A collection of NeuroxYako short stories.

Kanae is suspicious about Neuro...


Case 01: Imagination

"Your assistant is strange," Kanae commented as she and Yako walked down the street.

"Strange, how?" Yako knew of many ways in which Neuro was strange, but she had to ask about the specific thing Kanae had noticed.

"In a lot of ways..." that wasn't very specific. "It's like he's not human, almost as if he's from another planet."

Yako laughed nervously, "Neuro, an alien?" She imagined Neuro taking her away to far off planet where she would discover that he was the run away royal prince, who finally decided to return home. Then she would be the guest of honor in the palace and the royal chefs would cook a delicious banquet for her.

"Yako, you're drooling!"

Yako jumped out of her daydream and wiped away the drool. "Sorry, I was distracted!"

Kanae shook her head, "anyway," she returned to the previous topic. "I still say Neuro is strange and the other day when he smiled, or more like smirked, his teeth looked so pointy, as if he was a vampire or something."

"But he can go out in the sunlight," once again Yako laughed nervously and her imagination took flight. Neuro would reveal that mysteries alone couldn't keep him satisfied, he needed to eat, but he also needed to drink. He would bite her neck and she would struggle to get loose, but he would hold her tight, their bodies pressed against each other and she would stop resisting. He would lick the wound on her neck and drink her blood...

"Watch out!" Kanae pulled Yako back. "You almost walked into a pole. What kind of daydream are you having? Your face is bright red."

Yako hurriedly shook her not, "I'm not; I wasn't! It's nothing..."

Kanae gave her friend a knowing smile, "I get it, that entire thing about Neuro being your assistant is just a cover up."

Yako gasped, "it's the truth!"

"I know it's not, I can tell, it's as clear as day!" Kanae grinned, "Neuro is your boyfriend."

Yako was rendered speechless, her wild imagination once again taking control.

End of Case 01

Disclaimer, I don't own Majin Tantei Nogami Neuro. I'll ocassionally add more stories to this collection. :) Don't worry, I won't stop updating "A Push in the Right Direction" I have it all planned out to the end. :D

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