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"All the small things

Truth care truth brings,

I'll take one lift, your ride, best trip."

All the Small Things

I had been born with my best friend; at least that's how our Mom explained it to us. We weren't identical which meant that we were no more similar than any regular sibling pair but we had both recognized from a young age that we had a special bond between us. It wasn't any of that freaky 'I feel pain when you do' stuff but more of an understanding. Sometimes it only took a look between the two of us to convey everything we were thinking. And we did tend to finish each other's sentences; something that drove our Mom crazy.

So it was very hard for us to go to completely different colleges. I couldn't understand why she went all the way to Washington while I was content to attend our own State college. Thousands of miles separated us for four years and finally after the two of us graduated I had a feeling things were going to change.

Only I didn't think they would change in the way they were.

* * *

Beside me Mom was asleep, which left me with the responsibility of navigator as well as driver. I didn't mind; for the past few hours she had talked nonstop about the upcoming summer in Washington. I was happy for my sister but I'd be lying if I said a piece of me wasn't at least a tiny bit resentful. The plans I had been planning for months for graduation had all been shattered when my twin called me up with her news.

"Sadie! Guess what?!"

I chewed on my pretzel thoughtfully before I replied, "You finally hit a pedestrian on your bike?"

She laughed, "No, but it was close. But that's not my news! It's the greatest thing, Sadie."

"Well just tell me then, Cady!" I said, filled with excitement.

She sounded so happy and in return I couldn't help but feel excited as well. We hadn't had much excitement in our lives since our Dad left so whenever these occasions arose it was hard not to respond.

"Seth proposed!"

"Oh my gosh!" I yelled happily.

And I had been very happy for my twin for the remainder of the call and it hadn't beenfake happiness either. Cady had met Seth Clearwater in her second year at University of Washington and they had fallen in love fast. I had laughed at her when she first told me about him; how he might be 'the one' but after I met him I began to believe her. So, I guess I wasn't too surprised that he had proposed to her. But I was surprised when I realized that her engagement meant she would never be coming back home.

"Mom, we're there." I said as I shook her awake.

Her green eyes snapped open, eyes just like Cady's. I, on the other hand, had been left with a combination of my Mom's startling green eyes and my Dad's chocolate brown eyes; which meant my eyes were hazel. Our eyes were really the only significant difference between us besides our size. Cady was a few inches shorter than I was and her face was a bit rounder. Otherwise we looked very much like what people expected twin sisters to look like.

The house we pulled up in front of was a nice little blue one story that I knew from talking to Cady was Seth's house. At one point it had been his older sister's, but a year ago she had moved away to live in Seattle, leaving the house to her younger brother. Now the house was to be my sister's home and where Mom and I were staying for the entire summer.

Our summer was going to be spent planning the wedding that had been scheduled for August twenty fifth and since it was already May twenty fourth we really only had three months.

Mom and I had barely gotten out of the car before Cady ran out of the house with a wide smile on her face. Seth followed behind her at a leisurely pace with a matching smile and even though I had seen him before I was still struck dumb for a minute. He was all man; there was no doubt about that. Compared to my sister he was a giant; standing at 6'5" compared to my sister's 5'2" frame. Not only did he tower over all of us Harrison's but he had muscles to match.

Cady threw herself into Mom's arms first leaving me to confront my future brother-in-law first.

"Hey Sadie." He smiled.

"Hey Seth; nice house."

"Thanks, you should see what your sister has already done to the inside." Seth replied, his gaze straying to where Cady and Mom were talking excitedly about wedding plans. It was easy to see how much Seth loved her, if the adoration in his eyes was any indication. I didn't know him that well, but I knew enough to recognize that he and my sister were perfect together.

"Sadie!" Cady finally yelled before launching herself into my arms.

I threw my own arms around her just as tight and the two of us started giggling as we held each other close. At that moment when we were so close it was like no one else was around, in fact we didn't even notice when Seth and Mom took the bags into the house.

"Oh Sadie, you will not believe what Seth has done for me since he proposed; he's wonderful!"

"Have you guys had sex yet?" I asked knowingly.

I pulled back far enough to see that my sister's face was beat red which was all the indication I needed to know that the two of them had engaged in intimate relations.

"How big is he?"

"Sadie!" She blushed.

"Come on, Cady, he's a big man! Is his body disproportionate or is he endowed?"

She sighed with a silly grin on her face, "He's definitely not disproportionate."

"Somehow I didn't think he would be." I laughed.

"Enough about me, Mom was telling me about some guy asking you out." Cady grinned.

I rolled my eyes and suppressed a shudder. I knew she was talking about that Lyle guy. He was creepy to say the least. He had followed me around campus my last year of college and finally approached me in the library during finals week.

"He is a creeper; he practically stalked me. So of course I said no." I explained. "You should know by now that I only attract creepers or losers."

It was her turn to roll her eyes at me, "Who knows what this summer will bring?"

* * *

For a small looking house, I was surprised to see that there were three bedrooms, which meant that I didn't have to share with Mom as previously feared. I loved my Mom and all, but she snorted in her sleep and had the tendency to be a blanket hog. I was also surprised with what Cady had done with the place, as Seth had said. Everything looked like it had a new coat of paint and there were new appliances in the kitchen.

Seth, I knew, came from a not so wealthy home, like us. But he had certainly made something for himself. He was a year older than the two of us, so while Cady had been finishing her last year of college he had established himself as a businessman. He and his Mom had opened a restaurant and judging from what Cady said I knew that it was a success.

"So what do you think of the room?" Cady asked from the doorway.

I took another look around the sage green room. It reminded me of a room from a long time ago; our Mom's old dressing room in a house we had left a long time ago. A room that we had done a lot of playing…mostly with Mom's makeup and shoes.

"It reminds me of another room we used to know."

"Yeah." She nodded.

"Mom says you found a job as an administrative assistant at the high school in Forks?"

She nodded her head, "Yeah, I had originally wanted a job at the tribal school, but they just didn't need anyone. Forks isn't too far away though. What about you?"

"Still looking…although I am regretting my career path at the moment."

"Everyone needs an accountant at some point of their life, Sadie. You'll be fine." She assured me. "Anyway, we have a busy day tomorrow. First the three of us are going to find me a wedding dress and then tomorrow night there's a bon fire at the beach where you guys are going to meet everyone."

"Who is everyone?"

"His friends and their families, not to mention his Mom. His sister won't be coming until the day before the wedding so it'll be a while before you meet her."

"They all like you don't they?"

Cady smiled, "Yeah, they're pretty great people. I'm sure they'll like you too. Just make sure you get whatever food you want before the guys are allowed near it otherwise you won't get any at all."


"Don't worry, you'll love them."

* * *

I had forgotten just how much torture shopping with Mom was and I was pretty sure Cady was feeling the same way. She was relentless. I was exhausted after one hour and I wasn't the one that had to try on everything Mom kept flinging over the dressing room door. I was thankful that we would not be looking for my maid of honor dress, that day of torture was scheduled for next week.

"She's killing me." Cady moaned as she plopped down beside me on the couch in the waiting area of the bridal shop.

"I forgot how bad she was." I agreed.

"Me too."

"Cady! I have another one for you!"

We groaned in unison but at least I got to remain on the couch while Cady stood up to try on yet another wedding dress. So far the dresses had been too trashy, too white, too frilly, too puffy, and overall not 'the one' according to Mom.

"This is the one guys and I don't care what you say, Mom, I'm buying it." Cady announced as she stepped out of the dressing room.

Once I saw her I knew that Mom wasn't about to stop her from buying the dress. It was perfect for her. It hugged her curves in all the right places and made her waist look even smaller than it already was. The train and bodice was embroidered with flowers, and the veil she had on her head only served to further her look as a princess.

"You actually look like you stepped out of one of our old books." I said with a smile.

"I know right?"

"Oh Cady! Wait until Seth sees you in that dress!"

Cady and I exchanged a look that clearly stated that she couldn't wait until she had that dress off in front of him after the actual wedding ceremony.

* * *

I wasn't really sure why I had readily agreed to be the one to go pick up the groceries we needed to take to the bon fire. I didn't know where the store was and I certainly didn't know where anything was in the store. Yet here I was searching the baking aisle for some freaking canola oil. One would think it would be easy to find, but not here in Forks.

I looked up from my search of the bottom shelf to the sight of an abandoned cart in the middle of the aisle way. Normally I wouldn't have paid much attention to it, but the fact that a baby carrier was situated within the cart caught my attention. Not only was there a baby carrier, but from the little baby hand waving in the air I knew there was a baby in there. Who the hell left a baby alone in a grocery store? Small towns have their fare share of villains; some even sicker than those residing in the city.

The canola oil forgotten I hurried over to the cart and peered down at the baby. She seemed content enough nestled inside her carrier in a pink outfit complete with a little bow in what little hair she had. Granted the bow was askew, but otherwise she looked completely fine.

"Where's your Mommy?" I found myself asking even though I knew I wasn't about to receive a reply.

"What are you doing?" A deep male voice asked from behind me.

I turned around fully engaged for battle to find the most startling man I had ever seen in my life. Not startling in a bad way, just the opposite. He was gorgeous in a ruggedly handsome way of course. His skin told me that he must be from the reservation and judging by the height and muscles I knew he had to be related to Seth somehow.

"Someone left this baby alone." I finally choked out.

"She's fine." He stated, as his dark eyes bore into me intensely.

"Is she yours?" I asked.

"Yes, she is." He replied defensively.

"Well, I may not have children of my own, sir, but I know better than to leave a child unattended in a public place; especially a baby."

"I don't need to explain myself to you."

I huffed, "For her sake, I hope you take better care next time."

And with that said I stormed off, the canola oil completely forgotten. Luckily when I got back they didn't even notice that I didn't have the oil. Really, how could any father leave their baby alone in a grocery store aisle! How could any father leave their child alone period?

So I may have taken some old anger out on the guy in the grocery store because I had what people would call 'Daddy issues'. Both Cady and I did. And the issue at the grocery store had definitely hit close to home for me.

I remained quiet until we all arrived at the beach where it seemed that everyone was already. I had to admit that I was nervous, I always was when it came to this kind of stuff but not only because I was shy. It also had to do with the fact that I was afraid that they would automatically assume Cady and I were just alike. Not that that's a bad thing, but as twins that were often mistaken for identical from unperceptive people, that always seemed to be the outcome. Cady likes sweet pickles, so Sadie must too. Sadie loves the color red so Cady must too.

"You alright?" Cady asked knowingly.

"Just the normal."

"They won't do that to you; besides I've told them plenty of stories about you that show that we are not that alike."

I cracked a smile despite the fact that she had been telling who knows what kind of stories to these people I was about to meet. Stories like our first concert weren't too bad, but if she got close to the turtle incident than that was definitely bad.

"Guys, I want you to meet my Mom and my sister, Sadie." Cady announced to the large group of people gathered on logs around the bon fire.

"The turtle girl!" One of them yelled enthusiastically, causing the others to laugh in response.

Oh dearest Cady, pay back is a bitch.

"You told them about that?" I hissed.

"Now now, Sadie." Mom warned before Seth pulled her away to introduce to his Mother.

I turned back to Cady to find her smiling at me like an idiot. I chose to keep my mouth shut about the issue for now and instead rolled my eyes at her before I turned my attention to the people around the fire.

"I prefer the name, Sadie."

"Don't worry, Sadie. Seth has told us plenty embarrassing stories about Cady." A rather large guy (well all of them were large) said as he walked towards me with his hand extended. "I'm Embry."

I shook his hand and in the next second his arm was around my shoulders and he was taking me down the line of people introducing me to each and every one of them, even the kids. I smiled at each of them and logged their names and relations into my memory, hoping that I would at least remember names.

"And this is Paul."

My eyes locked with the same pair I had been facing off against a few hours earlier.