Chapter 13- The epilogue chapter

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They left early the next morning, so Penelope could change before they went into work together. They were holding hands, so happy just to be together. After last night, holding each other, making love, and doing some much needed talking, there was nothing in the world that would ruin their happy mood.

Hotch came out of his office, and glanced down the hall. "Morgan," he said. "I need you to look at something."

"Sure," he said. He brought Penelope's hand up to his mouth and kissed it. "Soon, fair lady."

"But of course, Sir Derek." She smiled, and started opening the door to her lair.


Penelope turned to see JJ looking at her with a wary expression. "Hey, girl."

JJ still looked very grave. "Can we talk for a minute?"

Pen nodded. They walked into her office and Pen pulled up the extra chair for JJ. They both sat. JJ was so nervous, she was fidgeting and her knees were bouncing.

"JJ, honey, whatever it is, you don't have to be worried about it," Pen said, softly smiling, trying to put her friend at ease. She held JJ's hand to stop the movement. "Just say it."

"Penelope, you're making a huge mistake with Morgan."

"No, I'm not." If there was one thing she knew in her life, being with Derek was not a mistake.

"I saw you two walking in; it's obvious you're in love," she said.

Penelope couldn't help but smile. She didn't know she looked so transparent. She was glad; the whole world would know she was in love with Morgan. She wanted to broadcast it, she loved him so much.
JJ grabbed both of her hands in hers and her brow wrinkled. "You need to end this. You're not keeping a distance, P. He's not the kind that stays with anyone. He's a user, a serial ladykiller, Penelope. He's a self-proclaimed player who-"

"Shut…up." Penelope didn't trust herself to say anything else at that moment, she was that furious. She needed to get herself together.

JJ was stunned. "What?"

Penelope pulled her hands away from JJ. "I love him, JJ. I will always love him."

JJ's face fell. "Oh, Garcia!"

"Damn it, JJ! Be happy for me." Penelope stood up in agitation. "Do I look like I'm sad about it? I love him, and I know he loves me. He's my best friend, he's my lover, he's my everything."

"Are you sure?"

She rolled her eyes. "Now, I'm getting pissed. You said I looked ecstatically happy. Did you bother to look at Derek? Really lookat him, JJ! He is so happy, and so in love, it's incredible! The man radiates it.

She didn't allow JJ to say a word. "He has a horrible reputation, but he's never done a damn thing horrible to me. He's been there through everything, has been my best friend for six years. I doubted what he felt for me because I didn't feel adequate, but he changed that. For the first time ever, I feel beautiful, desirable and wonderful; all because he loves me.

"I am tired of you, and Reid, and anyone else out there that has to protect me from big bad Morgan!" She was nearly yelling, JJ was cringing in her chair. She didn't mean to make her friend cringe. She took a breath and calmed down. "I am sorry, JJ. Everyone is so willing to protect me; this time, be Morgan's friend and give him a chance."

JJ smiled at her. "Wow, you really love him."

"I love him so much, JJ, it's overwhelming," she said, sitting down across from her again. "I want to spend every minute with him. Wake up with him every day, go to bed with him every night. Be with him forever." She smiled and giggled. "I want to have a million of his babies."

"That's love," JJ said, her eyes watering. "Congratulations, Pen."

Pen's eyes watered, too, and the two women hugged.

"A million of my babies?"

They both turned to see a beaming Morgan standing in the doorway.

JJ stood and smiled, looking at her other teammate. "You're right, Penelope. It is there for everyone to see." She walked to the doorway and patted Derek on the arm. "I'm sorry for-"

"Hey," he said, interrupting her. "You were looking out for my girl. I appreciate that."

JJ left, and shut the door behind her.

Derek smiled wickedly. "That was nice of her."

"What?" Pen said. She knew that look.

"Shutting the door," he said, pulling her into his arms. "We still have to knock office sex off the list."

"Fine by me. You know me," she said, looking up at him through her lashes. "I told you once; I'm going to like everything you do."

He smiled, leaning down to kiss her. "That's my girl."

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