This is set during Season 5 when Pam is away at art school in New York.

None of the stuff mentioned in these letters actually happened on the show though. I wanted to be creative. :3

I don't own The Office.

Dear Pam,

I can't believe you've only been in New York for a day (of course, by the time you get this, it'll probably already be about three days. You just had to insist on sending each other letters, didn't you, Beesly?), and I'm already missing you like crazy. Does that make me sound totally and completely pathetic? Well, either way, I don't care. I miss you. Hope you're doing well (even though I know you are.)

As for me, work hasn't been too exciting since you left. Today, Dwight tried to convince Michael that we should all practice an emergency 'electric fire drill'. Now, I know what you're thinking, wouldn't that be the exact same thing as a normal fire drill? Well, as it turns out, Pam, it's not. At all, apparently. In fact, when I asked Dwight what the difference was, he started yelling at me and saying stuff like, "Are you an idiot, Jim? That's like asking what's the difference between an American Black Bear and a Grizzly Bear. It's common knowledge!" And, of course, I felt so stupid for not realizing that in the first place. I mean, wow. He's so right.

...You definitely smiled when you read that, didn't you? I bet you did. Don't even try lying to me. I could just see the look on your face while you're reading this (which I realize makes me sound even creepier, but I honestly don't care.)

Anyway, I hope you're being careful out there, Beesly. The city can be pretty dangerous, as I'm sure you already know. I wouldn't want a bear sneaking up on you in the middle of the night.

Or an electric fire, for that matter.

Miss you,


That's all for now. I know it was short, but there will be more.

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