Spellbound:Shinobi and Sorceress
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Story Start

The four Titans gathered in the living room per Raven's request. Now this brought the collective interest as Raven was pretty much a loner and it took a lot of prodding and poking, usually the courtesy of Beastboy for her to take an interest in any group activities that didn't consist of two things; eating or fighting super villains.

''Yip...yip yip.'' a voice echoed from behind the Titans alerted them. They all hopped up from the couch of moving into a battle position. Robin whipping out some batarangs, Cyborg charging his Sonic Canon , Starfire's hands radiated with energy as she readied her starbolts, and Beast Boy transformed into the form of a tiger. ''Yip...'' a voice echoed as an adorable baby fox appeared from behind it.

And of course the only reaction that the warrior heroine Starfire would have is the one most females had in the typical situation; to squeal and scoop it up in her arms, nearly smothering it's body with its cleavage.

''Oh you're such an adorable creature aren't you? I believe this is a Kitsune is it not?'' Starfire asked as she stroked it's ears causing it to purr.

''Yeah...how on earth did it get in here?'' Robin asked as he stroked his chin. Now as Robin pondered how the hell a baby fox would not only get inside a sophisticated technological tower and getting past its defenses, but not only mention getting on the island it shouldn't logically haven't been without help the others merely played with the baby fox, holding up their fingers as it pawed at it.

''Hey so what do you suppose is taking Raven so long?'' Beast Boy wondered as the baby fox meowed. ''D-Did that fox just meowed?'' he asked, staring down at the baby fox in confusion. Then the baby fox let out a rather audible bark.

''Okay...somethin' wrong with that fox!'' Cyborg exclaimed as he tried to hold back his laughter. While he was just as genuinely confused as the others the sound of a fox meowing and then barking was kind of funny if not weird. It was like one of those Youtube videos.

Suddenly a puff of smoke erupted the room causing everyone to stumble back, coughing and waving there hands about as they tried to clear the smoke. When it cleared a young, blond haired man was in Starfire's arms wearing a saucy grin. ''Yip yip...'' he said licking her cheek. The next thing he knew he was being sent flying. 'Huh...girl with super strength sending me flying. Must be Tuesday.' he thought as he landed against the wall.

''Titans Go!'' Robin ordered as the four titans charged him.

''Azarath Metrion Zinthos!'' The four battle readied Titans came to a stop as they crashed into a wall of black energy. They let out groans as they pulled themselves together.

''I told you this was a bad idea.'' Raven said with her usual scowl as the guy rubbed the back of his head sheepishly.

''You were right, but I couldn't help it you know. It's my prankster nature, urging me on to do things and...I forget the rest.''

''Raven, what the hell is going on? Who is this guy and how do you know him?'' Considering that he ran face first into the wall, nearly breaking the nose and messing up his hair Robin was understandably a little piss.

''This guy here who insisted on an unusual first impression is the one I've told you all about!''

''Hey I'm Naruto Uzumaki and it's really nice to meet you all,'' he said with a friendly grin. ''And let me guess...you're are...'' he sniffed the air. ''Robin...the hair jell is strong with this one.'' he said as Beastboy and Cyborg snickered in the background. ''But seriously nice to meet you,'' he said extending a hand which Robin was reluctant to shift. Friend of Raven's or not he seemed intent on playing jokes and hadn't conduct himself like the mature and powerful young man Raven told him about; or maybe it was the fact that he snuggled against Starfire's bosom which of course would put anyone on Robin's shit list.

''Yes...nice to meet you.'' he said, not trying to hide his suspicious gaze as he sized Naruto up.

That left Naruto wondering one thing though. What the hell type of mask made expressions along with the person who was wearing it? Weren't masks supposed to hide that along with the person's identity or was he over thinking it?

''And I met you already, Starfire right? Sorry for the prank, but I can say you have quite the gentle touch.'' he said taking her hand and kissing it and causing her to giggle.

''Why thank you; it's an honor to meet you. Any friend of Raven's is a welcome friend of mine,'' she said pulling him into a bone crushing hug causing the blond to cry out.

'My god...she's stronger then Sakura and even Tsunade. Note to self; do not piss her off...ever!'he thought letting out a small groan. He was nearly knocked off his feet when the metallic hand of Cyborg smacked into his back.

''I see Raven there didn't warn you about Starfire's enthusiasm. I'm Cyborg, resident tech genius of the tower? Nice to meet ya' man?''

''Yeah thanks...I'm sure I'm going to spend quite a bit of time trying to fit in.'' he said dusted off his clothes. ''And Beast Boy, hope you don't take the little joke earlier to heart.''

''Nah dude it's cool,'' Beast Boy said playing it off. ''So is it true you're some super powerful ultra ninja that fights demons and can create burgers with your mind.''

''Yes...'' he nodded his head solemnly. ''It's all true, except for the burger thing. I prefer Ramen to be honest.'' he answered the green changeling who immediately asked another question.

''Think you can teach me some cool ninja moves?''

''I can show you some Jutsu based on the shinobi arts; though whether you can learn them more or less depends on whether you super powered beings can use chakra and Ninja is such a degrading way to refer to what I am. The connotation of Ninja is a simply assassin without loyalty who works with money while the kind of Shinobi I was were often regarded with honor and prestige. I really don't know how that worked half the time considering some of the jobs shinobi had to do for their village, but I try not too think to much about it because I would drive myself crazy.''

''So I got a question for you Naruto? You were stuck in one of Raven's books right?'' Robin was already going into detective mode, one of the side-effects so to speak for a lack of a better word of being a ward of Batman for several years. ''How come you never contacted her until now?''

''Quite simply because I didn't have enough power,'' he answered honestly. ''I've been slowing gathering my power until I could manifest in the mortal plain. In my spiritual form it was easy going between the spiritual plains, but the plain of the world of the living is far more difficult. So yeah I'm probably as strong as I was before I left my village on a training trip, but it should took me a few days to become as strong as I was when I returned. It's really annoying you know.'' he said as he laid against the kitchen counter.

''And how did Raven happen to come across your book? It's not something just anyone should have been able to get their hands on.''

''Garage sale,'' Naruto curtly answered as Raven's eyes widened in surprise. ''Isn't that right Rae?''

''Yes...I was looking for a rare tome that was rumored to have been lost on Earth a couple of decades ago. I just happened to find it by luck.'' Raven hated lying but if she were to tell the truth it would mean revealing much of her past and she didn't feel comfortable at the time. She shot Naruto a grateful glance as she moved over and grabbed his hand to everyone's surprise. ''Robin enough with the interrogation. Naruto is a guest and not a criminal and if you don't mind I wish to show him around the city so he can become familiar with his new surrounding.''

Robin of course wasn't through with the interrogation but he decided to let it go for now. Not that he was scared of Raven or anything, but that glare of hers was rather unnerving. ''Okay fine, but at least try to be back before nightfall.'' he relented, deciding to resort to keeping an eye on Naruto from afar to make sure he wouldn't become a threat.

''Man after all these years out and about in the real world!'' Naruto said as he inhaled the air through his nose and exhaled it from his mouth. ''And I have you to thank.'' the blond said as Raven merely shook her head.

''I was happy too. Are you...enjoying yourself?'' she really didn't know about how people acted in this sort of social situation. The last couple of hours consisted of Raven showing Naruto's the various sites. And even with his assistance they got Ice Cream which after giving it a chance Raven didn't find too disagreeable. She was actually finding herself having a bit of fun. Not the over colorful or active fun that Beast boy tried to get her to have like stank ball, a gaming station, or going to a beach but a more or less a quiet stroll and conversation.

''Yeah I can't tell you how...'' he started to fade away for a few moments before materializing. ''What the hell?'' he said as he took a step back.

''Are you okay?'' Raven asked, rushing to his side as visible concern formed on a feature's when several light posts were illuminated with black energy and exploded. Using her power Raven teleported them both back to the tower.

''Sorry...'' he mumbled as he laid there on the floor as his pale form began to regain some color. ''...it looks like I'm not completely free from the book. It looks like we might have to find a way to completely free me from it's confines for good.''

''I think we might be able to find a clue on Earth. You did the sealing on this planet and the person who gave my mother the tome told her something. 'The Keys rest in the location of the intersecting elements from the west and east points. One in the deepest Fires whose sturdy form could have hope to find it. The second in the deepest depths hidden under the pressure where a natural can find it. The third in the deepest forests where only one who is one with nature can find it. The fourth is hidden where those of civilization are drawn where a child of man can find it. The fifth in the deepest cavern of Earths where only the courageous can dive to find it. The sixth in the pits of darkness where only those can conquer their fears can find the way. The seventh in a realm of light where only those who accept themselves can find it. The eight where the storm unleash their power opening the path to the gateway and the ninth and final key lies between the mention where only the chosen pair can find it.''

''So there is nine keys? I don't know if I should be irked that there happens to be nine or thankful there is only nine.'' he said as his head dropped, but he decided not to let it get him down. ''But hey maybe this means I need to carry the book on me and I should be fine right?''

''Maybe, but for right now let's worry about trying to see if this has any adverse affects on your health.'' Right now they had little to go on when it came to the keys and there was no telling if Naruto would just disappear so for right now she wanted to focus on that. Hopefully no other incidents were about to occur.

On the other side of the city in its outskirts a riff opened. Out of it stepped out several violet skinned humanoid beings with dark blue eyes consisted of nothing but sclera. Their skin was scaly from the neck ground as they had four arms, thin rectangular noses and a single green eye the size of a small orb. One of the creatures began making a noise from its throat that sounded like it was vibrating by clicking.

''The tome of sealing is rumored to be on this earth. Scath will reward us handsomely if we retrieve it.'' The tallest of them spoke. The creatures also spoke in a similar chatter as they began tracking the source of the book's magical signature.

Chapter End

Yeah finally updated so review! Lol...anyway Lord Sia thought it would be better if I left Naruto in the book and make Raven's quest ( with or without Naruto's knowledge, approval and/or assistance) for a way to release her would-be lover. There you have a plot hook that will most likely force her to go beyond Jump City, perhaps beyond her old Universe, meet new friends, make new enemies, etc, etc, even as the two slowly grow closer through simply (well, maybe not so simply) talking to one another. Have entities show up craving the power that's beginning to leak due to her efforts, wishing to acquire the tome (and perhaps Naruto himself...) for themselves.) and I figured it wouldn't work.

For the same reason why I won't focus on just one story. I knew that I would just rush it to get to the good parts if I did, but I did decide to incorporate all those elements in different ways like different beings after the book and Naruto along with a darker and more serious Naruto then canon. (Though as scene in this chapter he'll still have his light hearted and carefree moments.)

So yeah I hope you all enjoy this new chapter along with a chapter from every single one of my stories and the fact it took me a hell of a long time to update all of them. And if there is an author on here who has updated more then 50 stories at once let me know so I won't feel dumb for claiming to be the only one.