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Summer of Love: Conclusion

Monday, 6:30pm, Namimori

After a sixteen hour flight from Milan to Narita Airport in Tokyo, Hibari and Kusakabe finally made it back to their hometown in a sleek black car with various Foundation members awaiting their return.

Being in a disgruntled state, the Foundation leader only gave them curt nods for greetings and immediately retreated deep into their Namimori residence. Hibari quickly unpacked, showered and prepared for sleep.

Before he could lose himself to unconsciousness, a yellow bird flew inside his quarters, singing his name tentatively. Getting up from his futon, the tired Japanese fed his bird and petted him patiently until the little fluff ball chirped in contentment. Then right on cue, a text appeared on his cell phone from a certain Italian blonde.

"Have you made it back safely? Let me know. I miss you, Kyoya. Sweet dreams, my love!"

An annoyed skylark carelessly texted a short message and sent it away after a frustrated sigh.

"I'm fine. Leave me alone."

Hibari promptly drifted into dreamless sleep, somewhat relieved to be back in his private room with his loyal pet. The last thought on his mind was of a certain Italian boss' sincere proclamation of affection.

Tuesday, 9:00am, The Foundation Headquarters

After a revitalizing night of deep sleep, the skylark woke up and got ready for the day in his usual routines. Trying his best to keep his mind blank, he focused solely on completing the mundane tasks in utmost care.

While having breakfast with Kusakabe, he told the second-in-command of a mandatory meeting for their Foundation at noon and disclosed with him his intentions to improve the organization. Half an hour later, Tetsu left to inform the other members and prepare for their important discussion. Meanwhile, Hibari used the free time to think of possible directions the Foundation could take to expand their sphere of influences.

As the members gathered in the Japanese-style meeting hall, their leaders came in, fully aware of the anticipation and excitement within the room. Giving a brief overview of the big picture, Hibari continued on with the specifics of his plan and assigned new responsibilities to his subordinates. The Foundation would grow into a profitable network of information, underhanded manipulation and illicit trades, expanding from Namimori to Tokyo and possibly Japan.

Satisfied with the first steps, Hibari asked Kusakabe to continue their worldly travel and plan for the upcoming expedition.

At two pm, the proud leader returned to his room, his ambitious mind was thinking of the best way to utilize the Vongola connections. An international network, the resources to fund my ambitions, the Vongola Decimo and his allies should be useful…the Cavallone De...ci...mo…Dino…

Hibari's brow furrowed in slight agitation. Why did I think of him? Is my self-discipline so weak? Then, blue-grey orbs widened in recognition. Subconsciously, he must have noticed the gift the Cavallone gave him before his departure from Milan. On a small table next to his futon, the elegant box seemed to invite his curiosity and beckon his interest.

Hypnotized hands picked it up from the table and unwrapped the cover, tearing at tapes and folds while his rational mind screamed at him to throw the box away and never think of the Cavallone don again.

Tuesday, 3:00pm, The Japanese Garden

Hibari sat down on the threshold between his room and the courtyard garden where the summer sun danced on the serene pond and his water clock filled the silent complex with its timely clicks. Compared to his sparse and neat room, the garden appeared lively and welcoming with its earthy fragrances.

The opened box was laid carelessly among the discarded wrapping papers, to the left of the skylark. In front of him, the gift itself, a violet dress shirt spread out, spilling its silky softness onto the tatami floor. Long fingers ran meticulously on top of the fabric, unused to its delicate smoothness.

His other hand held on to a seemingly insignificant note. Mesmerized eyes read and re-read the unfolded page; its cursive lines almost ingrained into his mind.

"Wear this because you are the ever independent Cloud and remember me. A memento of the happy times we shared under the Italian sky. Ti amo now and forever. Dino Cavallone."

Lifting the violet shirt closer to his face, Hibari breathed in various subtle scents of the Italian countryside. A whiff of sweet lavender, an airy hint of sage and mints, a crisp blend of green grass and playful notes of olive and lemon, altogether they invaded his unprepared nose, dousing his senses with aromatic sparks and burst of unforgettable summer days. Powerful images paralyzed his thoughts. Inadvertently closing his eyes, the skylark found his mind immersed once again in the unassuming beauty of Italian provinces.

While the delightful scents flooded his heart with memories of the cheerful blonde, his right hand unwittingly released the exquisite shirt. And, the Italian finest silk fell from his loose fingers in one fluid-like sensation. So cool and light, seemingly vulnerable to callous touches despite its natural strength.

Unable to suppress his emotions, Hibari escaped the confines of his room and entered the elegant Japanese garden, leaving the gift and all that it entailed behind. Still, in his clenched fist, a piece of supposedly meaningless paper remained.

Exhaling slowly, exposing his neck and facing the clear summer sky, Hibari stood tall in the soothing presence of the garden's lush greens, water flows and avian songs. Somehow, despite these comforts of home, the proud skylark felt it was distant and incomplete. The Japanese sun seemed harsher, the wind less playful, the humid air too plain and restrictive. He missed the uplifting fragrance of the Tuscan meadows, their golden afternoon together and the cool Mediterranean breezes. But, most of all, a certain someone's affectionate smiles.

Still gripping the crumbled note, the Cloud guardian rushed back inside his room with determination gleaming in his blue-grey orbs. Taking one of their cars, the impatient Cloud ordered Kusakabe to take him to an old artist who was well-known for his calligraphy.

At the artist's humble shop below the Namimori Shrine, the aloof guardian commissioned one Kanji character. After inspecting the quality and style of the work carefully, Hibari had the piece of art framed and packaged in a simple box. Intentionally overpaying the esteemed calligrapher, the anxious skylark raced through traffic towards the Vongola base.

Entering the mailroom, Hibari demanded to have the fragile parcel sent as express mail to Italy, using his Vongola guardian's private line. Within 36 hours, the addressee would receive his package intact, or so he was assured.

On the drive back to the Foundation headquarter, Hibari relinquished the wheel to Kusakabe, lost in his own musings. Tensions drained from the vehicle's atmosphere.

I will never say 'I love you' to anyone. Such herbivorous declaration is meaningless. You will have my answer soon enough. I am too selfish to let you go, Dino.

Wednesday, 3:00pm, Italy

A tired young Italian boss was dragging his feet up the staircases leading to his office; his mood was anything but light and youthful, despite the sunny weather in all parts of Milan.

Concerned subordinates could practically see the dark cloud that floated atop their boss' head, positioning themselves in every corner, ready to support the distraught don. Dino was grateful for their worries and sympathies, but after being checked on ten times on his way to the office and answering 'I'm fine' more than twenty times during the day, his men's "maternal instinct" was grating on the blonde's last nerve.

Depositing his exhausted body in his leather chair after a long day of meeting and training, Dino almost cried at the sight of the mountain range of paperworks waiting for him on the massive desk. Slumping in his chair, the don knocked his forehead against the mahogany surface, damaging a majority of his remaining neurons. Before the sulking process began, he reached inside his coat's pocket and placed his pet turtle on the table. Now, Enzio, is a good time for you to show me your usefulness. Eat all these documents for me, will ya?

The persistent cloud did not disperse; instead it expanded and proceeded to rain on Dino's golden mop, lightning and thunder provided free of charge. Closing his eyes, the Italian decided to mope in silence. His trusty pet (read: the rebellious and disobedient bane of his existence) was climbing on top of his messy mane in the meantime. Once there, Enzio nipped and chewed on the blond strands in leisure despite Dino's personal storm raging on his mood.

Dino could not muster an ounce of energy to read any paper at the moment, so he just laid his head down for almost an hour.

Then, there was a loud knocking on his door and voices followed, mentioning something about finishing his paperworks. In return, Dino mumbled an assurance and went back to favoring his well-deserved rest.

The sound of Romario's voice drifted into his ears from a faraway location. Dino opened his drowsy lids and attempted to appear productive. When Romario's hands reached out and placed something on his desk, Dino responded with his Reborn-fearing instincts, pushing his seat back and covering his head. The adrenaline rush brought Dino out of his half-conscious state. Smiling abashedly at the failed attempt to cover his slacking off, Dino took a look at the package in front of him. The simple look turned into intensive staring the moment he saw it was from the lovely Cloud Guardian (read: irritable, aggressive and vicious heart-breaker).

After a long period of staring, Dino carefully opened the small parcel which revealed a Kanji character written in elegant calligraphy with the artist's red seal by the lower right corner. The black ink showed a profound contrast on its pale mulberry paper canvas. The lustrous dark frame and its crystal-clear glass front spoke volume of the giver's simplistic and refined taste.

Sure, the masterful penmanship and aesthetic strokes captured Dino's fancy for a whole ten minutes; but for the life of him, the Cavallone boss could not understand its meaning. Truth be told, both Romario and his young boss had only learned to speak modern Japanese and read the simplified Hiragana scripts. So, pretty much, they were illiterate when it came down to Japanese tradition writings.

After mulling over whether he should call Kyoya for a clarification or not, Dino decided to contact the one person who would answer his question without insulting his intelligence. For all I know, this graceful word might just have spelled rejection in a classy way.

Thus, at five pm Milan time, the Cavallone boss picked up his cell phone and dialed his cute little brother's number, quite convinced of his rationale.

Thursday, 1:00am, Vongola's Japanese Base

A sleeping Tsuna was woken up by the merciless and shrill rings of his phone. Barely functional at this hour, the Vongola's young boss was fully expecting some horrendous news about his famiglia. Before dread could gather in his stomach, the nice Vongola Decimo heard the energetic and excited voice of Dino Cavallone.

"I have a personal and potentially embarrassing question to ask, little brother." A nervous laugh followed.

Tsuna's hyper intuition returned to its slumber, taking with it half of his active neurons and sending two-third of his brain back to its beauty sleep. Tsuna only had enough coherent thoughts to mumble over the phone.

"Huh? Dino-san…hmm"

"Let me describe this kanji character for you. Could you tell me what it means in plain language?"


A long description and overlapping excuses later.

"Ai…It sounds like Ai. It means love, Dino-san…" Tsuna's eye lids began to droop.

Unfortunately for the polite boss, Dino was too excited to notice the difference in time zone and started to babbling on about his happiness and newly revived love-life.

After an hour of Dino's monologues, Tsuna's almost comatose brain sent one final command before shutting off.

"Bye, Dino…z…z…z…"

Wednesday, 6:00pm, Milan

The rejuvenated Italian don ended the call with his 'little brother' without realizing Tsuna's questionable lack of response.

His butterfly-stuffed stomach was doing back-flips at a record breaking rate, a hundred rounds per minute. Twin molten gold pools sparkled with unadulterated joys in the glory of the setting sun while Dino stood in front of his massive window, staring out at the horizon; one hand clutching his cell phone, the other pressing the onyx frame against his racing heart.

The blonde barely noticed Romario's retreating footsteps or the smile on his face as the loyal right hand man left the office. Carefully laying the precious symbol of love down, Dino dialed another number to share his immeasurable happiness while planting a kiss on his moody turtle's head.

Wednesday, 6:10pm, Varia Mansion, Italy

An exasperated Squalo was leaving his boss's office after half an hour of silence (read: throwing multiple glasses of liquor at the shark's head did not constitute a decent human interaction or dialogue).

"If you have nothing to say, why did you summon me? VOI, I'm leaving." If you really want my company, you could at least look happy, damn bastard!

His cell phone rang the moment he stepped into the hallway, moving away from Xanxus' hearing range. Bucking Horse, what kind of timing is this?

"Damn, clumsy horse! Slow down, I can't hear you. Or did that rabid brat finally bit off your tongue?" I'm in no mood for your lame love problems.

"Vooooiiii, what?! The Cloud brat said what?!" I do not believe this crap!!!

An extremely cheerful voice filled the shark in with all the unnecessary details concerning the events of last week.

"Shit, that arrogant brat actually has a heart. So, tell me, Bronco, how did you convince that fighting-obsessed kid?" A genuine curiosity crept into his casual inquiry.

"Huh, a romantic getaway… Gentle approach you said…hmm…interesting" A change in tactic might work on Xanxus, who knows?

"Oh, and the Cloud brat really got jealous in Genoa… And you survived intact. Well, congrats, masochistic horse! You have just achieved the impossible!" The elated Dino could not agree with him fast enough. Squalo could almost picture the damnable horse nodding his head repeatedly and floating around on his cloud of happiness right this moment. Lucky bum, never thought the brat would succumb to the Bronco's persistence and admit his feeling.

Absentmindedly letting the high-on-love don ramble on about his 'beloved Kyoya', Squalo arrived to a sad realization that this turn of event made him the only one unable to either name or solidify his unconventional relationship with an equally difficult Varia boss.

Hanging up after shattering his old friend's eardrums with a loud goodbye, Squalo began to execute his newly formed plan. Xanxus would be his 'someone' soon whether the asshole likes it or not; the shark refused to accept the simple gratification of rough sex as his only just-reward.

Walking back to Xanxus' living quarter, the sword emperor decided to try one of the Cavallone's well-tested tactics (read: Dino tried it with the brat long enough to probably wear him out).

"Xanxus-sama, would you like to do something fun with me? Just the two of us, maybe outside somewhere, huh?" Squalo sauntered slowly (read: the desired effect was supposed to be seductive and sexy), facing Xanxus' glare directly.

"What the f*** is wrong with you, trash? If you want sex, just spit it out! And, forget the shitty exhibitionism, like hell we're f***ing in front of those worthless scums." A surprised and disgusted Varia boss retorted.

Now, that was just another prime example of the Varia's 'lovable' leader (read: abusive, alcoholic and psychotic sociopath). Squalo took a deep breath, wondering why he actually tried to be nice to the insensitive bastard in the first place. It was definitely Dino's department, and only by some miracles from above, it worked on Hibari.

Storming out of the room and leaving a wide-eyed Xanxus behind to register his loss, the proud swordsman moved onto his second fool-proofed plan (read: knowing Dino's nature, Squalo's plan might not end well).

"Lussuria, where are you, weirdo? Vooooiiiii… come here quick!"

As the colorful and enthusiastic Varia's peacock entered Squalo's secret headquarter (actually, it was technically his room with dimmed light and whispering voices), the shark made his proposal and request known to the overly excited Lussuria.

"I need to your help. Spread this rumor for me, understand, and make sure our boss hear it, too"

While gossips were spreading fabricated tales, Squalo took to his second task, convincing Dino to join his plan.

At 1900 hour, Italy, secret hideaway, mission 'making Xanxus jealous" commenced. And, the determined Squalo would not stop until he got what he wanted.

Thursday, 3:00am, Japan, the Foundation Headquarter

Hibari's cell phone disturbed the quiet dark hours with a short tune. Its owner impatiently opened sleepy eyes to read the text.

Kyoya, I got your gift. Words cannot convey how happy I am. I love you, Kyoya. Dino

The sleepy skylark did not bother to hide his true smile. A sudden warmth filled his stomach, radiating to his chest and infiltrating his veins, chasing away the coldness of his empty room.

You have my answer to your herbivorous proclamations. Keep yourself alive or I'll bite you to death.

Sending away the short message, Kyoya felt into sound sleep; all his worries gone. He did not hear the second ring which would bring him another promise when morning came.

I'll arrange to visit Japan as soon as I can. We'll see each other at least once a month, I promise. Love, Dino.

Thursday, 10:00am, Vongola's Japanese Base

For every lucky soul, there were multitudes of unfortunate ones. This morning, case in point was the sweet Vongola Decimo.

After being woken up by Dino's approximately one-hour-long phone call at one in the morning, Tsuna had to get out of bed at 5 am for what Reborn insisted to be 'essential trainings' (according to the Tenth, it was just another scheme to torture him mercilessly). After hours of exercising in wet dews with crickets, Tsuna had been forced to practice Italian in his numb-to-near-death body. Overall, when the nice boss was released from Reborn's insane session, Tsuna saw that it was time to fill out paperworks and sign his life away, oops he meant his documents.

Needless to say, after these torturous hours, Tsuna was in no stable mental state to deal with strange occurrences. Surprises clearly did not do his sleep-deprived mind any favor.

Thus, when a certain Cloud Guardian came into his office, a confident smile tugging at his lips and an unfamiliar happy vibe exuding from his body, the overly stressed Tsuna blurted out the first thing that came to his mouth without consulting with his other sensories and more importantly his brain.

"Mukuro, what kind of SICK joke is this? I am not in the mood for one of your games." An outraged cry from Tsuna.

Instantly, somewhere in a dark, cold, dusty, dirty and ruined hideout, the ever manipulative Mukuro sneezed. Undisturbed, the nefarious Mist guardian explained to his darling Chrome and followers his delight.

"Kufufufu… It seems that Tsuna-kun must have missed me today. I should pay him a visit, should I not Chrome dear? I can renew my offer to possess his cute body and annoy a certain sakura-fearing boy once there, too."

A thrilling sensation went through Hibari's body in a brief second. Seems like I'll be able to bite a certain pineapple head to death soon…

"What are you babbling about, herbivore? I am here to give you the report of that ridiculous mission from last week." Hibari snarled.

Sadly, the fierce Cloud Guardian did not care to understand or sympathize with Tsuna's painful predicament. Tossing the papers at the Tenth's desk, Hibari turned to leave.

At that moment, the confused Tsuna opened his mouth again after rubbing his abused and bagged eyes with his fists. He just found it hard to believe that Hibari-san actually wore a purple shirt underneath his formal suit. After all, they were all favoring the black and white design that started in the ten-year-later Millifiore's Choice Battles.

"No, really! Who are you? And what have you done to Hibari-san?" An uncertain voice asserted insistently.

"Herbivore, do not ruin my good mood! I'll bite you to death." Hibari brandished one of his tonfas before stalking out the doorway.

A genuinely surprised Tsuna was left to wrestle with this strange concept and to wrap his brain around this new version of his carnivorous Cloud Guardian. Reborn, in the meantime, only smirked at his student's expenses.

Hibari-san has a good mood aside from the bloodlust and biting people to death?!!! No, seriously, what is wrong with my head today? On top of this concern, Tsuna's hyper intuitive senses were just tingling awhile ago during their exchange, warning him of soon-to-come sexual harassments, psychological damages and sadistic pineapples. Why me?

Thursday, 10:30am, Vongola's Japanese Base

Since there were no sound of door slamming, agony-filled screams and a tangibly murderous mood from a certain guardian, the Storm and the Rain, who had gotten used to the pleasant absence of Hibari at the base, decided to have another make-out session near the front entrance, next to the grand staircase.

"Hey, baseball idiot! Let's try out the new technique we just saw yesterday."

And, a cheerful Rain guardian complied. They started kissing, Gokudera responded eagerly to his initial contact.

Arcing his lover's body, Yamamoto encircled one arm around Hayato's lower back, another around his head. Strong arms lowered both of their bodies, completing the much-desired dipping position. With their lips constantly connected, their tongues explored and entwined, tasting the other in passionate intimacy. Gokudera had had his back against the staircase; now his upper body facing the ceiling with Takeshi almost on top of him. This dipping position while standing was certainly novel and entertaining. The devoted right hand man gave out moans of carnal pleasures and relaxed his body fully in his idiot's protective embrace.

Unfortunately for them both, Hibari chose that moment of their heated session to descend from the staircase after his meeting. Before the skylark reached the bottom steps, the natural hitman sensed the distinctive aura and cracked open one of his eyes while still moving his lips in sync with Hayato's. Raising his head slightly to stare at Hibari in disbelief, the Rain guardian could not register the words in the Cloud's comment.

"Good move! Not bad for you herbivores." A smirk accompanying the soft whisper as the skylark passed by their position at the bottom of the staircase.

And, the stunned Rain found his arms went slacked. Lips and tongue were no longer bound. The weight in his arms suddenly 'lifted'.

"Ow, what the hell, baseball for brain! What's wrong with you?" An angry Storm stared back at his lover. Just a second ago, he was in eternal bliss. A second later, his butts kissed the marbled floor in a resounding smack. His sore behind successfully knocked him back into reality, warm embrace disappeared and pleasure interrupted.

Finally, getting fed up with Takeshi's muteness, Gokudera rose to his feet and followed the dazed gaze of one gaping Rain. What he saw also stupefied him for a long while; the retreating back of Hibari Kyoya leading to the right wing and no homicidal agitation detected. I'm not admitting the gleeful vibe that surrounds the bastard today. Impossible, right?

Cupping Takeshi's face and shaking it around, Hayato eventually snapped his lover out of his fish-like state.

"What did that bastard say this time?" demanded the Storm.

The once-confused Yamamoto now reverted to his normal cheerful self and quickly reported to his partner the compliment Hibari had just paid them.

"What?!" And, that was all the brilliant Storm could say while his baseball idiot just scratched the back of his head, smiling happily.

Thursday, 10:45am, Tsuna's Office

Bursting through the wooden door, Gokudera and Yamamoto found their beloved friend breathing into a small brown bag. Tsuna evidently was trying to regain his grip on reality after realizing what had just transgressed between him and his abnormally pleasant Cloud (read: slightly more tolerable and capable of expressing more than bloodlust).

"Tenth, did you see what happened to the biting bastard?" An impatient Storm prompted.

Incredulous brown eyes met a pair of emerald orbs while nodding his head at both of his friends.

"Hibari seemed really nice yeah?" The resident airhead commented.

"Baseball idiot, the question is why and who he bit to death without our knowledge." The genius interrupted.

"Did you see his barely concealed smile? I thought it was Mukuro at first, kinda mentioned that to Hibari-san, too." A sheepish admission from the Vongola Decimo.

"Maybe something happened in Italy. Is the Cavallone still alive?" The right-hand man shook off his shudders and the mental image of Mukuro possessing Hibari as well as the bloodfest that would have surely ensued.

Rubbing his head and chin for awhile, Tsuna finally recalled the hazy memory of his conversation (read: endless chatters meet mumbled responses, mostly incoherent) with Dino at 1am.

"Dino asked me the meaning of a Kanji character, Ai, I think." Tsuna explained with a puzzled look. "He sounded quite exuberant after my answer."

At that instant, three light bulbs lit up in the simple office. Okay, one true light bulb appeared on Hayato's head. The one on Tsuna's head was more of a tiny variety, the kind of bulb used for Christmas trees, not so big and bright. The one on Yamamoto's head was a candle, plain and simple. Meanwhile, Reborn lowered his fedora to hide his smile in its shadow.

Storm: So Hibari and Dino worked out their messed-up 'relationship'. That explained the bastard's change in temperament. Quite a piece of work that Cavallone! Turn the feral bastard into the semi-human one of today. Wonder how long it will last.

Sky: Dino-san made Hibari-san really happy. Maybe love??? One thing for sure, this just explained how the ten-year-later version of Dino-san was so good at persuading Hibari-san. Years of practice…

Rain: Awesome, Dino must be really good at cheering people up, such a happy guy…

After allowing them a bit of time to reach their own conclusion regarding these strange events, Reborn voiced his own observation.

"Has any of you seen the shirt Hibari wore today?"

Tsuna and his Rain nodded in uncertainty while the Storm narrowed his sea-green eyes.

"Nice shirt, right. I didn't know Hibari likes the color purple, ha ha…"

"It's about time you guys took on your roles seriously, establishing your reputation within the Mafia and forming your signature set of characteristics starting with your appearances." Reborn elaborated in solemnity.

"So, we will provide Gokudera-kun with red shirts, Yamamoto-kun with blue ones, orange for me, yellow for nii-san, green for Lambo, indigo for Mukuro and Chrome and lastly violet for Hibari-san, right?" The twenty-one-year-old boss looked to Reborn for approval.

"It seems that Hibari already has his own supply of Italian silk shirts." A smirk appeared on Reborn's face.

Just then, the group heard thundering footsteps approaching the office and the abused door yielded under the force of their Sun Guardian.

"Nii-san!" Tsuna greeted in surprise, but nothing compared to what Ryohei proclaimed next.

"Sawada, guess who I extremely saw on my way here. HIBARI EXTREMELY GOT LAID!!!"

And the whole base trembled under the Sun's earth-shattering vocalization which ensured a hundred percent of the occupants at the Vongola base heard every single syllable of his declaration.

Two pairs of extremely worried eyes darted around as if scanning for an escape route. A fraction of a second after Ryohei's statement of truth, the Sky, Storm and Rain noticed the light knocking on the door had immediately stopped and the door knob suddenly rattled.

The sense of impending doom was palpable to all who did not have an unhealthy (read: insane) obsession with a sport (i.e. baseball or boxing). Although Ryohei practically summed up what happened to Hibari's mood effectively and accurately (fatally so), no one who had a drop of primal survival instinct would go and declare that truth to the world at the top of his lungs, especially when Hibari was still lurking around somewhere.

Immediately, Tsuna slipped down from his chair and used his huge desk as the first line of defense. Once in his refuge, Tsuna was prepared for the screeching of hedgehogs and purple needle spheres that would surely give his body multiple unwanted piercings, tenderize his bones and perforate his meat. Imagining the preparation of one Tsuna-katsu, the beloved Decimo swallowed a gulp of air, one Hyper-Dying-Will pill ready in one hand, his Vongola Box in the other.

At the same instant, Gokudera tackled Takeshi down onto the carpeted floor with the Storm on top of Rain, muttering rapidly about protecting his baseball idiot with his own body, not allowing Hibari to make them his pin-cushion and being more experienced than the swordsman with explosives of all kinds including furious Cloud flame explosions.

In the midst of chaos and anticipation, the Sun guardian stood tall in dignity, no scratch that, in mild confusion and profoundly blissful ignorance. Their resident straight guy (confirmed and certified by Hana) just did not seem to possess a very good sense of self-preservation and understanding of his reproductive fitness.

Forty seconds went by, no angry flame, no propagating hedgehogs and most importantly no foaming-at-the-mouth carnivorous Cloud Guardian desecrated their premises.

"Uh…I guess I won't be reporting that statement to Kyo-san…"

Slowly, the sweet Tenth removed his arms from his head and took a peek over his desk while his right-hand man and naturally born hitman were dusting themselves off (read: Hayato was cursing in multiple languages and Takeshi secured him in a tight and happy embrace).

Kusakabe had just recovered from the sight that greeted him when he first opened the Vongola Decimo's office door. Lowering a wooden box down on the floor, he offered an explanation.

"We bought you and the Guardians each a bottle of Chianti Classico. Kyo-san was gracious enough to reimburse me for these purchases along with a bottle for myself this morning. So, pick one and enjoy!"

A shocked Tsuna left his desk to fully stare at the bottles while his Guardians crowded around the gift. Only Yamamoto was in the right state of mind to say 'thank you' before Kusakabe left.

Ryohei grabbed one of the bottles and loudly announced his departure.

"See ya, guys. I'll go find my drinking buddy to congratulate his sexual exploits and share the good news." The Sun Guardian eagerly exited, waving his bottle in excitement.

Unable to stop him, Tsuna, who was absolutely drained by today's wonderful adventures (read: flirting with Death), looked up at the ceiling and released a relief sigh. Wait, Hibari-san just gave us souvenirs. The world is going to meet its fiery end soon…

Tsuna promptly hit the floor, trying to escape reality and its stress-inducing accomplices.

However, during his fall into the welcoming embrace of sweet oblivion, Tsuna encountered the Vongola Primo who, in his infinite wisdom, told him to get himself and his guardians checked in with a mental hospital in order to receive professional help for their countless psychological issues.


"Tsuna! Oh well, let him rest!" Then, the brilliant swordsman continued.

"You know, maybe next time we could send Mukuro to Dino for a vacation. Dino is really good at…" a grinning Rain suggested.

"Hayato, are you choking on something? Are you sick?"

Gagging and throwing up sounds resonated throughout the office. And Tsuna silently wished that he never had to leave his unconscious state.


The outcome of Ryohei and Hibari's drinking party that night shall be left to everyone's imagination due to its graphic and violent nature.

Hibari realized that his good mood could never last long with these herbivores.

Tsuna and his guardians learned that the best cure for Hibari's PMS-like symptoms (and his destructive tendencies) would always be Dino Cavallone.

Everyone came to know that the Cavallone boss was always happy to visit Hibari anywhere/ anytime or receive his lover at his estate any day.

And, they all lived happily aver after… or so Dino dreamed…

Sunny Sky. Lazy Cloud. Brilliant Smiles. Generous Hearts. This is Love.