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For an hour, she found herself unchained yet trapped in the room. Riddler went off somewhere, claiming it was to see how bloody the Batman was although she doubted he was telling the truth…he could very well have said that just to taunt her. And it worked.

Surprisingly the henchmen had unlocked the chains – for now. With her flesh cut well into, she had to be careful in how she moved her hands but ignored it, ignored the cold air that felt like acid to her open wounds. Had she been in Scarecrow's captivity, she would have accused him in putting something in the air. Still, she was in her uniform, the one she had when she fought crime…and her mask: the most important thing.

In the meanwhile, she studied the room. With the lamp broken and still in pieces – she mentally made a note to hide a sharp piece under the mattress – there was only a nightstand, a bed, and a window that showed they were high up. There was no way she could escape if she didn't have her tools and that was what Riddler was counting on. The bastard was taunting her with a hint, a slice of freedom…but no way to get to it. Bastard.

After staying awake or at least semi-conscious for the past 48 hours, taking several beatings, and living in terror, she found herself to be exhausted. Although she knew she would regret it, the girl lay on the bed, clothes still on and wrists still bleeding slowly, and closed her eyes.

Before she knew it, her sleep was replaced by full awareness. Before her was Riddler at the end of the bed, his fingertips stroking his cane as he wore a sick grin. It was becoming a familiar grin. "Hope you rested up enough – you'll need it soon." His tone was as dark as it was taunting.

Sitting up carefully, she stood and glared, cautious in making herself vulnerable. Hoping to keep herself unchained, however, she looked down at the ground and looked like she wasn't going to try anything. "I want to play a game." He said and just like that, fear filled her once more.

"…what game?" She dared to ask, her voice raw.

"One to help me solve your identity, you stupid girl." Riddler said as if it had been written all over the place. At seeing her scowl, he stepped closer and chuckled at her reaction; she tensed and took a half-stance to fight, one that was half-hearted, hopeless, and weak. "You have no choice but to listen to me." He paused, twirling his cane around slowly. "Actually, I take that back; you do have a choice…and if you disobey, you get injured. Or worse. I could always hand you over to Joker."

She shivered at the idea, loathing it.

"And you don't want that…do you, girl?" The tip of the staff, the tip of the question mark cane, rest under her chin and pulled her face and gaze up as he questioned her rhetorically.

"No." She whispered, her voice cracking. "No."

"Good!" Twirling the cane away from her face, he took a few steps back as if they were casually at a party. "Here are the rules: I will ask you a question pertaining to your identity so I can solve it. If you lie or don't answer, either I will or you will take off one article of clothing. If you don't answer any of my questions or lie to all of them, then obviously you will be the one unmasking yourself."

"So either way, I'm damned." She said with hatred although her voice shook at what he was saying. Strip? Oh goodness. She shook with many emotions only to be stopped by his fingertips touching her arm. Jerking back, she snarled and watched him chuckle.

"Yes. That is exactly how you would say it. Now then…" he let her step away from his touch. "…do you have a day job in…oh let's just say…Gotham government?"

"…No." She lied, trying to steady her heartbeat.

Within a moment, he spoke firmly with more traces of seriousness rather than amusement. "Take off your shirt. Or I can do it for you…and I warn you, I'm not gentle with those who fight me."

Slowly, she did as told, her heart racing once more. The top of her uniform was now gone. She felt…no different since the tight clothing was similar to a second stone.

"How old are you?"

The girl looked down at the ground. "Twenty two." Her voice was barely above a whisper.

"Good girl."

An hour passed.

Through this hour came many questions, some related to the Batman which the young female would not answer to. As a result, she wore only her undergarments and her mask. Her gaze was glued to the floor, unable to meet his eyes. His amusement and even lust would be far too much for her to handle.

"Do you…work for the Batman in 'reality'?" He questioned, the question made on purpose since he knew she wasn't able to answer anything Batman-related; she refused to betray the man in any way. When she said nothing, his grin rose into something of a Cheshire cat. "Take off your bra." Riddler ordered coldly.

Instead of obeying, she found herself frozen to the spot. It was almost as embarrassing as taking off her mask – yet hardly dangerous as. Her hands remained like lead at her sides. Suddenly his staff was brought up, the sharp edge used cleverly and skillfully to cut the piece of clothing off.

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