Not Again
By Montez

Disclaimer: I own nothing of Criminal Minds; I just totally love the show and characters.

A/N: My second attempt at a Criminal Minds Fanfic. I am so grateful for the support I received on my first fic I thought I would try again. I love angst and we only hurt the ones we love right? So this is a little journey into what could have happened on that train in Texas during the episode from season 1 'Derailed'. Hope you enjoy--Montez

Chapter 1

Supervisory Special Agent Jason Gideon had just handed SSA Hotchner his sidearm and started toward the train. He had been watching the events on the train unfold for the last several hours, trying desperately to figure out how he was going to get the five hostages, one of the original hostages being one of his Agents, Elle Greenway, and hopefully the suspect out of this situation alive. He had reluctantly allowed Dr. Spencer Reid to put himself on the train, is the disguise of a technician who could remove the 'micro-chip' their suspect was under the delusion that the Government had implanted in his arm. Gideon had instructed, no ordered, Reid to not stay on that train once he had 'removed' the chip. The removal all being a quick slight of hand trick that only Reid was able to pull off. However once the younger Agent had accomplished the task the suspect would not allow him to leave, leaving Gideon to watch as now two of his Agents had become hostages.

Just seconds before he started toward the train, Gideon had been watching what appeared to be an interaction between Reid and the suspect, a Dr. Bryar, renowned Physicist, who after years in a mental facility was apparently experiencing a psychotic break. Jason had kept mumbling 'don't push him Reid' as he watched the interaction, finally unable to stand there and watch Gideon was going to enter the train as the 'higher authority' the suspect believed him to be. However he hadn't even gone thirty feet from where he had left Agent Hotchner standing when a gunshot echoed from the train. He felt himself stumble back in surprise as he reached for support of the patrol care his was passing, then with a speed that belied his age, he raced toward the train, only barely hearing Hotch and Morgan yelling for him to stop, the sound of the HRT units radios relaying what appeared to be happening inside as a team readied to enter the car from the end closest to the hostages.

Jason stepped through the door of the train car, not knowing what he was expecting to see. In the few seconds it took him to reach the train a million scenarios flashed in his mind, the main one being he was going to find his protégé, someone he viewed as almost a son to him, laying dead. He released a breath as he took in the view of Reid, solidly on his feet, leaning over the slumped form a Dr. Bryar. Quickly assessing the situation Gideon noticed one of the hostages with a gun in his hand, "I had too…" the nervous, scared man spoke, "He was going to kill us all."

Gideon watched as Reid leaned toward the man, slowly removing the gun from his hands, before the younger agent looked at him, "We're going to need an ambulance." Reid said quietly.

Just then HRT came in the door behind the hostages as Reid held his position next to the seat that held the unconscious suspect. Elle, still handcuffed to her seat, watched as the color seemed to drain from Gideon's face. "Reid?" The fear the woman heard in the older man's voice confused her as she tried to figure out what was causing it. She turned her eyes to the Agent standing beside her, it was then she saw what put the fear in Gideon's face.

Spencer was looking down at his chest as the stripes of his shirt were being quickly covered by a growing crimson stain, "Oh God." She whispered as she reached her free hand toward Reid's arm.

SSA Derek Morgan had just entered the train behind Gideon, but was to far back to see what was happening, However it was the quiet voice of Reid that drew his attention as he notice Gideon rush forward, "I'm sorry" the young Agent whispered as his legs gave out, Jason reaching him before his knees hit the floor.

"REID!" Morgan yelled as he watched his friend, his little brother collapse into Gideon's arms. Stepping back toward the door he yelled, "WE NEED A MEDIC NOW!" He then disappeared from the doorway as Hotch climbed the stairs, entering the car.

Elle was pulling desperately at her cuffed hand, wanting, no needing, to get to Reid, who was only feet from her, but it might as well been yards with her inability to help the young man who had willingly put himself on the train with an armed suspect in an attempt to rescue the hostages, herself included. "Damn it Morgan get me free!" she shouted as she watched Gideon lower Reid the rest of the way to the floor. Morgan kneeling beside or at least as close as he could with the narrow isle.

"Reid?," Hotch whispered as he came closer, now standing over Jason's shoulder not wanting to believe what he was seeing. Reid's earlier words seemed to echo inside Hotch's head, "Could at least one of you act like you're going to see me again?" Hotch's response seemed so hollow now as he could hear the sounds of medics boarding the train behind him.

"Somebody give me the damn key!" Elle shouted again. Hotch made eye contact as he reached in his pocket pulling out a spare cuff key, tossing it to her. Catching it she quickly undid the one thing that had kept her from helping her friend. Just as she got the restraint off, that medics were trying to get in beside Reid, but Gideon had yet to let go of the younger man's arm.

"Sir, we need you to move so we can help him." The first EMT spoke as Morgan reluctantly moved, allowing the second medic access to the downed Agent. "Sir, please."

Hotch reached down and grabbed a hold of Jason's upper arm, pulling the older man to his feet. Aaron was shocked at the little resistance he got, but once he got Gideon up it was the devastated look on his friend's face that shook the normally unshakable profiler. Jason Gideon's was as pale-white as a person could be and still be standing, his breaths, however, were coming out in short, raspy gasps. Hotch knew if he couldn't get Gideon to focus for a moment the man could hyperventilate and possible end up collapsing himself. "Morgan, help me with Jason." The younger man spoke, looking at his fellow Agent.

Pulling his eye's from the bloody mess his friend's chest appeared to be, Morgan looked at Hotch, immediately seeing why he was asking for help. As he stepped closer he heard Hotch's calm voice speaking softly to Gideon. "Jason, we need to go outside, give them room to work. Jason I need you to listen to me, I need you to take a few deep breaths."

Grabbing Gideon's other arm; Morgan looked at Elle, "Stay with him." Tear-filled eye's looked up at him from her spot at Reid's feet, well out of the way of the medics that were working to save their young genius. Tapping a medic on the shoulder the dark-skinned Agent added, "She's riding with him." A quick nod was the only response as the two-man team continued to work as Morgan and Hotch slowly worked their way out of the train with Gideon supported between them.

Hotch and Morgan, somehow, managed to get Jason off the train and had taken a few steps when the older man's legs gave out. Easing him onto his knees, Hotch knelt in front of him as Morgan helped support him from the side. "Jason, look at me!" Gideon was staring blankly; Hotch could almost see Reid's collapse replaying in the older profiler's mind. "Jason, I need you to take a deep-breath, breathe for me Jason."

It took a few seconds and another medic dropping beside the three men, holding out an oxygen mask toward Hotch, indicating for him to place it on Gideon's face, before the seasoned Agent finally seemed to blink and look at Aaron. "Reid?" the muffled sound and desperate tone only added to the concern that Hotch and Morgan were feeling for not only Reid, but Gideon as well. It had been barely a year since the Boston Bombing incident, that had landed Gideon on a six month medical leave for PTSD, and the two younger Agents had no idea how what was happening with Reid would affect the older man.

"Take some deep-breaths, Jason the medics are with Reid. Elle's going with him in the ambulance; she needs to be checked as well. Take a few more deep-breaths, then we can head toward the hospital." Hotch tried to reassure as he helped hold the mask on Jason's face.

Commotion at the other end of the car drew their attention; they all remained kneeling in the central-Texas dirt, as Reid was carried out on a stretcher, Elle close by his side, holding his hand. Gideon tried to stand, pushing the mask from his face, Morgan helped him to his feet but the older profiler wavered as he took a step. Hotch made eye contact with Elle just as the ambulance doors closed, a subtle, tear-filled nod was the only way they had of knowing Reid was still alive.

"Jason we need to follow them, Reid's still alive, he's a fighter, when have you known him to give up?" Hotch spoke believably, Morgan looked at him, if the profiler was giving false assurances it didn't appear in his face or in his body language, so until they were told different, they had to assume that Reid was alive and going to be okay, no matter how bad it looked.

Guiding Gideon toward the waiting SUV, they found an equally pale JJ opening the front passenger side door, Gideon climbed inside. Morgan reached for the back door, allowing JJ entrance before slipping in beside her, Hotch ran around the front of the vehicle, climbing in he quickly hit the lights and sirens, following the dusty trail the Ambulance was leaving as it made its way toward the highway.