(Yako gives Neuro a valentine's day gift.)

Case 15: Valentine Gift

"Happy Valentine's Day!" It wouldn't be the first time Yako tried to give Neuro a Valentine's Day gift. She liked to hand out those silly little heart shaped cards to all her friends, though his gift was always different.

The past year, Yako had mustered all her willpower to give Neuro chocolate, though the real gift as far as he was concerned was showing she had evolved just enough to have the determination not to eat it without having a total nervous breakdown, even if she was still very tempted.

Neuro had thrown those chocolates out the window, much to Yako's sorrow, if Neuro didn't want them, and she secretly hoped he didn't, she was planning to eat them herself.

Neuro could tell the box wrapped in shiny red paper, which Yako had placed on Troy's polished surface, was not a box of chocolates, their distinct aroma was not present, though there was another even better scent coming from the box: the fragrance of mystery. Curious, Neuro ripped off the paper, making it into a ball in his hand, which he threw at Yako's face. Lucky for her, the light paper ball bounced off her nose harmlessly.

Beyond the shiny red wrapping there was a plain white box, with little red hearts, doodles in red ink and a short message from Yako written on the cover. Neuro didn't bother to read it, instead taking the lid and throwing it at Yako's face, albeit this time she was ready and caught it.

Inside the box there were a multitude of tiny colorful puzzle pieces, there must have been about ten thousand pieces and the strangest thing about them was that they were not flat. Unlike the regular cardboard puzzle pieces Neuro had seen before, these were thick, made of plastic and oddly shaped. It would be next to impossible for a normal human to put together this mysterious 3D puzzle without a clue about what it was supposed to look like.

The pictures on the strangely shaped pieces didn't seem to make a lot of sense with they're random colors, though dark lines stood out in some of them, hinting that there was a secret message spelled on them that would be revealed when the unknown 3D figure was built. Maybe it was a riddle; that would certainly be the icing on the cake, as Yako would say. "You are a brainless slave with your stupid meaningless holidays; they're a waste of time."

Yako smiled, catching the slight grin on Neuro's face which he did not, or maybe could not hide. She watched in satisfaction as he began to build the puzzle, savoring the process. She had it specially made out of the most random 3D figure they could make, with the drawings on it made from a picture Yako herself doodled, along with a riddle written on it. "Two words to say, two clues for each, guess it today, a goal to reach, today's celebration, the best sensation, my inspiration and fascination..."

End of Case 15

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