"Why do you always put up such a fight, NiGHTS?" Reala taunted, closing in on me. "Master Wizeman created you. You should be grateful to him."

"He created me to be his mindless little slave," I shot back. "Just like you are. I won't do it. I won't terrorize innocent Visitors." Reala chuckled. "Go away, Reala. I'm not going with you, you know that."

"That's what you say for now --"

"That's what I've always said, Reala. What I've always said and what I always will say."

"Come now - think of it as a - family reunion!"

"With family like that... Thanks, but no thanks." I flipped and started to draw a circle around him. He realized almost too late what I was doing and dashed to escape.

He rammed into me right before I completed my paraloop. I fell to the ground. Reala snickered.

"I'll be back for you later," he declared, fading away.

"Oof. Oww..." I muttered, still laying on the ground. Something landed heavily on my stomach.

"Hey... what's this?" I asked, catching it before it could roll away. It looked like a Nightopian egg - but it was colored differently, with purple-ish tints. I held it in my arms and floated into the air to examine it. A mepian, perhaps? Would it hatch to reveal some birdheaded monstrocity? In any event, I felt a bond with this one - perhaps it had 'chosen' me, I mused. I mean, how often does a Nightopian egg just fall from the skye? I looked around. There were no Nightopians nearby - they fled when Reala showed up. So where had this come from?

Holding it carefully, I took off towards the Dream Gate. I'd find out soon enough - Nightopian eggs only took a couple days to hatch.