This is a collection of drabbles written in my spare time for my OTP Kira x Fllay. I hope to make at the very "least" fifty of them, and ask that if you do not like this pairing do not waste my time and yours by leaving a rude or unnessassary review about how you don't like them.

Drabble # 1
Title: Waking Up
Genre: Romance
Pairing: Kiray [KiraxFllay]
Prompt: Coma
Listening to: Snow Patrol - The Lightning Strike

It was funny how one person could totally vanish off the world and you deny the fact that it ever happened. Yet have you noticed that when you're staring down at their body, which lay in a coma, induced state, you're not allowed to believe that they are in fact vanished off the face of the Earth but are very much alive, and it kills you to see them in such a state.

Her body back then had been tattered and torn. An unmistakable fear had grabbed his heart and yanked it up into his throat. Clutching that small frame, he remembered how warm she felt. Her shallow breath fanned his face as his body shook.

His eyes watered in desperation for her to open her eyes. It had taken him so long to find her body among the wreckage, he was happy to see her breathing, but so torn apart by the state in which he found her.

His eyes flickered open his dream own regular sleep induced state fuzzy by the sudden uplifting.

"Kira…" her voice was light and horse, almost like she forgot how to pronounce even the simplest of words.

Her pale hand was extended onto his hand which lay on her lap. The beeping of hospital scene irked him but became numb to his ears seeing her, what he hoped was, physically awake.

"Fllay" his voice was scared.

She simply smiled tiredly at him nodding her head and let the tears fall foreward.