Basically, this is a ZeldaxFinal Fantasy VI crossover, with Zelda characters in place of the FFVI ones. But barely anyone looks at crossovers.

Prologue: The Warring Triad

There exists a legend in Hyrule.

Long before the time of the goddesses, three entities existed. Goddess, Fiend, and Demon. Benevolent as they were, each began to grow jealous of the others' powers, though they were equal. Thus, they enslaved humans and Hylians alike, enhanced their physical and magical capabilities, and went to war with each other. Soon, the deities realized the horror they had wrought on the land. They met under truce with the changed people, now called Espers, and came to a bargain. The deities would turn themselves to stone, the Espers would be granted free will.

The deities obliged, and became statues. Their very stone selves gushed magical power, and kept the land in balance. So the humans, Espers, and Hylians agreed to create a floating island to keep the statues, called the Warring Triad, at, far beyond a mortal's reach.

Then the Espers went to the world that the deities had lived at to stay separate from the humans. For a thousand years, the world has heard nothing of the Espers and the Warring Triad. Mortals discovered gunpowder, iron, and much technology. The Warring Triad was still on the floating continent. The Espers were still in their world. There, they have stayed, until now. Could anyone be foolish enough to disturb their balance...?

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