She's All That

Chapter 1


Come on Bella think! Think! I brought my hands to the keyboard then slammed them down, nothing. This was getting infuriating. It seemed like I couldn't write anymore. It was a very bad case of writer's block. I sighed as I looked out my window. The bustling streets of New York filled through my open window. I looked around. The apartment was dark, the only light coming from my laptop. I got up from my desk and went into the kitchen.

Yes, one of my guilty pleasures, food. I opened the fridge and pulled out some take-out from a couple of days ago. I slurped up some noodles as I walked out to the balcony and took a deep breath. The whole New York City was spread out over me. I leaned on the railing. Let's face it. I, Bella Swan, was lonely. I should have expected it when I abandoned Forks and left for bigger things. So I went off to Ivy League to major in literature. That's how I ended up with one of the biggest publishers in the business. And look what that got me, loneliness.

Maybe that's why I couldn't even write a word to save my life anymore, I was lonely. I'm twenty seven now and still single. Sure I had boyfriends but they were all jerks. It was blocking my writing ability and if I didn't do something quick something bad would happen. My whole inspiration was swirling down the drain.

I sauntered over to the couch, I hated these lonely nights. My glance shot to the news paper as I picked it up and turned on the lamp. I sorted through the paper passing the business and style section, not even giving one glance to sports. There was nothing interesting in the paper until I reached the lat page.

"ADVERTISEMENTS" I looked down at the ads for pool cleaning and lawn service when my eyes tumbled upon one in the corner. "NEEDED: MOTHER FIGURE duties include cooking, helping with homework, driving to and from school/ activities ECT. For interview/ information call 555-968-4563.

Realization hit me; maybe that's what I needed. Maybe I didn't need love maybe I just needed company. I ran to get my phone and quickly dialed in the numbers before I came to my senses.