Spellbound:Shinobi and Sorceress
Story Start

Earthquakes and Hurricanes tore up the land scape as a single blond hair youth faced a monstrous creature. It's ten tails were the very essence of chaos. A single swing by one of those tails spelled horror and havoc of who and whatever crossed its path. The beast opens its slavering jaws wide for a roar and prepares to belch fire; the warrior stands pat as the flames shoot out and conjures a shield made out of wind to block them. This is pushed slowly forward, plowing the inferno aside, and the warrior advances across the field. With a chant and a few hand seals a pool of darkness formed under. Dreaded chains of the underworld sprung out and began tying up the beast.
Though the bast was not going without a fight as it opened its mouth and prepared to fire a menacing ball of destructive power that would obliterate the countryside.

'' Hey, Raven, put the pedal to the metal! We gotta go!''
The events were that of a tale. An ancient story being read by known other then the Titans sorcerer Raven. After dealing with the strange villainous creature Kardiak the violet haired beauty rushed back to her room to continue her story.

The creatures ten tails flailed about. Though the blond hair sage would not let that deter him. Even at the cost of his life he would not let his home be destroyed again. Too many lives had already been lost. Clans destroyed, families torn apart, and so many potential lives which would never know life. With this sacrifice chakra and youki around the elemental nations would be forever drained preventing the havoc that...

A knock interrupted her reading to her annoyance. She opened it a bit and saw a spiky haired masked teen in a red, green, and yellow outfit. The Titans leader Robin.

''Hey. When we got home, you kind of ran to your room and locked the door. Anything you want to talk about?''

''No.'' Was her curt replied. While Raven was a bit more open then she initially when she enjoyed the Titans she enjoyed her peace and quite. She closed the door sitting on her bed and diving back into the book.

...befell his world for the past several centuries. Maybe when the world changed and people became more dependent on themselves and more responsible with their actions Chakra would return...''

Once more there was more knocking. Raven levitates to the door and cracks the door open. It was none other then the vivacious orange skinned beauty Starfire. She like the green skinned changeling Beast Boy was Raven's opposite except of the same gender. How she was cursed into being formed into a teen with both her male and female opposite she would never know.

''I have journeyed to the mall of shopping and discovered the joy of Earthly hair ornaments. Do you wish to...''

''No.'' Raven cut her off closing the door and returning to her book.

...to the earth and the next gen..''

Once more someone was knocking on her door.

''Yo, Raven!''

It was the voice of the metallic African American teen Cyborg. To say Raven was starting to get a little pissed off was an understatement.

''Dude, open up! '' Beast boy said pounding on her door until Raven opened it.

''What?'' she asked rather curtly, annoyed by the disturbance and hoping to shoo away the green changeling as fast as she could so she could continue.

''We're here tonight with an exclusive offer.'' Beast Boy began when Cyborg popped up.

''A once-in-a-lifetime chance to get in on America's fastest-growing sports sensation...''

'The hot new game we just made up...'' Beast Boy finished as Cyborg gave a thumbs up.


Cyborg gets a good whiff.


He passes out, whereupon Beast Boy holds up a cloak in Raven's style-but it is marked with black and white stripes.

''Want to be referee? ''

Cyborg is back on his feet and holding that nasty ball as if it were the Hope Diamond.

Menacingly with a some levelheadedness she told them. ''Go away.''

She backs into the room; the door starts to close, but Beast Boy wedges himself in to keep it open and Cyborg pops up underneath him.

''But, pleeeease? '' he said giving her the face as he called it.

''Everybody loves a good game of stankball. '' Cyborg readily agreed with a wide mouth grin.

''And we need a referee to play the lightning round.'

''No!'' she hastily snapped as a black bolt shoots from the gem on her forehead, driving the door shut and pushing them out. In the hall, they get up and Beast Boy addresses it.

''Oh, Raven, come on! Why can't you just have fun like normal people?''

Something now weighs very heavily on her mind as she clutches the treasured book to her chest.

'' Why are you always locked in your dark room, reading your nasty old books? Why do you have to be so creepy?'' Beast Boy's voiced echoed from the other side of the door causing Raven to grip the book even tighter.

''Forget it, B. Leave her alone.'' Cyborg's voiced echoed from the other side of the door.

''I'm not creepy I'm just different.'' She whispered to herself as she moved over to her bed and took a seat. ''And I wish there were someone around here who understood that. Someone I could talk to. Someone more like me.'' she said as she rest the ancient book on her lap.

''There is.'' an age old voiced echoed from in front of her.

The violet eyes pop at these two words, and she stares down at the tome in her hands. Standing up, she tosses it away in surprise with a small gasp; it lands a short distance away on the floor.

''Ow.'' The book said as she gasped.

''Uh, did you just...''

''...-speak?'' he answered her question as she was obviously still in shock.

'' Uh-huh. ''

''I did. And then you dropped me on my spine.'' the book said with a bit of a grumble.

''Oh. Sorry.'' She said as she kneel over to the tome, ''Books aren't supposed to talk.''

''True, beautiful, but I am no book. Uzumaki Naruto, official Rokudaime of Konohagakure no Sato at your service.''

''The shinobi who fought the legendary Juubi?'' she asked him with a mixture of surprise and awe.

''The shinobi who sacrificed his life to merge with the beast so to speak. As a result the Shinigami himself sealed me inside a tome. So that in no shape or form would my influence could rekindle the flames of war during my time. I believe it's been three-thousand years since then. Unfortunately some fool of a fallen angel tried to steal the tome to siphon my power, and as a result old Shini sent me to another dimension. Something about talking with the Goddess Fate and how I would eventually be freed from my prison. By a special sort of person. That person is you, I've been waiting for you.''

Her face flushed a bit at its last pronouncement. Extending a black-shining hand toward the book, she is met with a blinding flash that shoots toward the ceiling.

''The curse is strong and I don't think I can break it with my power. I'm sorry.''

''Indeed, it would be a bit counterproductive if just anyone could break it. Perhaps we could talk...'' After some time Raven had told Naruto a few things. ''Wow, that's a bit weird.''

''You're telling me. They wanted me to referee.'' she said in disbelief; considering what they knew of her she wondered how they could consider that was a good idea.

''Oh these friends of yours ares quite the geniuses. Who would ever though throwing around a ball of dirty underwear and socks would be a new past time. I take clothes pin for the nose are optional?''

Raven lightly giggled at his statement. ''That's funny. You're funny.'' Maybe it was his casual tone about it or the fact she was more or less enamored about the stories she heard about him.

''And you're the best thing that's happened to me since...well since I was sealed.''

'' Then...you don't think I'm...creepy?'' She tentatively asked, getting over her surprise and now wanting to know what he thought of her.

''Hell no! Raven you know who I am. What I am? For years people persecuted me as a monster and demon. I had to convince the guy who killed half my village to bring them back to life, I mind you it was indirectly but still, only after then did I finally get my Heroes welcome. You're dark and people of darkness are misunderstood. Not all darkness is evil. You could be the daughter of the devil himself and that wouldn't mean much to me,'' He said as he saw her flinch slightly. ''I have a feeling I just put my foot in my mouth.''

''No,no, it's...I don't really like talking about it...'' she said, hoping to change the subject.

''Then don't...whenever you feel comfortable. I just hope you'll trust me someday enough to tell me. Until then, you use chakra right?'' he asked, wondering if they had anything else in common.

''Yeah...'' she simply answered wondering what he had in mind.

''Great I have a new disciple.'' he decided without consulting her in the matter.

''Disciple?'' She asked with a raised eye.

''You fight crime and you're a superhero basically; not to mention you're chakra user as well so it seems like a good idea. After all there is an impressive reservoir of Jutsu I could teach you. Hopefully you're a wind elemental as that was my main element back before I became the sage reborn. I now have an affinity for all the elements now but I'm a wind user at heart. Though I can say that there is going to be a lot of meditation involved.''

''Trust me, I'm no stranger to meditation.'' she answered him, relaxing a bit.

''You're definitely something Raven. I feel like I understand you.''

She smiled warmly. ''I feel that way too,'' She said as she brought her hand to her mouth and let out a small yawn.

''It's getting late. You should get some sleep.''

''Do you promise you'll still be here when I wake up?''

''Of course Raven, and as you know from my adventures I never brake a promise. Except that one incident with Kiba and that damn plunger and the penguin. How the hell a Penguin ended up in Konoha I'll never know.''

Raven crossed to the stand and closes the book, the origami flower still protruding from its upper edge. She took off her cloak and settled down to sleep.

Come next morning the first thing she did was freshen up and got dressed. It was kind off odd that Raven was doing all that when the guy in question was a book, but she couldn't help herself. She found herself for the first time acting like a normal teenage girl even if it was only brief. A knock on the door had garnered her attention.

The nervous voice of the changeling from the otherwise was heard.

''Hey, Raven. ...um, it's, like, almost noon and you haven't come out of your room. So, just in case you're mad, I'm gonna go ahead and say, "Sorry I called you creepy last night."

Dead silence was the only answer he got for his statement.

'' Raven? '' he asked and when he got no answer he placed his ear against the door to listen.

''Perhaps if we're quiet, he'll just go away.'' Thanks to Beast Boy's condition his senses were sharper then normal human beings and he was sure he heard a male's voice followed by Raven's soft laughter. As a result he straighten up in shock.

'' Um, Raven, is everything- '' The door opened ajar as Raven glared out of it. ''Hi. Um, you were...laughing, and I thought I heard...'' Trying to peek around her, ''...is there someone in there?''

'' Just me-and a really good book.'' she answered monotonously as she mentally thought, 'go away...go away.'

''Oh. Well, I just wanted to make sure you were okay.'' he said as Raven's face softened slightly.

'' Better than okay. Way better.'' she answered as she closed the door in his face.

She closes the door in his face.''

''Sorry, Naruto. He won't bother us again. ''

'Naruto? Whose Naruto?'

A circle of runes were laid upon the floor of Raven's rooms. A small cauldron was in the middle as Raven followed Naruto's instruction putting in ingredient after ingredient.

''So how do you know all this?'' She asked curious. As he instructed her he told her about all kinds of spells that she could potentially perform.

''Once a month for a year my spirit could leave the book. I had nothing to do, but watch society and read. All the Universe's knowledge practically at my finger tip with all the time in the world. I had accessed to so many ancient scrolls and libraries. Most didn't care, I mean I was the spirit of a sealed hero. What harm could I do? Many were convinced just being a human fighter and user of chakra the knowledge would do me no good anyway. Though even the dead can master another class of fighting with time, determination, and a few connections.'' He said as he walked about. His form was that of his spirit form. He took a single strand of Raven's hair.

''What's that for?''

''For luck? I was told using ingredients from a beautiful girl helps.'' he answered rather cheesily.

''Beautiful?'' Raven was taken back by the comment. Because of her ashen skin she easily stood out from the crowd and those eyes were of anything but admiration.

''Of course...those beautiful Indigo eyes and luscious violet hair. You're truly gorgeous.'' Raven felt her face grow hot. ''This means so much to me. I truly appreciate all that you are doing for me, Raven.''

'' I might not know how to break the curse, but at least I can get you out of that book.''

She pours the contents of the cup into her hand and blows them toward the stand. Pages go flying everywhere, suddenly freed of the book's binding, and circle around her in a thick swarm. As she looks around, completely at a loss for words, a second circulation pattern establishes itself within the main one. The pages here fly in a very tight circle and reach a height of several feet. A human replica of book pages stood before her. The only exception was those cerulean blue eyes from the book.


'' You're welcome.''

He steps out of the circle, which fades away as he walks over to her. Both raise a hand to touch, but Naruto's falls apart in a pile of papers before their fingers can meet. She gasps softly; he just glances down at the remains of that wrist.

''Kuso!'' He steps to the book. ''I'm still bound of course.''

''Because the curse is still in effect.''

''Indeed. If I am ever to be truly free, well, it would require magics of much greater power.'' he informed her.

''Then teach me the spells. I want to help you. I want to learn.''

Naruto placed his hands on her shoulders. ''Raven I can't ask that of you.''

''W-Why not?''

''In order to break this curse you will have to learn then just a few simple spells. You would have to learn curses, dark magic...stuff that strays from being what a Hero would or should have interest in unless facing the darkest demons. I can't lie to you, at some level you would be affected. Are you willingly to continue knowing this.''

''I...'' Raven bit her lip. Because of who she was, what she was she wanted to do whatever it took and hope it would make up for what she was someday destined to do. As she looked in those eyes something in her heart wouldn't, couldn't let go one of the few chances of happiness ever presented to her.

''Naruto if we do this...''

''I'll be by your side every step of the way. Whatever fate that is to befall you I'll be by your side. You have my promise, beyond that of even a life time, you have my one and only eternal promise Racheal Raven Roth.''

Hearing the name her mother giving her spoken by someone else never felt so right. It made her felt at home, cared about.
''I'll do it...''

''Very well...you'll have so many tomes to read. Thousands of pages. Many rituals of empowerment, but of course the power increase will mean you'll have to spend a bit more time meditating for control. All power comes with a price.''

A few days had passed and Raven was progressing at an impressive rate. She was practically eating the knowledge like a carnivore would a steak.

It was the sixth morning of training as Naruto opened his eyes. The sunlight alerting him to a new day. He turned to see Raven dressed, but in white instead of her usual color. ''That's...different,'' He murmured.

''I...thought about a little change. Do you, like it?'' She shyly asked him; hoping she wouldn't find the change undesirable. She never put too much into relationships because of her propechisized future.

Naruto smiled,''I think it suits you. As long as you're ok with it. Don't go doing a complete 180 on my account. Though you should go get something to eat. You hardly eat and a few more pounds wouldn't hurt. I heard of a no carb diet, but an all tea diet is stretching it.''

Raven cracked a smile at Naruto's attempt for a joke. She exited her room and happily hummed to her self blissfully unaware of her team mates reactions.

'' Um...hey, Raven. Haven't seen you around much lately.'' Robin started trying to start conversation.

''Yeah, 'cause she hasn't left her room for a week.''

Cyborg clumps him over the head.

''I, uh...like your new look.''

'' Thanks.''

'' So, when do we get to meet this friend of yours?''

'' Soon.''

Starfire zipped over to Raven and began shaking his shoulders.

'' I am unable to wait! Beast Boy has told us much about this Naruto and how he remains trapped within a book, but...''

Blowing a strand hair from her face Raven suspiciously glared at the Changeling. ''Now how would Beast Boy know something like that?''

''I may have kinda...been, ah...a fly on the wall in your room?

He turns into the buzzing insect.

''Funny. You look more like a rat to me.''

She concentrates for a moment and turns him into a scrawny green rodent. He tumbles to the floor and reverts to human form, ending up on his head and very surprised at the involuntary quick change.

'' You morphed me! How did you do that?'' he cried out surprised, feeling a bit violated as well.

The alarm starts up.

Robin runs over and does a quick bit of typing, not liking whatever he sees. He then turns to face the team.
''Titans! Move!''

All but Raven bolt for the door; she just floats up off the floor a bit and hums to herself. The call to action has not disturbed her in the slightest. Beast Boy, the last one out, stops short of the exit.
'''Hey! We gotta go!''

When the Titans arrived it was once again Kardiak kidnapping children. The Titans couldn't use their usual abilities because of the little girl trapped inside and they didn't want to hurt her. While the others avoided the tubes and tried to restrict it Raven decided it was time to test out her new abilities.

''This time when I break you, stay broken!'' She shouted as she put her hands in a cross. 'Kagebunshin no Jutsu.' Because of Raven's raw power she was easily able to make hand full of clones. The five Ravens surrounded the giant heart. ''Azarath Metrion Zintos!'' They chanted as they encompassed the villain in dark energy. The four Ravens hold the screeching over still as the original levitated the girl to her.

''It's okay,'' She cooed to the shivering girl. ''You're safe now.''

Kardiak was ripped into non-fatal pieces or as one could make from a giant sentient heart creature. ''I'll take the girl home.'' Raven said as she wanted to hurry back to Naruto.

''How did things go?'' He asked as Raven told him everything.

''Incredible Rae, you definitely use Kagebunshin in a far more intelligent way then I did initially,'' He praised.

Raven beamed a bit. ''So...''

''Would you like to try now?I never was a superhero, but I want to be. I want to use my new found power to continue helping people like I did once before.''

''Right, I would enjoy that and I'm sure the others wouldn't object to a new Titan.'' She said going over to the book.
'' The incantation, just as I taught you.''

She leans over the pages and gestures, '' Hezberek Et Morine... Gost Wenthen Verbis Nex... Ind Obrium Bis Pendrule... '' The books glow,''Paran Sic Cortis Rex!''

On the last word, thick tendrils of black power stream up behind her, stretching up to the ceiling and nearly the full length of the room, and the light shining from the books intensifies as Naruto's paper body flies apart within this; as the light washes over the entire room and died down to reveal a teenage Naruto. His black and red cloak whipped slightly as the wind died down.


''In the flesh,'' He said as he scooped Raven into the arms and twirled her about a bit before setting her down.

''I'm free! I'm me again. there is so much I want to do! So much I've missed on and it's all thanks to you my angel,'' He said grasping her chin and kissing her forehead.

'You're welcome...I'm just glad I could help.''

''You're friend should be here any minute now right? We should hurry on to the living room.''

''What's the hurry?'' She asked curious as to why he was in such a hurry to leave her room.

''Do you really want to jump to conclusion as to why there is a guy in your room?'' He asked with a grin as Raven groaned. She definitely didn't want to deal with anyone jumping to conclusions. Though even then that wouldn't ruin her day. She finally had someone in her life that understood her and that would make each day it bit easier to live.

Chapter End
This story seems fairly popular so I'm making it into a multi-chapter story. I fixed as many mistakes as I could so point out any I missed.