That night, Hikaru and Kaoru lay cuddled together, not saying much, just content with each other's warmth and presence.

"Let's never fight again." said Hikaru, nuzzling Kaoru's neck, then planting a kiss on it.

"Mhm" was all Kaoru could mumble as he sleepily took hold of Hikaru's hand and intwined their fingers.

He soon drifted to sleep.

It's been long since he dreamt such dreams. And when he woke up in the morning, and felt Hikaru's arms around him, a smile spread on his lips, and he felt happier than he did in his entire life.

It was still early, and Hikaru was sleeping peacfully. Kaoru leaned in, kisssed his cheek, then got out of bed.

He showered, brushed his teeth and put on some fresh clothes. Then he went back into th bedroom and sat beside his sleeping brother. His eyes fell on the box of memories on the bedside table, and he remembered that he didn't read his letter. Eagerly he reached out for it and opened it. It said:

Dearest Kaoru

Look, I suck at writing letters, so I'm just going to get to the point of it, okay? I'm sorry. I'm really, really sorry. When I get mad, I know I say mean things but I don't mean them at all. I love you very much. You are the best brother ever! It sucks when we're not talking. I'm sure I miss you alot. So talk to me, okay?



As Kaoru read the letter, his smile widened more, if even possible. He pressed it to his heart, then folded it and put it in his pocket. Right then and there, he decided that he was going to treasure this piece of paper till the end of forever.

Presently, Hikaru began to stir awake. He yawned quite loudly, then looked up at Kaoru with sleepy eyes. "Goo'morning." he said, smiling.

"Good morning."

Hikaru stretched, then sat up. "Where's my morning kiss?"

Kaoru laughed. "You don't get one. You have morning breath."

Hikaru pouted, and Kaoru laughed again. "Here, don't cry," and he gave Hikaru's lips a long, warm kiss.

Hikaru's insides must have melted. He blushed madly and smiled like the biggest dork. Kaoru fondly smiled back.

The next weeks that followed were absolute bliss. It was insane how quickly the time seemed to fly. Hikaru and Kaoru made up for all the time they spent fighting: the went on dates and did silly romantic things, and kissed and cuddled, and oh! Kaoru woke up every morning, fearing it had all been a magical dream, only to find Hikaru lying there beside him, and he was so happy he could barely speak. And everyday, as he grew more and more accustomed to this being his reality, the three miserable months he'd spent without Hikaru seemd so long ago, like a distant nightmare one pushes to the back of one's nind.

One lovely night (all nights were lovely now, really) Kaoru stood at the open window of their bedroom watching the thin silver threads of rain that fell from the sky, and felt the cool wind on his face, and he smiled. He turned around and looked at Hikaru who was sitting on the bed, reading some silly looking book. 'Another tragic romance?' thought Kaoru, 'He's getting quite fond of them, isn't he?'

It was true. At first, Hikaru read them because he thought they would make him feel better -which they didn't- but now he actually liked them, strangely. He had an expression on his face as he bent over the book that Kaoru couldn't find any other word to describe than adorable. Kaoru walked towards the bed, an idea forming in his head, a smirk on his lips. He knelt before Hikaru and snatched the book from his hand.

"Hey!" exclaimed Hikaru, looking up. Kaoru's smirking lips came down upon his, and he found himself getting pushed on his back. In a moment, the two of them were making out heavily, Kaoru straddling Hikaru's hips.

"Hikaru," Kaoru whispered hotly into Hikaru's ear, "I'll do it tonight." and then he groped Hikaru in a place that made him moan quite loudly. His face went really red, and he bit his lip, trying to stop himself from making more embarrassing noises.

He didn't succeed.

"Mn...ah! K-Kaoru..."

Kaoru was quite delighed at this reversal of roles, and made sure to pay Hikaru back for always getting him so flustered. He thoroughly enjoyed the sight of him, flushed and writhing beneath him. He now clasped his hand over his mouth, but Kaoru removed it and said, "I want to hear you." teasingly.

"M-meanie!" complained Hikaru, making Kaoru laugh. "As if you never bully me like this," he said, nibbling Hikaru's ear.

Hikaru's chest was still heaving as he lay with his eyes closed next to Kaoru who was propped on his elbows, stroking his hair. "Are you okay?" Kaoru whispered, softly. Hikaru opened his eyes. "That was amazing." he said.

Kaoru smiled,"Really?"

"Mhm," said Hikaru, reaching out for his face, and stroking his hair in turn.

It really was. The sensation, quite new to him, the weigh of Kaoru over him, and his warmth were so...strange. It hurt, but it felt so good, so...Hikaru couldn't describe it. He simply lifted his head and kissed Kaoru's nose.

Kaoru grinned and said, "Now you're mine, just like I'm yours."

Winter had arrived, and the weather became quite chilly.

It must've been 3 weeks before Christmas when Hikaru saw Kaoru talking to Kaze in school from a distance. And then the two of them walked away towards a secluded area. Hikaru stared. He never liked that boy Kaze, and he never would.

When he and Kaoru got together, he noticed that Kaoru rarely talked to him as much as before. Oh course, this made him happy. But when Kaoru did talk to him, Hikaru's stomach clenched, and he felt possesed by an urge to break something. Just the way the creep looked at Kaoru was sickening! It was obvious he wasn't over him yet.

And now they were heading for a deserted corridor.



'No,' Hikaru told himself, 'nothing to be upset about.'

He tapped his fingers on his knees and looked away. He started humming. 'No...nothing to be upset about..'

The next moment, he was slinking like Golumn, following the two quietly. They turned a corner, and he stuck to the wall, and craned his neck. He could hear them talking.

Kaze said something Hikaru couldn't make out, and then Kaoru replied.

"I miss you too."

Wait. Wait, wait! Did he just hear that right? Did Kaoru really say that?

"It was so much fun spending time with you..."

Hikaru's heat sank. What was happening here? Was Kaoru planning on getting back with Kaze? Did these past weeks mean absolutely nothing to him? Did he just realise that being with Hikaru was a big mistake? Or is it that he never really forgave him to begin with and that it was all a plan to get revenge and break his heart?

Many thoughts ran inside Hikaru's mind, each worse than the last.

"But I can only think of you as a friend Kaze..." Hikaru's ear became pert like a cat's and he listened intently and Kaoru went on, "I think...I never really loved you. At least, not in that way. I'm so sorry Kaze. I wish I could make it better..."

Hikaru was so overjoyed he could have screamed. Oh, if only he could see the creep's face as Kaoru told him these words. He snickered gleefully and went back to class.

When they reached home, he gave Kaoru a kiss on the cheek and said, "I'm sorry."

Kaoru looked surprised. "What for?"

'For doubting you." thought Hikaru, but he said nothing. He shrugged his shoulders and ran upstairs.

Kaoru was rather distracted that evening. He couldn't stop thinking about what had happened in school. Kaze came up to him and told him that he had to tell him something.

"It's no use." he'd said, "I can't forget you Kaoru. It's driving me crazy I...I miss you so much..."

The look on his face was so desperate, it made Kaoru feel so guilty. He told him the truth, that he did miss him too, only not in that way. Kaze looked crestfallen. "I'm sorry Kaze," he said, "I wish I could make it better."

But he knew that he couldn't, so he patted him on the shoulder and walked away.

The next week, the homeroom teacher walked into the classroom one morning and announced to the class that Sakurada Kaze had left the school. The girls wailed, the boys sneered, and Kaoru bit his lip.

Guilt, guilt, guilt.

That evening Kaoru recieved a text message on his phone.

"I will never forget you."

He couldn't help but smile. "Oh Kaze," he sighed, "I won't forget you either...I wish you could have said goodbye. But, oh well. I suppose it's for the best"

Kaoru noticed that Hikaru had been acting weird for a while. He seemed to be busy doing something, and Kaoru knew he was hiding a secret. He looked exhausted every morning, like he'd been up all night. But no matter how many time he asked him, Hikaru refused to speak.

One weekend, he walked into the bedroom, and Hikaru's eyes went wide, and he shoved something behind his back. Kaoru blinked. "What is that?" he asked, jumping on the bed, trying to get a look.

"Nothing!" cried Hikaru.

"It isn't nothing. You were knitting!"

"No I wasn't!"

"Yes you were!" and Kaoru finally managed to pull the thing away.

It was a scarf, pink and blue, halfway done, with threads of wool dangling. Kaoru looked at Hikaru, puzzled. "You like knitting? Why didn't you tell me? There's nothing to be embarrass-"

"No!" Hiakru looked angry for a second, then his face went red and he turned away. "I wanted to make something for you for Christmas, okay? I don't like doing it. And you know what?" Hikaru grabbed the scarf and tugged at it, "I don't like this either. It's stupid and ugly and..."

He began to cry.

"Hikaru..." said Kaoru, surprised that Hikaru had gotten so upset. He felt so happy. Hikaru wanted to make him something. Something special. "It's not ugly."

"Yes it is."

"It's perfect."

"You're just saying that."

"No," and Kaoru lifted Hikaru's chin softly and looked him right in the eye. "It's the sweetest thing anyone's ever done to me, and it's perfect."

Hikaru sniffed. "I'll just buy you another one."

"No, I want this one. Promise me you'll finish it."

Hikaru looked away.

"Promise me."

"Okay..." he mumbled.

"Good." said Kaoru, and he gave him a kiss.

Christmas morning was quite lovely, because they lay in bed for a long time, cuddling sweetly.

The afternoon was quite lovely because they went out and had lunch together and it was tasty.

The evening was was also quite lovely, because they went ice skating and it was so much fun.

But best of all was when they went back home, and Kaoru sat on the bed, his eyes glowing expectantly. Hikaru rolled his eyes. He opened a drawer reluctantly, and picked up a gift, wrapped in green paper. "Here's your present" he said gruffly, and he shoved it at Kaoru.

Kaoru acted like he was surprised. "You got me a present? I wonder what it could be.", and he opened it in a hurry. Sure enough, he found the scarf, completed this time. He beamed. True, it wasn't the best scarf. It did look a little frumpy. But he loved it more than he loved anything anyone's ever given him, and it was quite beautiful in his eyes. He wound it around his neck, and looked up at Hikaru. "Thank you. I love it!"

Hikaru looked a bit upset.

"Really!" Kaoru, reassured him. He sat beside Kaoru, and looked into his eyes. "Really." said Kaoru again, and this time Hikaru believed him. He smiled. "I wish..." he began, "I wish I could show you how much I really love you."

Kaoru took hold of his hand and said, "You already did..."

That night as they made love, Kaoru's back pressed against the headboard, he wrapped his arms around Hikaru's neck and watched him through his half-lidded eyes. His eyes were closed, and his mouth slightly open. Everytime he made a forward thrust, a moan escaped through his lips, and his face became more flushed.

Kaoru leaned forward and pressed his lips to his parted ones. They kissed messily, their teeth clattering.

"Mn -faster!" Kaoru gasped.

Hikaru quickened his pace. The two of them moaned, and panted, and held each other tightly. Kaoru threw his head back and shut his eyes. His entire body convulsed, and with a loud moan, it was over.

Hikaru rested his damp forehead against Kaoru's neck, and breathed heavily. Kaoru pressed a kiss to his head. He held his hand to Hikaru's chest, and felt his heart thumping wildly against it. "I love you." Hiakru sighed. In that moment, Kaoru truly felt the happiest, and he believed that Hikaru was too. He smiled softly, and whispered that he loved him back.


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