Hello, everyone! I am back! Yeah, this is not an actual chapter. I am mainly using this to speak out to all my existing readers and potential new ones about some stuff.

The big news that I want to inform everyone is… THE REWRITTEN CHAPTERS ARE UP!

As a LOT of you noticed, a few months back I took down the first five chapters of "A New Chance At Life", along with Chapter 24. The reason I did that was because I had already been rewriting them for a while. And, since the time to post them had been nearing, I decided to take them down. Now, they are up!

All in all, the 7 rewritten chapters (I ended up heavily editing/almost rewriting Chapter 6 as well), are a vast quality increase when compared to the original versions. All chapters weren't just edited or altered, I COMPLETELY scrapped the original and rewrote them from scratch. Yes, they follow the same storyline as the originals, but, they now do so in a much better and detailed way. Scenes are rewritten to be much better than the originals, and a LOT of scenes have been added to complement the initial plot of the story and increase the content and attractiveness of the chapters. I promise you, all in all, these chapters represent entire new reads.

To give you all an idea of how vast the quality and content increase was, here are the numbers. The original versions of Chapters 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 24 of "A New Chance At Life" totaled up to approximately 35,000 words. The new versions of these chapters total up to nearly TRIPLE of that, nearing 90,000 words! The content increase is huge!

I do want to warn, though. The main, big edits are done. However, I still feel there are little bits that need to be re-touched all across "A New Chance At Life" that I will be getting to soon. Instead of doing big pauses on updating to do them, I'll simply do them gradually while I am steadily updating "A New Chance For Adventure" as well. If you see things that are off in "A New Chance At Life", don't worry, odds are that's already on my to-do list for it.

You can easily identify if I've gone over a Chapter or not because, from now, I've decided to start adding a "Last Revision" tag to all my edited chapters. This will let me keep track of when the last time the chapter has been edited was. If you see a chapter not have this "Last Revision" tag, it means it's still the original version I published. If it has a tag, it's a new version.


On other stuff, I really want to apologize to my readers for taking so long to update. I originally wanted to post these rewrites over a year ago, but, sadly, real life got in the way. 2015 was, in general, a very bad and disastrous year for me on a personal level. I don't want to sound like I'm complaining and don't particularly want to talk everything out in public, but, all in all, last year was just bad. Just to give you all an idea on one of the many things I had trouble with, I got heavily sick with Dengue Fever… TWICE. That's a really annoying and debilitating disease I had to deal on two different occasions.

But, anyway, that on top of that all of my other problems in general just heavily hindered my ability to write, as my motivation was simply nonexistent for most of the year. Thankfully, things are starting to clear up, and I hope to get back to a solid writing track.

I just want to leave something clear for my readers. I Love my writing. I may have personal issues at times that give me problems when writing, I may sometimes be slow, I may sometimes be fast. But, one thing will stay true forever. I am NEVER going to abandon my writing. I do this for love and passion. I am fully committed to it and will never abandon it.

So, what better way to start my return to writing than with this gigantic 90,000 word reading package of 7 chapters! And, I already have decent progress on the next chapter of "A New Chance For Adventure" too, so, expect that update to happen within the next couple weeks.

A lot of effort and time went into these rewrites. I am curious to hear what you all think of them! Please, don't forget to leave your thoughts in Reviews! If you haven't reviewed chapters 1-6 and 24, you can just leave your thoughts of the new versions right there. If you have and can't duplicate review, you can review this placeholder notice. If you can't because you reviewed it the last time I used it for something (The A New Chance For Adventure preview) then just shoot me a PM! I'll be sure to respond to all your comments!

I hope you all enjoy the rewritten versions! If you haven't read any of my writing and have been patiently waiting for me to upload these chapters, then, I hope you enjoy the ride that is my "A New Chance Series"!

Let me know what you all think of the rewritten chapters!

I wish you all happy days!