Finally on with the story . . .

Previously: Amelie was going to die.

Chapter 20

"Now look what you've done" Shane exclaimed as he quickly grabbed Claire around the

waist. Claire had just gotten out of the hospital a week ago; although the doctors believed that

she could never walk again they were wrong. Claire was just on crutches and in three more

weeks she could dispose of those crutches and move freely around on her own two feet.

"I told you I wouldn't be able to make dinner while I was on crutches!" Claire said,

laughing down at the mess she made. Claire and Shane (who unfortunately for his part walked in

right when it spilled) were covered head to toe in Shane's "famous" chili. He had asked Claire if

she could stir the chili until he got back. Sadly Claire's crutches had slipped and while trying to

regain her balance she had grabbed on to the chili bowl and it came toppling down with her.

Luckily, well for Claire, Shane had just walked into the room and seeing her fall he swiftly

grabbed Claire around the waist before she hurt herself more.

"My chili" Shane mumbled under his breath, he looked up to the ceiling like the Chili

Gods were going to come down and punish him for it being ruined. Shane looked back down at

Claire a smile on his face, "well at least something looks delicious" he bent down and licked her


Claire squealed and playfully swatted at him. She picked up a hunk of chili off the stove

top and smashed it into his face.

Shane wiped away the chili with his hand then shoved it into his mouth; he chewed it

nodding his head and then stated"it's on." Shane grabbed chili off the floor and threw it at her; it

landed on her white shirt. Claire then grabbed a bucket and started to fill it up with chili. While

Shane was bending down to grab more chili off the floor she dumped it all over his hair.

Shane's hands touched his head; he couldn't find anyplace that wasn't covered with it. He looked

over at Claire who had a sheepish grin on her face. Shane shakes his head sending chili flying all

over the place.

"Hey CB I'm driving over to Common grounds and want-" Eve cut short when a hunk of

chili splattered on her face. She slowly wiped it off looking straight into Shane's eyes "Ohh its

war now Collins!"

Claire sided with Eve and a full blown chili war erupted. Michael walked in right when

chili was thrown towards the door and landed on his pants. He looked up a small smile on his

face before he grabbed the spreadable cheese off the counter and squirted it at Eve and Claire. He

quickly ducked around the falling table where Shane was currently located.

"What's the plan" he questioned

"Don't lose" Shane replied quickly standing up and nailing Eve in the head with cooked

meat that hadn't made it into the chili, then swiftly dropped back down when dinner rolls came

his way.

The war lasted a good half hour. When it was over you wouldn't be able to identify

the people in the room.

Oliver sat in his black leather chair at his desk and gave and aggravated sigh. He didn't

know what to do anymore. He couldn't figure out how his plan should go. He really thought that

Amelie would fall apart if Claire died. There is that word again if, he hated it. Ifs have ruined his

many attempts at become ruler of Morganville. He wanted his plan to be set in stone, nothing

could break it. No ifs are buts or any of that nonsense. He wants something that would be fool

proof. And maybe just maybe he had the perfect plan for that. Killing Amelie. The only problem

is she is so heavily guarded and although she doesn't look like it she is quite a good fighter.

He sighed again leaning back into his chair. A small tentative knock came at the door.

"What" he said his eyes blazing from someone disturbing his peace

One of his employees head burst through the door "Some one is hear for you" he said

pushing the door more open to show a laid back Jason.

Jason stepped into the room and plopped down on one of Oliver's chairs facing his desk.

His employ closed the door and walked away.

Suddenly a plan formed in his head involving him getting what was rightfully his. Get

Jason as a distraction, sneak up behind Amelie, and kill her with one swift movement of the


"Jason" Oliver questioned "How would you like to help me in something . . .


Jason leaned forward an evil twinkle in his eyes, "What ya want me to do?"

The End

Yes this is the ending of the story. Sorry it toke me so long to get up but, I had a lot on my mind. ANY WAY I know some of you out there might be disappointed that I am ending it here but. . If you want me to (which I will gladly do) I will start a sequel sometime in September. And another thing you might want to know is I am going to try to write a story for the Outsiders (I don't even know if I will). JUST REMEMBER TO REVIEW!