Hello again everyone…I was watching Batman, the episode where all three villains fight for the city (and doing my psychology homework, but you know, totally was NOT distracted…yeah, sure. Lol.) when I thought of something.

What if Batman's sidekick was taken during battle? Surely all the villains would want a piece of her to harm Batman and her…so how would they do it evenly? Then it came to me: AUCTION! This is sort of a…I guess a one-shot/short short story of what could happen.

The sidekick is an OC since it would be the easiest…if she is a Mary Sue, I honestly don't care. If you have problems with Mary Sues (though I try to stray from them, they DO sneak in occasionally) then kindly slink away, thanks.

Hope y'all enjoy; review if you do and want more.

It had to be a horrible nightmare, a cruel sadistic joke. She repeated this in her mind though she knew deep down that it was false. It was a blanketed lie, one that was an attempt to soothe her. Yet soothe was the last thing it did for her.

Her heart was racing, pounding even, making the bruises on her chest ache more. Her palms became sweaty but, sadly, they didn't slip out from their restraints. Her head spun both from the previous bash and from her fear. Her stomach churned over and over again until she had to bite her tongue to keep from throwing up.

Not knowing was the worse torture, she decided then and there.

At least if she were to get her fingernails yanked out or her snot beaten out of her, she knew what to expect: pain. Yet sitting in the small dank room chained to the wall without any weapons, she found that she didn't know what was going to happen and, therefore, she couldn't prepare herself mentally or physically. Would they kill her instantly? She doubted it, but it was possible. Would they poison her with Scarecrow's fear serum? Would they choke her with Poison Ivy's vine? Would they beat her with Riddler's cane? And what of Joker, perhaps the most terrifying creature of them all?

It was faint but she could hear them. 'Them' being the many villains her and Batman had fought. They were laughing, chattering, and carrying on as if it were all normal. And to them, this was a normal night.

She gagged, resisting the urge to vomit.

Oh the fear! The uncertainty! The unknowing!

Her chained hands shifted and made the most unholy noise as she let her fingertips touch her eyes, pushing back tears. The good thing was that her mask was on still; a small mercy, a small favor. Or perhaps it was a part of a game. Perhaps they were going to slowly strip her of her mask, her clothes, her dignity…her legs trembled until she had to lie down.

Damn Bruce, where was he?!

There was a booming voice yet she couldn't make out the words. Not a second after did the door open, revealing a couple of henchmen – whose henchmen, she did not know. They walked in emotionless, making her wonder if they were in the job for the money or if their boss had threatened them…or their family. Either way, she didn't have time to appeal to their humanity for they lifted her up, dragging her down the hall by the chain wound up around her wrist, her ankles, and her waist.

Her costume covered, much to her relief, much of her flesh. For once, she found herself grateful that Bruce's over-protectiveness had won despite her protests. She was glad that he made her outfit covered nearly all of her flesh; had she worn the skimpy leather outfit she wanted to – everyone was doing it after all! – then she would have been humiliated by now, she was positive. The girl's boots made a dull click when she walked but it was covered by the clinking of the links.

"May I introduce…Batman's sidekick!" It was a stranger speaking, she couldn't recognize the voice.

Instantly she was shoved onto a stage. The light was blinding but only for a moment, the film over her eyes from her mask acting as a bit of a visor. As she looked out into the audience, foolishly hoping Bruce and Dick and Alfred would be there as some sort of cold joke, she felt her blood drain from her face. It took a moment to control her body, her knees threatening to tremble and even pull her down.

Before her were all of the villains she had faced: Two-Face, Catwoman, Joker, Poison Ivy, Harley, Riddler, Penguin, and Mr. Freeze.

"Do I hear $500,000?" The stranger asked into a mic, unaware that the young heroine had began to feel sick from fear all over again. The bruises that kissed her body, the cuts that jealously claimed bits and pieces of her, and the bumps all over began to hurt twice as bad thanks to the sudden outbreak of sweat, of nervousness. Could they see this? Did they see her inward suffering?

A hand was raised for the stranger spoke again, "$500,000; do I hear $700,000?" When another hand went up, he continued to raise it, sometimes by a couple hundred thousand and other times by only a few. Finally she saw a flash of gold shoot up before the light: Riddler's cane. The speaker sounded overjoyed as he shouted, "To Mr. Riddler, 19 million dollars!"

The young lady nearly fainted at hearing this; how many banks would he have to rob to fulfill that debt?! Her attention was cut short when she was shoved forward off the stage, stumbling, thanks to the chains, into her "buyer's" arms.

Even before she looked up she knew this was going to be hell.

Btw, if anyone has any ideas for the girl's name (both her real name and her "hero" name) feel free to mention it in a message or a review and I'll give you credit for it. Until next time…Thanks!