streets, he began to wonder what was going to happen during his date with Brittany. 'I wonder what I should say…' Alvin pondered as he parked his Jeep in front of his house and got out of it.

As Alvin entered through the front door, he instantly saw Dave struggling to carry a large box by himself down the stairs.

"Whoa, Dave, let me help." Alvin said as he supported the box so that Dave could move easier.

With Alvin supporting it, the box became much easier to handle and both Dave and Alvin carried it down the stairs and into the living room with the rest of Simon's boxes.

"When did you get home, Alvin?" Dave asked as he tried to regain his breath.

"About a minute ago." Alvin answered.

"How was work?" Dave asked as he walked into the kitchen with Alvin following him.

"Eh, not bad." Alvin said as he opened the fridge door and took out a can of soda. "I asked for a raise…"

"And?" Dave questioned.

"I got denied…" Alvin sighed.

"Aren't you good friends with your boss?" Dave asked as he poured himself a cup of coffee.

"Yeah, but apparently that doesn't mean sh-" Alvin began, but he cut himself off as Dave gave him a warning glance. "Crap…" Alvin chuckled nervously.

"Alvin, you may be eighteen now, but I still do not condone foul language in this house." Dave warned.

"I know, sorry…" Alvin muttered.

"Anyway," Dave began. "What are you going to do?" Dave asked as he took a sip of his coffee.

"What do you mean?" Alvin questioned curiously.

"Well, considering I picked up the anniversary present that you got Brittany, I think we both know that it wasn't cheap…" Dave stated.

"I'm not sure yet," Alvin sighed. "I guess I'm just going to have to make payments on it. Where is it anyway?"

"It's in your room, on your bed." Dave answered.

"Alright, are Simon and Theodore up there too?" Alvin asked.

"I believe so," Dave replied. "I think Simon's getting another box packed to be brought downstairs."

"Okay, I'll go see if they need any help." Alvin said as he placed his empty can on the kitchen table and headed up the stairs.

"You do that…" Dave chuckled as he picked up Alvin's cup and recycled it.

As Alvin walked up the stairs, he could see Simon and Theodore walking around the boys' old room. Now at the top of the stairs, Alvin poked his through the open door and saw that they were gathering up old movies, books, and science equipment that belonged to Simon.

"Hey, Alvin." Simon greeted, noticing Alvin standing by the doorway.

"What's up, guys?" Alvin replied as he fully walked through the door.

"Not much, just packing." Theodore answered as he took a break from his work to talk to Alvin.

"Sounds like fun." Alvin laughed as he headed towards his bed and saw a bag on it.

Alvin picked the bag up and pulled the small object out of it and stared at it.

"Is that what I think it is?" Simon asked as he looked over Alvin's shoulder.

"Yes, it is…" Alvin sighed as he placed the object back into the bag.

"So, tonight's the big night?" Theodore asked excitedly.

"I guess so…" Alvin muttered as he lay down on his bed.

There was a brief silence as Alvin found himself staring at the ceiling.

"You don't sound too excited…" Simon said worriedly. "Are you having second thoughts?"

"Are you kidding? This is the only decision that I've ever had to make that I'm sure I'm doing right…" Alvin sighed. "I guess that I'm just a little nervous."

"I don't blame you, I would be nervous too if I were in your position." Simon chuckled.

"Maybe you will be my position soon…" Alvin smirked.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa," Simon stammered defensively. "Let's not get ahead of ourselves here…" Simon said as his face turned red from embarrassment.

"Oh please, Si," Alvin laughed. "We all know that it's going to happen eventually…"

"Yes, eventually, but not now." Simon stated.

"Whatever," Alvin smiled. "I still don't know how I'm going to even approach the subject…"

"Well, have a nice dinner then just drift into it…" Simon suggested.

"Easier said than done…" Alvin said as he glared up at Simon.

"You'll be able to do it, Alvin." Theodore stated. "I know you will."

"Thanks, Theo…" Alvin smiled.

"Yeah, we have complete confidence in you." Simon said as he and Theodore sat next to Alvin on his bed.

"Well, at least that makes two of us." Alvin sighed.

"Cheer up, Alvin." Theodore said reassuringly. "I've got an idea, let's hurry up and finish packing up so we can all do something together… I mean, we don't have too much time left together…" Theodore finished sadly.

"Of course we can, Theo." Alvin said as he smiled. "Besides, I'm not moving away Theo, only a couple blocks. I promise."

"Yeah, and I'll come to visit all the time and I'll be sure to call every day." Simon said as he placed a hand on Theodore's shoulder.

"You guys promise? I just don't want our family to be broken up…" Theodore whispered as he raised his arm to wipe the tears that were starting to form in his eyes.

"That'll never happen, Theodore." Simon said reassuringly.

"Thanks guys…" Theodore said as a small smile crossed his lips.

"No problem, now, let's get started to we can get done earlier." Alvin said as he started to pack old movies into one of the cardboard boxes.

"Alright, let's do it!" Theodore said enthusiastically as he and Simon started to help Alvin.

The Seville residence – Later that night

"Alvin, what's taking you so long?" Simon asked as he banged on the bathroom door.

Alvin had originally said that he was just going to into the bathroom to brush his hair and he was going to be right out… but that was nearly an hour ago.

"One second…" Alvin called back, making Simon sigh.

Simon was about to bang on the door once again, but he heard the door unlock, and it opened before he got the chance.

Out from the steamy bathroom, came Alvin. At first, Simon simply gawked at the chipmunk in complete amazement. Alvin was wearing Dave's best tuxedo, and tuxedo that would cost a round a thousand dollars new. Alvin also had his hair combed back, and for the first time in what seemed like forever, Alvin was not wearing his lucky red baseball cap.

Over the years, Alvin had grown noticeably different. In fact, all three of the brothers and even Dave has.

During their sophomore year, Alvin had finally hit his growth spurt and was now just about as tall as Simon. Besides growing taller, Alvin had also become one of the guys that all of the girls wanted in High School. Training for football had greatly toned Alvin's body and has made him fairly built. Besides his physical changes, Alvin had also grown up a lot. Alvin had greatly toned down all of his mischief, although, he has kept his sarcastic and over-confident attitude throughout the years. Regardless, Alvin had also grown to be noticeably nicer over the years towards everyone. Alvin no longer wore his signature red sweatshirt; instead, he now wore a pair of blue jeans or red shorts and either a red or white shirt, and even though many people tried, Alvin absolutely refused to stop wearing his red baseball cap that he was known for.

Simon on the other hand, hadn't grown much since he was little. He was still taller than Alvin, but barely at this point. Against Dave, Simon would probably be up to Dave's chest in height. Throughout the year ever since freshman year, Simon had gotten Alvin's help on exercising and was now bigger than he had been previously… although, no wear near as much as Alvin. Personality-wise, Simon hadn't changed much. Simon's careful and wise attitude had been kept consistent throughout the years, and although everyone hated it sometimes, they had all grown to eventually accept it. Another change was that Simon had grown his hair out a little more and would usually have it swept behind his head, making him look even more sophisticated. Simon would also, no matter what he was wearing, manage to wear something blue on his attire.

But Theodore had arguably changed the most over the years. Theodore had done what some people deemed impossible and lost quite a bit of weight. While he still remained 'bigger' than the rest of the group, he looked and felt much healthier than he had previously. Another change in Theodore was his attitude. After encouraging from everyone, especially Eleanor and Alvin, Theodore had finally gotten the courage to stand up for himself and to make his own decisions. However, another big change was Theodore's somewhat 'abandonment' of the color green. While he still wore it from time to time, Theodore began wearing green less and less over the years, shocking just about everyone.

Dave was also the one who had changed the least over the years. The only noticeable differences being Dave's voice changing slightly and the large amount of gray hairs that started to sprout from his skull. Dave had gotten a job as a school teacher for a few years after everyone decided to end the careers of the Chipmunks and Chipettes. While the groups still sang alone and together from time to time, they each decided that it would be easier to chase their real dreams if they didn't have to worry about performing and writing new songs.

"Well, how do I look?" Alvin smirked, noticing Simon's stare.

"I never knew that you could look so good, Alvin… no offence…" Simon chuckled.

"None taken, and thanks." Alvin said as he side-stepped Simon and walked into their bedroom.

As Simon followed Alvin into the bedroom, he saw Alvin immediately go to the mirror in their room to make sure his clothes were smooth and straight.

"Oh Alvin, do you have it?" Simon asked as he watched his brother fix himself up.

"Yeah, I got it." Alvin said as he lowered his right hand and gently tapped his pocket.

Simon continued to watch with amusement as Alvin tried to fix his tie, only to make it noticeably worse.

"Here, let me help…" Simon muttered as he walked over to Alvin and began straightening the thin piece of cloth.

Within a moment, Simon fixed Alvin's tie and tightened it, making Alvin tug at it subconsciously.

"So, do you know how you and Brittany are getting there?" Simon asked as he began straightening Alvin's jacket.

"Yeah, I renter a limo for the night." Alvin answered.

"A limo?" Simon repeated. "Don't you think that's overdoing it a bit?"

"I say that this night deserves a limo…" Alvin replied.

"I guess you're right." Simon agreed. "There… now you look like a true gentleman." Simon said happily as he stepped aside so Alvin could see himself in the mirror.

"Thanks, Si." Alvin said, feeling truly contempt with Simon's help.

"No problem," Simon chuckled. "That's what brothers are for."

"Uh-oh…" Alvin mumbled under his breath as he glanced at his watch. "It's six-fifteen…"

"Aren't you supposed to pick Brittany up at seven?" Simon asked as he smacked his forehead in disbelief.

"Yeah, well…" Alvin chuckled nervously.

"I think you should go… now…" Simon sighed as he watched Alvin bolt out of the door as fast as he could. "Good luck, bro…" Simon mumbled as he sat down on his bed and closed his eyes.

Alvin quickly ran down the stairs and began to open the door when he heard someone clear their voice behind him. Alvin turned around and saw Dave standing in the doorframe of the kitchen with his arms crossed, smiling.

"What?" Alvin asked curiously as he watched Dave walk up to him and place a hand on his shoulder.

"Alvin," Dave began. "I just wanted to tell you that I love you and no matter what happens today, I am so proud of you…" Dave finished as he held out his hand for Alvin to shake.

"I know Dave," Alvin smiled. "And I love you too." Alvin said warmly as he avoided Dave's hand and gave him a hug instead.

While to two remained in each other's embrace, they heard the faint sound of a car horn from outside of the house.

"That's probably the limo…" Alvin muttered as he walked to the front door and opened it.

"Alright, good luck, Alvin." Dave said, waving to Alvin.

"Thanks." Alvin called back as he walked through the door and closed it behind him.

Once on the front step of the house, Alvin took a deep breath before he began walking towards the long vehicle that was parked in the driveway. Slowly and silently, Alvin opened the door of the limousine and entered it, closing the door behind him.

"Good evening, sir." The driver greeted as he watched Alvin adjust himself in the backseat through the rearview mirror.

"Oh, hello." Alvin said as he faced forward towards the driver. "The company gave you the addresses and directions, right?" Alvin asked.

"Yes, sir." The driver answered as he unfolded a piece of paper that was next to him. "The Miller residence is the first stop, correct?"

"Yeah, that's right." Alvin replied as he sat back in his seat. "Thank you." Alvin said as the driver began backing out of the driveway.

Throughout the ride, Alvin was deep in thought about the night and what could happen. But while his thoughts continued, Alvin was reminded that the Miller's house was only a short drive as he heard the driver calling out towards him.

"Sir, we're here." The driver said, trying to be nice but clearly frustrated.

"Oh, I'm sorry…" Alvin chuckled as he opened the door of the limousine. "I'll be right back…" Alvin said as he closed the door and went up to the Miller's front door.

Alvin reached his hand up to knock on the door but feel into a slight state of paralysis. 'I've got to do this…' Alvin told himself as he hesitantly knocked on the door. After a few moments of waiting, Alvin was about to knock again but just as he lifted his hand up, the door suddenly swung open with a brown-haired chipmunk standing on the opposite side of Alvin.

"Hello, Alvin." The chipmunk greeted.

"Hi, Jeanette." Alvin greeted back. "Is Brittany ready yet?" Alvin asked.

"Almost," Jeanette answered. "Would you like to wait inside?" Jeanette asked politely.

"Sure, just as long as it's not too much of a wait," Alvin sighed. "I think the limo driver's starting to get pissed…" Alvin muttered as he walked past Jeanette and into the living room.

"So, how's packing coming?" Alvin asked as he took a seat on one of the couches.

"Eh, not too bad." Jeanette said happily. "The only thing being that it's just about always busy around here…"

"Same at our house," Alvin sighed. "Every day, Simon always finds something else to pack…"

"Well, it's all going to be worth it." Jeanette stated.

"Yeah, I guess you're right." Alvin smiled.

The room fell into a brief silence before both chipmunks heard footsteps on the stairs.

"Jeanette?" A voice called out.

"Yes, Brittany?" Jeanette responded.

"Is Alvin waiting outside?" Brittany called, still remaining out of sight.

"No, Brittany," Jeanette answered. "He's in the living room."

"WHAT?!" Brittany yelled. "Tell him to get outside!" Brittany demanded.

"Awe, come on, Brittany." Alvin sighed. "I'm sure you look fine…"

"Fine…" Brittany groaned as more steps on the stairs were heard.

It was true; Alvin thought that Brittany looked amazing no matter what. But, just as the boys had, Brittany, Jeanette, Eleanor, and even Miss Miller had all changed to an extent over the years.

Jeanette had changed a lot since she was a child. One change being Jeanette's change in hairstyle. She now would curl her brown hair and let it run along her back. Jeanette's personality had also changed. While she was still clumsy and shy like her childhood self, she had become more confident and would now stick up for herself. Jeanette was also similar to Simon in the sense that no matter what, Jeanette would always manage to wear either blue or purple in her attire.

Eleanor had also undergone a lot of changes. While Eleanor was still the 'biggest' of her sisters, like Theodore, she had gone on a diet during High School and was now healthier than she had previously been. Eleanor had also decided to change her hairstyle. While she still tied her hair into pig-tails from time to time, she would normally have her hair straight along her back much like Jeanette. While Eleanor's main personality hadn't changed much over the years, she had become noticeably less interested in the color green, much like Theodore.

Miss Miller was like Dave, she had barely changed over the years. Her only noticeably change really being her change of hairstyle that she had gotten about a year ago.

Brittany, on the other hand, might have had the most drastic changes of all. One change being, that she had become much more beautiful, her beauty being something that every girl in the High School envied her for. Like Alvin, Brittany had also hit a growth spurt during High School and was now slightly shorter than Jeanette. Another change was that Brittany had also grown her auburn hair a little longer, but remained to keep her hair in a ponytail most of the time. The rest of Brittany's body had also grown, making just about every boy, including Alvin; fall head over heels for her. Also, during her High School years, Brittany had also become a cheerleader. Besides physical changes, Brittany's personality had also changed much like Alvin's. Brittany no longer tried to be dominant over everything and stopped getting into petty arguments with everyone. Like Alvin, Brittany had also gotten much nicer towards everyone over the years. Brittany's favorite color was still pink, but she finally decided to wear other colors besides pink, and would now mix her outfits with two colors that fit nice together.

But regardless of Alvin knowing that Brittany was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen, he was left in awe as he watched her slowly walk down the stairs and into the living room.

Brittany was wearing a long, light pink dress that ended just above her knees. The dress was backless and fit perfectly on her body. Brittany also had her long auburn hair curled and along her back, much like Jeanette's but more curly and glossier.

"Wow…" Alvin whispered as he continued to stare at Brittany.

"Do you like it?" Brittany giggled, making Alvin nod. "Thank you. And I like the way you look as well."

"Only the best for my girl." Alvin smirked as he got up off of the couch and wrapped his arms around Brittany.

"So, what now?" Brittany asked excitedly.

"What now?" Alvin repeated. "We go on the date, of course." Alvin laughed as he intertwined his fingers with Brittany's and led her towards the door. "Are you ready?" Alvin asked.

"Um, just let me get my purse…" Brittany answered as she quickly ran up the stairs, only to return a moment later with a small purse around her shoulder.

"Are you ready now?" Alvin asked.

"Yes." Brittany giggled.

Just as Alvin and Brittany were about to leave, they heard someone call their names. They both turned around and saw Miss Miller coming towards them.

"Have a good night, you two." Miss Miller said as she kissed Brittany on her forehead and lightly pinched Alvin's right cheek.

"We will." Alvin said as he turned towards the door, only to turn back to Miss Miller when he felt a hand make its way onto his shoulder.

"Take care of my girl, won't you?" Miss Miller asked with a smile on her face.

"Of course." Alvin answered as he put his arm around Brittany's waist and let her out of the house.

As soon as they exited the house, Brittany's sight immediately turned towards the limousine in the driveway and her eyes lit up.

"Is that really for us?" Brittany asked with astonishment.

"Yep." Alvin laughed as he opened the car door for Brittany and got in himself after she was fully in. "Alright, you know the next address, right?" Alvin asked the driver.

"Yes, the French Restaurant, correct?" The driver asked, making Alvin slap his forehead and making Brittany gasp.

"Yeah, that's right…" Alvin sighed.

"Okay." The driver said as he backed out of the Miller's driveway.

"Are we really going to the French Laundry?" Brittany asked Alvin.

"Ah-huh." Alvin hummed.

"Thank you!" Brittany squealed as she threw her arms around Alvin and brought him into a hug. "But the French Laundry is one of the most expensive restaurants in the entire country!" Brittany gasped.

Brittany was right. To just get into the French Laundry restaurant, it cost over one-hundred and fifty dollars per person.

"Don't worry," Alvin said as he continued to embrace Brittany. "Money is no object tonight."

"Really? Are you sure?" Brittany asked hesitantly.

"Yeah, I'm sure." Alvin answered. "I want tonight to be one of the most special nights of your life." Alvin smirked.

"Well, you're succeeding so far." Brittany giggled.

"Good…" Alvin smiled.

Throughout the remainder of the ride, Alvin and Brittany sat in the backseat, talking about their plans, their sibling's plans, and anything else the conversation would drift to.

"Excuse me," The driver interrupted. "We have reached the restaurant." The driver said as he gestured towards the large and glamorous building to the right of the limousine.

"Thank you very much." Alvin said as he got out of the limousine and helped Brittany out.

"Yes, thank you." Brittany said to the driver.

"No problem." The driver chuckled. "Would you like me to wait outside?" The driver asked.

"No, that's alright. I told the company that I'd call for a ride." Alvin answered.

"Alright, have a good night." The driver said as he waved to the couple before driving off.

"Bye." Alvin and Brittany called out as they waved back.

"Ready to go?" Alvin asked as he cupped his hand around Brittany's once again.

"Yes, I am." Brittany smiled as Alvin let her towards the restaurant's main doors.

As soon as they entered the building, Alvin and Brittany could immediately see why the restaurant was so expensive. The ceiling was decorated with dozens and dozens of crystal chandeliers and artistic moldings of numerous figures. Each section of the walls were covered with an authentic mural depicting something different in each one, ranging from famous battles in history, biblical scenes, and even people that had managed to become famous during their lives. The rest of the wall that was not covered by the murals was a beautiful shade of blue. All together, those little details gave the entire place an amazing atmosphere.

"Oh… my… god…" Brittany whispered as she looked around the restaurant.

"Do you like it?" Alvin smirked, getting a silent nod from Brittany as his response. "I checked this place out a few days ago and I thought that you would love it."

"You have good judgment." Brittany laughed.

"I know, I know…" Alvin sighed as he and Brittany made their way to the host's front table.

"Good evening," The host greeted. "Do you have a reservation?"

"Yes we do," Alvin answered.

"Name?" The host asked.

"'Seville'" Alvin replied.

"Okay," The host said as he looked through a book on the table before calling over one of the waiters walking through the building. "Andrew, please show these two to table seventeen."

"No problem." The waiter replied. "Please, this way." The waiter said to Alvin and Brittany as he led them to their table.

As the three navigated through the building, Brittany couldn't stop wondering how Alvin could ever afford to take them to a place like this. 'It must be his raise!' Brittany thought happily.

"Alright, here's your table." The waiter said as he stopped in front of a table with a card on it that read "seventeen". "My name is Andrew and I will be your waiter for this evening. What would you two like to drink?"

"What's the legal drinking age?" Alvin asked jokingly.

"Twenty-one." Andrew laughed.

"I'll take a Coke…" Alvin sighed.

"So will I." Brittany stated.

"Aright, two Cokes." Andrew said to himself. "Here are your menus."

"Thank you." Alvin and Brittany said as they began skimming through the large varieties of food.

"Here are your drinks." Andrew said as he placed two large cups in front of Alvin and Brittany. "Would you like soup or salad as an appetizer?"

Alvin and Brittany exchanged glances before smiling.

"I'll take salad." They both answered together.

"Aright, two salads." Andrew said as he wrote it down in his notepad. "Would either of you like salad dressing?"

"I'll take Italian." Alvin answered.

"Same with me." Brittany replied.

"Aright, I'll get you two your appetizers, in the mean time, please look through our menus." Andrew said as he left the table.

"I heard that this place makes the best steak that you will ever eat…" Alvin stated as he put down the menu on the table. "I think I'll be the judge of that." Alvin smirked.

"Okay, then…" Brittany giggled. "I'm going to get boneless chicken legs, myself."

"I heard those were good, too." Alvin smiled.

"Then that's a good thing." Brittany smiled back.

"Alright, sorry to keep you two waiting…" Andrew apologized as he placed two large bowls of salads in front of Alvin and Brittany. "Have you two decided on a main course?"

"Yes, I'll take the biggest steak you have, cooked rare, and seasoned." Alvin answered.

"And I'll take an order of the boneless chicken legs, cooked medium, please." Brittany responded.

"Alright, please enjoy your appetizers as your food is cooked." Andrew said before taking off again.

As soon as Andrew was fully gone, Alvin and Brittany began digging into their salads, neither of them aware that they haven't eaten since breakfast until now.

After a good ten minutes, Andrew returned to the table with the main courses to see that Alvin and Brittany had finished their salads.

"Hungry, are we?" Andrew chuckled. "Here you are…" Andrew said as he handed out the food. "Please enjoy."

"Thank you." Alvin and Brittany said as they began eating.

After about a half hour, both Alvin and Brittany had finished their meals.

"Wow that was good…" Alvin sighed as he placed his utensils on his empty plate. "They definitely get my vote…"

"Yes, it was." Brittany giggled.

The two sat in a slightly awkward silence before Alvin decided to break it by clearing his throat.

"So, Brittany…" Alvin began.

"Yes, Alvin?" Brittany asked excitedly, fluttering her eyelashes in the process.

"D-Do you know why I wanted tonight to be so special?" Alvin questioned nervously.

"Alvin, you don't need to hide it anymore… I'd love to go to Hawaii with you!" Brittany squealed.

"Hawaii?" Alvin repeated. "What do you mean?"

"You don't need to play 'dumb' anymore, Alvin." Brittany said happily. "With your raise we can finally go!"

"My raise?" Alvin mumbled. "Is that what you think this is about?" Alvin asked, shock clearly on his face.

"Yeah," Brittany answered. "What's wrong?" Brittany questioned.

"Brittany… I was denied my raise…" Alvin muttered.

"What?" Brittany gasped. "Then what's all of this about?"

"Well, for one, it's our anniversary… and two…" Alvin cut himself off and pointed behind Brittany.

All of a sudden, all of the lights in the entire restaurant dimmed and everyone became quiet. Confused, Brittany slowly turned around and saw a woman come out of a door with a microphone in her right hand. The woman smiled at Alvin and Brittany before bringing the microphone up to her mouth.

"Many times I've tried to tell you

Many times I've cried alone

Always I'm surprised how well you

Cut my feelings to the bone

Don't want to leave you really

I've invested too much time

To give you up that easy

To the doubts that complicate your mind"

Completely tear-eyed, Brittany turned back towards Alvin to thank him but became confused once again when she did not find him in his seat across from her. Instead, Alvin was on his knee to the left of Brittany.

"Alvin, what are you doing?" Brittany asked as he eyes opened wide.

"Brittany," Alvin began, ignoring her question. "I love you more than life itself, you are my whole world, and while I may not deserve your love and beauty… I would be honored if you would become my wife…"

"A-Alvin…" Brittany whispered as tears fell from her eyes and dripped down her cheeks.

"Brittany Ann Miller…" Alvin smiled as he took a small object from his pocket and held it in front of him. "Will you marry me?" Alvin asked as he opened the small box to reveal a white gold ring with a rather large diamond sprouting from the top.

Brittany entire face lit up at the sight of the ring before more tears fell from her eyes. Without hesitation, Brittany jumped out of her chair and gave Alvin a hug, knocking them both to the ground.

"Is that yes?" Alvin chuckled.

"Of course that's a yes!" Brittany laughed through her sobs. "I love you so much!" Brittany smiled as she buried her face in Alvin's chest.

"And I love you so much." Alvin said as he lifted Brittany's left hand and placed the ring on her finger.

Just like Alvin expected, the ring fit Brittany's finger perfectly. Brittany pulled her face away from Alvin's chest long enough to inspect her hand before letting out a satisfied sigh. Alvin pulled Brittany closer to him and rocked them both back and forth.

Alvin looked up for a moment and saw that everyone else in the restaurant was watching him and Brittany with big smiles on their faces. Alvin turned towards the singer and winked at her.

"We Belong to the light

We Belong to the thunder

We Belong to the sound of the words

We've both fallen under

Whatever we deny or embrace

For worse or for better

We Belong, We Belong

We Belong together"

As the woman finished the song, Alvin pulled himself and Brittany to their feet.

"I'm sorry, Brittany…" Alvin mumbled as he wrote out a check and placed it on top of the bill.

"For what?" Brittany asked worriedly.

"Well, we're not going to Hawaii like you wanted…" Alvin sighed.

"Oh Alvin," Brittany giggled. "This is much better than Hawaii could ever be!" Brittany smiled as she looked at the ring on her finger.

"So, you're happy?" Alvin asked curiously.

"Of course I am, Alvin." Brittany answered happily. "I love you."

"I love you, too." Alvin said as he pulled Brittany in and kissed her.

For a few moments, the two remained interlocked with each other. As their tongues explored in each other's mouths and wrestled with each other occasionally, they suddenly heard everyone in the building applaud.

The two broke away and gazed into each other's eyes, clearly blushing and clearly embarrassed… but neither of them cared. All they did care about was the fact that they had each other.

"Come on." Alvin said as he grabbed Brittany's hand and led them outside of the building.

Alvin pulled out his cell phone and dialed a number. The line rang a few times before Alvin heard someone answer.

"Hello?" Alvin asked.

"Alvin?" A voice questioned.

"Yeah, Si, it's me." Alvin said quickly. "Listen; can you do me a favor?"

"Of course," Simon answered without hesitation. "What do you need?"

"Can you make sure that everyone's at the Miller's house?" Alvin replied.

"Sure thing." Simon responded.

"Thanks, Si," Alvin sighed. "Bye."

"Bye." Simon said as he hung up the phone.

Alvin ended the current call and dialed a different number this time. The line rang once before a voice greeted Alvin.

"Yes hi," Alvin greeted. "My name is Alvin Seville. I rented a limousine and I need to have two people picked up."

"Okay, Mister Seville." The voice responded. "I have your report and we have one of our drivers near your location. I'll call him now and tell him to pick you up."

"Alright, thanks." Alvin said as he closed him phone.

Within a few minutes, a limousine drove up to the restaurant and Alvin helped Brittany into it just as he did when he first picked her up.

"Hello to you two again." The driver greeted.

Alvin and Brittany both face forward at the same time to realize that it was the same driver that had brought them to the restaurant.

"Small world, huh?" Alvin laughed, making the driver laugh as well. "Can you please take us back to the Miller's residence?"

"No problem." The driver answered as he began to drive towards their destination.

The ride was mostly silent except for the few gasps that came from Brittany, who couldn't manage to stop admiring her new ring.

"You really like it, don't you?" Alvin smirked.

"Of course." Brittany giggled.

"Alright, you two," The driver interrupted once again. "Here is your stop."

"Thank you." Alvin and Brittany said as they climbed out of the vehicle before it drove away.

"Ready?" Alvin asked as they both glanced at the house in front of them.

"More than ever…" Brittany said happily as they both walked up to the house and walked through the front door.

"Welcome back." They heard someone call from the living room.

Alvin and Brittany both exchanged brief glances before they entered into the living room. Once inside, they were greeted by Simon, Jeanette, Theodore, Eleanor, and Miss Miller

"Hey guys." Alvin greeted as he looked around. "Where's Dave?" Alvin asked curiously.

"Dave's on his way," Simon answered. "He just had a last few things to do so I took my car here."

"Okay." Alvin said, feeling contempt with the answer.

"So, Brittany…" Eleanor began excitedly. "When do you and Alvin leave?"

"I was wrong, Eleanor…" Brittany sighed. "Alvin didn't get a raise… we're not going to Hawaii…"

"Oh, I'm sorry Brittany…" Eleanor said as she walked over to Brittany and placed a hand on her shoulder.

"Don't worry about me, Eleanor…" Brittany giggled as she purposely placed her left hand on Eleanor shoulder.

"What the-" Eleanor said as she felt a rather heavy weight coming from Brittany's hand.

And as if on cue, Eleanor's eyes widened as she looked at the beautiful ring that was on her sister's hand. Jeanette and Miss Miller noticed Eleanor's gaze at Brittany hand and while inspecting the hand a little closer, they fell into a state of shock like Eleanor.

"Everyone…" Brittany began as she wrapped her hand around Alvin's. "Alvin proposed to me tonight… and I said yes!" Brittany squealed.

As soon as Brittany stated her answer, everyone erupted into a loud cheer making Alvin and Brittany blush.

"I'm so happy for both of you!" Miss Miller said as she wrapped her arms around both Alvin and Brittany.

"Yeah, congratulations." Everyone else said together.

"Thank you, guys." Alvin and Brittany said in unison.

Before anyone else could continue, a loud chime from a cell phone rang throughout the room.

"it's mine…" Simon said as he took his cell phone out of his pocket and flipped it open. "Hello?"

"Simon, it's Dave!" The voice screamed.

"Dave?" Simon asked.

"Yes, turn the T.V to channel eight!" Dave said quickly.

"Wait, Dave, what's going on?" Simon questioned.

"There's no time to explain, turn the T.V onto channel eight! I'll be over there in a minute!" Dave stated before he hung up the phone.

As Simon heard the dial tone, he pulled the phone away from his ear and simply stared at it.

"Simon, what's wrong?" Jeanette asked, breaking the silence.

"I don't know…" Simon muttered as he walked over to the T.V in the room and turned it on. "Where's the remote?" Simon asked.

"Right here…" Eleanor said as she handed Simon the remote.

Hesitantly, Simon changed the channel to eight. Once the channel switched, everyone saw it was a news channel and there was a woman being introduced.

"And here's the top news with Anna Watson." The announcer said.

"Thank you." Anna said happily. "Our top story tonight is that felon; Michael Carmine has escaped from his incarceration and is still at large…

To Be Continued…

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