Not Again
Chapter 6
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"Hey, look who's awake…" Morgan's voice boomed as he, Hotch, Elle and JJ entered Reid's room the next morning. The young genius was sitting up, a bowl of what the nurse had assured him was oatmeal sat on the tray-table that was situated over his bed. The cup of juice appeared to be the only thing that had been touched. "Bout time you stopped laying around on the job." Morgan spoke again, the smile he wore barely covering the fear he had held onto for the young man he viewed as a little brother.

"Hey." Reid said back, raising his right hand as everyone converged on his bed, Jason still holding his seat in the chair he had pulled next to the bed the day before. The Genius hesitantly accepted hugs from JJ and Elle, who held on just a little longer.

When she finally pulled back she looked into his face, "How are you really feeling?" The older woman had felt completely useless over the course of the events on the train, it didn't help that she had been handcuffed to her seat and had only been able to watch as Spencer seemed to finally start talking the suspect down. She had felt some responsibility for Reid getting shot because she had taken the opportunity to knock Dr. Bryar off balance as he turned from Reid, thus causing the younger agent to take action and try to disarm the larger man. It was during the struggle that not only did the suspect get shot by another passenger who had been hiding a gun the whole time, but that Spencer had also gotten shot when at apparently the same time Dr. Bryar fired the gun he was still holding, hitting Reid without the Agent even realizing it until moments later.

JJ had woken Elle from a nightmare the night before as the horrific scenario played out in her hazy, concussed mind as she again watched the crimson stain spread across Reid's shirt and his legs give out as Gideon reached for him. The female agent was so glad to finally see Spencer awake.

"I'm good," Reid offered one of his boyish smiles, "at least as good as I can be with a gunshot wound to the shoulder." An awkward silence settled over the room a moment as the younger man looked up from the IV line he had between his fingers, "How…" He cleared his throat as his voice squeaked, "How's Dr. Bryar?"

Again everyone was silent for a moment before Hotch decided to answer, he knew Jason didn't know how the suspect was and Morgan was too pissed with the man to care. "Dr. Bryar is recovering in the psychiatric wing; he's expected to make a full recovery." Aaron paused before mentioning Dr. Deaton, Dr. Bryar's Psychiatrist, whom the suspect also shot. "Dr. Deaton is recovering as well, she was very lucky that her wound wasn't any worse than it was, the surgeon told me it was more having to stabilize her blood pressure because she lost so much blood and they are watching for infection."

"Do you know when you will be released?" JJ finally asked; bring to the subject back to the injured man in the bed.

"I believe the doctor mentioned another day or two, I was still a little out of it when he came in this morning." Reid answered as he looked toward Jason, who had spoken with the doctor that morning.

The older man finally looked up, meeting the worried glances of his team. "That's what he said, about another day or so, as long as nothing unexpected happens." Looking back at Spencer he continued, "He also said that you should be okay to fly back, so you won't have to endure that long car ride."

"I called Quantico this morning," Hotch spoke up, "I spoke with the Section Chief and got approval for us to have the next few days off, so we can delay returning until Reid can travel."

"I bet that hurt Strauss to agree to that." Morgan spoke, the others chuckling, knowing the friction that existed between the Section Chief and the rest of the BAU.

Spencer leaned his head back, closing his eyes. He hated to admit it but he was tired, his shoulder was starting to hurt as the pain medication started to wear off. Aaron was the one who noticed first, "I think we should be going guys, Reid looks like he could use some more rest."

"I'm good guys…seriously." Reid yawned as he said it, causing Morgan to smile.

"Sure you are kid," Morgan patted Spencer's leg, "You get your rest, so we can get you home, Garcia is anguish to see you, it's taking all my powers of persuasion to convince her you are on the mend and will be home soon."

"Between you and Garcia, I'm sure that didn't take much." Elle laughed as she had been privy to some of the conversation between the Agent and Computer Tech.

"I'll try and call her later." Reid said quietly, hating the thought that Garcia was sitting in Virginia worried about him.

Morgan reached up and gave Reid's uninjured shoulder a gentle squeeze before turning to leave, Hotch shook Reid's hand, offering a rare hint of a smile. JJ and Elle again leaned in, hugging the younger man, Elle whispering a 'thank you' in Reid's ear as she pulled away. Jason remained seated as Hotch stopped at the door, the other's already out the door, "Jason, I'll wait for you out here." Aaron would give the man a few more minutes, he hoped now that Spencer was awake Jason would finally return to the hotel and get some much needed rest.

"I'll be out in a few minutes." The older man acknowledged as he noticed a relieved look flash across Hotch's face. Jason wanted to talk to Reid first, but he wanted to do it when they were alone.

Watching the door close as Hotch passed through, Gideon looked back toward Reid, who was picking at a loose thread on the hospital blanket. "You don't have to stay; you should go and get some rest." Spencer spoke first as he looked up at his mentor.

"I will, but I need to talk to you." Jason moved forward in the chair, his elbows resting on his knees.

"I know I should have left the train, but I just didn't get the chance…" Reid started before Jason stopped him.

"It wasn't your fault." Jason shook his head as he looked at his own clinched hands, hands that had, just a few hours ago, been covering in the blood of the young man before him. "Did you think I was angry with you?"

Reid sat quiet for a moment, since Jason Gideon had recruited him to the FBI and then the BAU; Spencer had done everything he could possibly do to make the man before him proud. Reid would never admit it out loud, but he looked at Gideon as the father figure that had been missing in his life since he was ten and his own father had left him and his mentally ill mother on their own. It had caused the young boy to grow up fast and deal not only with his own genius and the difficulties that went along with being a pre-teen in high school, but had also left Spencer to take care of his sick mother.

Even now, lying in a hospital bed with a hole in his shoulder Reid felt he had let his mentor down. Without looking up the younger man answered, "You order me not to stay on the train."

Jason shook his head as he watched the man he was in some ways closer too than his own son, "And Morgan told you not to remove your vest, but you did what you needed to do at the time. You had a Paranoid Psychotic pointing a gun at you and you did what you needed to do to get yourself and those hostages off that train alive."

Reid looked up, somehow surprised that Gideon wasn't angry with him. Jason continued, "I watched the video feed, I may have not been able to hear what was going on, but you did everything right. Your slight of hand worked, we, you knew it would be a possibility that he wouldn't let you leave, but you stayed calm and did as you were trained to do."

"I wasn't as calm as I seemed." Reid spoke quietly.

"How do you mean?" Jason asked, puzzled.

"Once I had the chip out, Dr Bryar ordered me to turn it on or he was going to shoot me." Spencer's dark eyes noticed a hint of surprise pass over Gideon's face. "If it wasn't for Elle, things could have turned out different. For once…" Reid chuckled nervously, remembering the moment of fear that he had felt back on the train. "someone else was able to think quicker than me."

"What did she do?" Jason was truly intrigued now.

"I couldn't think of a response and she told him it had to be implanted in order to work. That gave me the few seconds to come up with an explanation about electric impulses in the body making it work." Spencer watched as Gideon smiled slightly.

"Knew she was quick on her feet, but I never thought you would need help in the explanation department." Jason commented as he stood up.

"Believe it or not, even my mind can go blank when I have a gun aimed point-blank at me. At least everyone came out of it alive." Reid finished as he watched Jason walk toward the window.

Silence settled for a moment before Jason's voice broke the quiet. "I have only been as scared as I was when I heard that gunshot when I approached the train one other time in my life." Gideon turned and faced his protégé, "and that was Boston." Reid was surprised that Jason mentioned the bombing, it was a topic that was hardly ever discussed, they had all lost a lot that day. Gideon was rarely so open with his feelings, but he wanted Reid to understand what he meant to him. "All I could think in the time it took me to board that train car was 'not again', I didn't want to face the possibility of losing someone else that I worked with, that I cared about."

Jason watched as understanding seemed to cross Reid's face, "I wasn't angry with you, I was angry with myself for allowing you to be placed in the position you were place in, there should have been another way, but looking back I realize letting you get on that train was the right thing to do, but entering that car and going from being relieved to seeing you still on your feet, then watching as…" Gideon hesitated as images of Reid collapsing in front of him returned, "watching as you fell, I knew in that moment that I wouldn't be able to return from that if you hadn't made it."

Stepping back toward the bed, Gideon stopped, looking Reid in the eye's, making sure he had the younger man's attention, "But you need to remember one thing, I'm proud of you, I always have been and always will be and don't ever doubt your abilities, you did everything right, the situation just turned out wrong that wasn't your fault. Now…" Jason patted the younger man's leg. "you need to get some rest and if I don't leave here for a little while I believe Hotch and Morgan may come in here and carry me out." Jason smiled as he walked toward the door.

Reid knew what he had just witnessed was rare, that the man before him was opening himself up to the younger man, "Gideon…" Spencer spoke as the older man reached for the door, "thank you."

Again Jason glanced toward his feet then looked back at the man he viewed as a son, "No Spencer, thank you." With that Gideon walked through the door, meeting Hotch in the hallway. As the two Agents headed toward the parking lot, knowing that his young friend was truly on the mend, Jason couldn't help but think how lucky he was that Dr. Spencer Reid had allowed him to become a part of the younger man's life.

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