A Very Wierd Day at Hogwarts.

Disclaimer:  All Harry Potter characters belong to J.K Rowling.   Anything from any other movie, book, show, etc.  belongs to there creator.

Warning:  This story is very stupid.  It was written out of supreme boredom.  You have been warned.


*Ron and Harry go outside and see Hermione sitting by the lake.*

Harry:  Hi Hermione.

Hermione:  Hi Harry.

Ron:  *sees book in Hermiones hands*  What are you studying now?

Hermione:*Stands up and cackles like a maniac* I'm reading How to Become an Incredibly Powerful and Evil Witch and take Over the Magical World and Still Have Time to Read Other Books in the Series.

Harry:  Oh.  Okay.  *sees Draco aproach*

Draco: *doesn't notice them*  (singing)  I'm so happy today, I could just kiss someone!

Harry: Make him go away.  Please.  *looks scared.*

*Dumbledore comes out, with Prof.  Mcgonnagal, Prof. Snape, and Prof. Trelawney.* 

Prof.  Mcgonnagal:  *sees Draco*  Snape,  what is your student doing?!

Prof. Snape:  *runs screaming*  Keep him away from me! 

Dumbledore:  Right.  Now that's scary.

Draco:  (still singing)  I'm so very happy I just have to say, I think I'll be nice to the boy who lived today!

Prof.  Mcgonnagal:  I feel sorry for Harry. 

 Dumbledore:  As do we all.

*Voldemort apears*

Voldemort: (laughs his stupid girly laugh and holds out a hand)  Now you will die Potter boy!  Avada Kredava! (looks at his hand and realizes he doesn't have a wand)  Dude, where's my wand?

Dumbledore:  Where's your wand dude?

Voldemort: Dude, where's my wand?

Dumbledore: Dude, where is your wand?

Harry:  Here, Voldie.  You can use mine. 

Voldemort:  Thanks.  Avada Kreda...(sees Draco)  What is he doing?

Harry:  Who cares? 

Voldemort:  Yeah, right.  Now where was I?

*Hermione walks up to them and pulls out her wand* Avada Kredava!

*Voldemort falls down dead*

Hermione:  Step one, kill any posible rivaling dark witches or wizards, complete.

Everyone:  Yay! 

Prof. Trelawney:  I forsaw that.

Ron:  Yeah right.

Hermione:  (reading to herself)  Kill people who bug you.  *looks at Prof. Trelawney*  Avada Kredava!

Prof. Trelawney:  I did not forsee that. *drops dead.*

Everyone goes inside, except Draco who is still singing.