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It had been a really agitated night at the beautiful island city of Altomare. Usually this city was really peaceful, calm nights and passive days, with people going here and there. Mostly unaware of that two legendary pokemon kept the city safe. They all knew that they lived and existed inside the city, but since almost no one had ever seen one of them, most people believed of them as legends. But Latias and Latios, known and the guardians of Altomare really lived in the city and tonight was simply not their night.

First two Team Rocket agents had somehow found their way to the Secret Garden, kidnapped Latios and stole the Soul Dew, A very powerful and beautiful spherical jewel that was in reality the very heart of Altomare, what kept the city alive by giving it the constant supply of water and also contained the soul of the first Latios, father of the two current guardian twins. And then used both captures to power the DMA, which was Altomare's greatest weapon.

Now, thanks to Ash and Latias the defense mechanism has been stopped by removing Latios from it, who felt greatly relieved to be out of that accursed machine, but things just got worse.

Now there is a gigantic tsunami headed towards Altomare. And everyone felt completely helpless to do anything against it.

Well everyone besides the two eon dragons that were currently flying toward the gigantic wave at high speeds, ignoring the cries of worry and concern from both Ash and Bianca. As they were nearing the large structure of water, they begun to draw as much as their power as they could, which was a lot, they didn't grow up to be the guardians of Altomate just because they were cute after all.

Latias and Latios were drawing so much of their power that they began to glow completely, until both of them got covered in a very brilliant white light that pierced the darkness of the night, and would soon also pierce that hateful wave.

There was a thunderous clash as the energy sphere crashed against the wave, then expanding until splitting the wave and letting it collapse. After that the water returned to the city in a more relaxed manner, it still flooded a few sidewalks but still it was better then the tsunami itself. However everyone had a different thought in mind concerning their fellow guardian friends. 'Where are they?'

Latias was feeling dizzy, very dizzy. Well that might be an understatement if you just crashed with a tsunami head on with your brother while trying to save a city from a very horrible end.

Latias slowly opened her amber-colored eyes, and squinted them a little to adjust to the light she was surrounded in. 'Where am I?' she idly wondered to herself as memories of what she had just done returned to her. Turning her head slightly she saw her brother while sighing in relief, only to gasp loudly at his condition. Latios was completely transparent, and was slowly losing what little light he had left, and was just hovering a few feet away from her. She felt her eyes tear up as she realized what was happening, her beloved brother was about to die, and become the new Soul Dew.

"Brother," Latias sobbed, even if her voice was a high-pitched squeak. "Why did you do it?"

Knowing what she was referring to Latios replied in a very gentle and loving tone. "Because since I was already weakened from the energy I lost to the DMA, for us to reach the power needed to stop the wave one of us had to do it, besides father's soul separated from the Soul Dew and there has to be a Soul Dew or else Altomare will die even with the wave stopped."

Latias felt her heart tearing with the simple thought of losing the last family she had left. "But brother, what will I do? I can't keep on without you, I don't want to be alone, there has to be another way!" She felt herself becoming more desperate by the minute.

Latios slowly shook his head. "I am slowly losing what little life I have left, it's over for me."

Suddenly Latias got an idea, one that could save her brother from becoming the new Soul Dew and herself from the loneliness that will surely follow this event.

"What about father's soul? Can it be restored to the soul dew?" She asked him with a light of hope in her amber eyes.

Latios thought for a moment before responding to her. "Well… Yes, but you are too young and inexperienced to restore the Soul Dew, I could do it but as you see I only have a few minutes left in this world," he lamented. She had a really great idea but it was flawed, but to Latios' luck there was more.

"What if someone were to give you part of their soul to keep yours from dying? I know I can't do it because we are related by blood, but what if someone else was to do it?" She paused to let that sink in and to gather her thoughts better before continuing. "Since you are a legendary pokemon your soul with heal itself completely in time, that way you can be stopped from dying and gain time to restore the Soul Dew before Altomare gets in danger again," Latias finished with hope.

Latios' jaw dropped slightly in pure surprise, he knew this of course since he was a bit older and wiser but he was surprised that Latias knew this. 'And I thought she didn't pay attention when I explained to her about this, but she's forgetting a very important part'.

"Latias remember that whoever does this will probably die because they aren't legendaries, their souls will not heal and will most likely die." Latios said somberly.

Latias' eyes widened with dread. She didn't know if she would be capable of taking another's life just so her brother could live, it was just wrong. "Can it be avoided?" Latias just felt that there had to be a way, she was not going to give up on her brother so easily.

"Depends," was Latios' calm reply.

"On what?" Latias asked confused.

"On that I am able to do… something," Latios was thinking how to avoid it, he had little difficulties, he didn't know if he would be able to do the exchange correctly so that both lived. It was a risk, a high one at that. Suddenly Latios winced as he felt his very life leaving him.

"Brother!" A very worried Latias called.

"My time is almost over," Latios grunted tiredly.

Latias began frantically thinking of someone who would take the risk of saving Latios' dying soul, at the risk of getting killed, she felt horrible at the idea of it but she trusted that her brother would do something so that they also lived. She remembered someone who would do it as a mental image of Ash popped on her mind. "I know who, but how do I get out of here?" She asked Latios.

"I will teleport you to them, just touch who you chose and he or she will be immediately dragged here where I can try to save myself, but hurry I have a little more than two minutes before I am lost," Latios urged her.

Latios' form started to shine brighter as he used the power that was currently around him to teleport Latias. Normally a Latios would not be able to use teleport as that move is more reserved to pure Psychic-types, and he was a Dragon and Psychic-type but since he was currently just a soul he could channel the power much easier to do it and in a small barely noticeable flash of light Latias was gone. 'Hurry my dear sister, and thanks for this,' Latios thought.

Everyone sighed in relief as the water returned to the city, and were mesmerized by the large column of light that was visible in the distance.

"What is that?" A very amazed Ash asked.

Lorenzo frowned. "I don't know, my guess is that it is the remnants Latias' and Latios' power."

"They must be quite powerful to be able to produce that much visible power," An awestruck Brock noted.

"Well Latias and Latios are very strong and powerful, they just don't show it much because of the little training the have, they seem to act more on instinct, but Latios is the stronger and more experienced of the two," Lorenzo helpfully enlightened everyone.

"And what happened to them now? Are The-" Bianca was interrupted as in a poof of light Latias suddenly appeared in front on Ash, clearly surprising everyone.

"Come with me," Latias urged, but to Ash it just sounded as a squeak. But Pikachu's eyes widened while wondering why Latias would want that. He was just about to ask her that when Latias used a small psychic attack to forcefully push Pikachu from Ash's shoulder sending the poor yellow mouse flying a couple of meters. "Sorry," She apologized.

Everyone gasped at what Latias just did to Pikachu, but Latias wasted no time as she shot her claws fast grasping a very startled and confused Ash from the arms. The second she touched Ash both were surrounded by a brilliant light and were gone in a flash.

It had been no more than a few seconds since he teleported his sister to find someone that she returned with Ash to the light column that was standing above the ocean waves. Latios sighed. 'I knew she was gonna choose him.'

Ash looked around and gasped when he saw Latios. "La-Latios, what's going on?"

However Latias beat Latios into answering Ash. "Listen Ash my brother is dying and we need your help to save him, but also if you agree there is a chance that you could die too," Latias finished in a somber tone, clearly saddened by that.

Ash's eyes widened. "Ho-How can I understand you?"

Latias blinked. Latios simply decided to clear things up a little. "Since we are surrounded by our own power, our words are clearer to you but that's not important for now."

Latias nodded. "What do we need to do to save you, bro?"

Latios' transparent form turned to look at Ash. "Do you agree with this? Remember the risk Latias already clarified to you."

Ash thought for a moment before answering. "Sure Latios, I'd hate to see such a beautiful bond between two siblings be broken."

A small tear rolled down Latias' cheek. "Ash, thank you so much!" she cooed while hugging him. Latios smiled at the scene before he winced again, this time harder while panting a little. Latias gasped while parting from Ash "Let's get started quickly before we are too late!" she exclaimed.

Latios nodded. "Ok both, to start Ash and I need to be united by a common link, Latias you will be that link". However Latias just looked confused. Latios groaned slightly, "Just touch one of my claws and one of Ash's hands."

Latios than moved one of his forearms, holding it in front of Latias. She complied joining claws with her brother and offering the other to Ash. Even if he was still not sure about this he touched her claw with his hand.

'I hope everything turns out Okay,' Ash was thinking to himself when Latios reassured him. "Don't worry Ash, I'll make sure you come out Okay".

Ash's eyes widened. 'How did he… I remember he's psychic.' Latios chuckled.

"Ash don't let go of Latias," Latios advised. "Let's start!"

Latios began gathering what little power he had around him and started the process. Both Ash and Latios were covered in a mystical glow, however Ash had a clearly stronger glow. As the seconds passed, Ash's glow begun getting weaker and Latios stronger while seemingly passing through Latias, she felt quite funny and tingly.

And after a few moments Ash passed out, Latias looked worried at him but didn't move as Latios' instructions and besides, she trusted her brother. After almost a minute Ash's glow was very dim, but other ways looking fine, much to Latias' relief, Latios' form started losing it's transparent state and was slowly starting to look more solid, almost like Ash and Latias.

Another minute passed and Latios looked fine, just like Ash and Latias looked, completely solid and lively, without warning a small pulse in the form of a small ball of bluish light shot from Latios' claw and trespassed through Latias all the way into Ash.

Latias' gasp of surprise caused her to accidentally release Latios, she looked very worried about that but Latios smiled to her. "It's done my dear sis, I'm alive and okay, but I'm still weak, my soul needs to still heal."

"What was that?" Latias asked, referring to the ball of bluish energy that dissipated inside Ash.

"That was a small part of my own soul, since Ash's would not heal as he is just a human, that small power will fuse in him and make sure his soul recovers, meaning that he'll live," Latios answered his sister with a very gentle voice.

Latias nodded when suddenly the entire tower of light they were in started to fade and actually absorb into Latios mostly, while a little part of it into both Ash and Latias. Latios looked a little confused at that, he guessed that is was his powers returning to him.

Slowly Latios hovered under Ash placing him in his back since Latias was a little small to carry him yet. Latios felt quite weak but know there was still a very important thing to be done. He still needed to restore the soul dew. It was still night, about four in the morning Latios guessed, and he was always accurate when he guessed at the time.

With that Latios quickly remembered that what little was left of the Soul Dew was still in the main room of the museum. "Let's hurry sis, I may pass out from tiredness any second and we need to get Ash back to a bed to rest, he's alive but barely and we still need to restore father's soul back to the Soul Dew, before he completely leaves this plane of existence." Latios urged.

Latias nodded and both took off to the island and quick speeds with Latias easily taking the lead as Latios wasn't in his best shape, but knowing her task she flew as fast as she could, needing to gather the remains of the Soul Dew for Latios to simply restore it.

Still standing in front of the entrance of the museum were Bianca, Lorenzo, Misty, Brock and Pikachu, and they were very confused, at least after a small check up on Pikachu Brock noted that he had not been hurt at all by Latias' attack, she did it just to push him of, and then took Ash somewhere.

But Lorenzo had a small idea of what was probably happening. 'Latios is probably in grave danger as we need a new Soul Dew,' He was hoping that everything fine.

"Let's go get a gondola and go to where the pillar of light faded since maybe Ash, Latias and Latios are there," Lorenzo suggested. That was when Lorenzo noticed a red blur coming to them at high speeds.

"Latias?" Bianca started while squinting her eyes a little to see better, but it was still very dark as it was very early in the morning. Latias slowed down at the entrance as to not scare the group as she headed toward the DMA.

Pikachu's cheeks sparked in anger of what Latias did a few minutes back. "What did you do to Ash?" He asked her, but as always it just sounded as him saying his name a lot of times.

Latias replied with a series of coos and squeaks. "He's fine, but I have other things to do and fast."

Pikachu's cheeks stopped sparking in confusion as Latias turned her back to him and headed to the DMA, everyone followed her and they had a lot of questions, but they decided not to ask as they knew that they would not understand her.

Latias neared the remains of the old Soul Dew that rested at the foot of the DMA, using her psychic abilities, which she always had trouble with in the past but now noticed that she could use them a bit easier, she gathered the remains of the Soul Dew once again, forming a perfect sphere but it was still severely cracked, Latias' eyes glowed a bright bluish-white tone as both her and the damaged Soul Dew where surrounded by a soft light, which turned stronger at the Soul Dew, there was a low humming sound as both stopped glowing and the Soul Dew hovered and proceeded to rest gently at her claws. While everyone's eyes widened at what happened.

"S-She rebuilt the Soul Dew," Bianca was simply awestruck.

"But still something is different about it," Misty observed.

Lorenzo frowned. "It has no live in it, it's just the jewel, there's no light coming from it."

A pant broke their attention from Latias and they gasped, Latios was hovering slightly beside them with an unconscious Ash on his back, and was looking very tired.

"What happened to him?" A very worried Brock asked. But the next thing surprised him even more.

"He saved my live, he's lights out from the effort, that's all," Latios' voice sounded in their minds.

"Telepathy," muttered Misty. "When did you learn that?" an amazed Misty continued.

"I'll explain later, I need to finish something and fast," He mentally replied to everyone while glancing at the Soul Dew which was currently in Latias' claws. Latios hovered lower and nodded to Misty and Brock, getting the hint, they took the unconscious Ash from his back and gently placed him of the floor, slightly leaning him against a wall for support.

Latios touched the Soul Dew while Latias was just holding on to it. Latios' eyes began to shine a very bright shade of white as he concentrated on searching for his fathers' soul, which must still be nearby since it had just been a few minutes since his release.

Latios took a few minutes before he found it, using more of his power he began shinning brighter and along with the Soul Dew there was a bright burst of light that temporarily blinded everyone, as the light receded, everyone looked at Latias and Latios, who where smiling happily. "It's done, everything is back to normal," Latios told everyone with his new-found telepathy. But to everyone's shock, he fell to the ground also unconscious. Everyone watched in awe as the Soul Dew begun to slowly recover it's live, once again it was shinning as it should be.

"Okay… What happened?" Bianca asked.

Latias was just about to start explaining when she remembered that she didn't posses telepathy, and that they couldn't understand her poke-speech, so she just sighed. She guessed it took a near death experience to learn that, she mentally laughed at her own thought.

"Well have to wait for Latios or Ash to wake up to know what happened, that or get Latias a paper and a pen," Lorenzo suggested with a small hint of humor on the writing part. Latias just giggled.

"But we better get the Soul Dew back to it's rightful place in the Secret Garden, we don't want it to die again after Latias' and Latios' effort to revive it," Bianca said with a small sigh before continuing. "And get Latios out of public view as well," She finished. Latias hovered and handed the Soul Dew to Bianca who took it with great care.

Bianca smiled. "I'll take the Soul Dew back to the garden, the rest, get Latios and Ash back to mine and Lorenzo's house."

"I'll go with you," Misty offered as she and Bianca went running to the garden, wanting to get there fast.

Once both girls were out of view Lorenzo sighed. "How are we gonna move a 300 pound dragon again?"

"Use a gondola maybe?" Brock suggested. "It'll be in plain sight and we don't want anyone who happens to be an early bird to see him," Lorenzo noted.

"Let's use a bed sheet," Brock suggested, it was a dumb thing but at least no one would see Latios.

"I'll go and get it along with the gondola, you two take care of Latios and Ash," Lorenzo motioned Latias and Brock as he took off running for his workshop.

Latias looked at the two with a sweatdrop. 'A bed Sheet… can't they be more creative?'

Bianca and Misty arrived at the garden after a few minutes of marathon-like running, both panting.

Misty followed Bianca to the central pool-like pedestal as Bianca gently set the Jewel on it, a few seconds later the jewel shined in a very beautiful light, as bubbles started appearing in the water and the tubes that were connected to the pedestal started to revive as drops of water started to fall from them, then more water until there was a steady stream of it.

Bianca smiled. "Altomare is Okay at last," She paused. "Let's go to my house, Lorenzo is probably there by now."

Misty and Bianca walked back to Bianca's house, but at a more sedate pace since they were quite tired from all that running.

When Misty and Bianca arrived to the front of her house they saw a gondola on the nearest canal with what seemed to be a bed sheet on top, the gondola was currently empty.

They sweatdropped. 'Don't tell me…?' Bianca thought.

As Bianca and Misty entered they saw Brock and Lorenzo chatting together, while drinking some tea, they turned to them. "I take it the Soul Dew is back in place?" Lorenzo asked kindly.

"Yes," Bianca answered.

Lorenzo nodded. "I have to go back to the museum, it will open soon and I need to check on the DMA, and to make sure those despicable Team Rocket thieves are arrested."

"Okay, I'll stay to check on Latios and Ash, where are they by the way?" Bianca asked while seemingly looking around. "Upstairs is the visitor's bedroom," Lorenzo replied.

"How did you fit Latios pass the door, or carry him upstairs for the matter," Misty asked in mild curiosity, since Latios was quite heavy and large.

Both Lorenzo and Brock paled. "Don't remind us," They muttered in unison. With that said Lorenzo shared his good-byes as he took off to the museum leaving Ash and Latios to Bianca's care.

Brock offered some tea to Misty and Bianca, Misty accepted but Bianca decided to go upstairs to check on Latios, she was still worried about him.

As she stood outside the door of the 'visitors room' Bianca opened the door slightly and peeked in, only to smile at the sight.

The room had two beds each one across each other at different ends of the room with a some furniture separating the beds, on the left bed was a still asleep Latios, while on the other was the also asleep Ash, with Latias curled up sleeping beside him while her arms where hugging him by the torso, Pikachu was also asleep at beside the pillow where Ash's head was. 'They must be tired after this days events, I hope Latios wakes up soon so he can explain what happened.'

Not wanting to disturb their sleep further, she just closed the door silently and headed back down stairs to rejoin the two former gym leaders with a small smile on her face.

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