Chapter One: Naturally

And it takes my breath away, what you do so naturally

You are the thunder and I am the lightning

And I love the way you know who you are and to me it's exciting

When you know it's meant to be everything comes naturally

It comes naturally when you're with me baby

Everything comes naturally it comes naturally, ba-ba-baby


I can't stand that bloody git! He is arrogant and pompous and I absolutely detest him! He deserves to go die in a hole.

If this is really how I feel about him, then I have no idea how to explain why Scorpius Malfoy has his tongue down my throat and his hand up my shirt.

As head girl and boy, being caught in such a compromising situation could result in us being immediately stripped of our badges. That is not what I wanted. I, Rose Weasley, was the best-behaved member of my family and a role model for younger students. I did not break the rules, I did not neglect my duty as Head Girl, and most certainly did not snog smarmy prats.

If this is the case, then I cannot even begin to explain the fact that I am pressed up against the wall of a broom cupboard while doing rounds by the king of smarmy prats himself.

I know that later I'll be mentally flogging myself for getting into this situation. It all started when I stayed late in potions to ask Professor Slughorn about our extra credit assignment. It was my last class of the day on a Friday and I was intending upon going to the library and doing my homework so I had the rest of my weekend free to do as I please. When I left the dungeons, that's when I ran into him.

Scorpius was standing by the stairs leading to the entrance hall. My eyes narrowed and I stopped short.

"What do you want, Malfoy?" I spat, placing my hands on my hips.

He quirked an eyebrow. Damn, he looked sexy when he did that. He knew it too. To stop myself from swooning I curled my lips into a snarl. He added a smirk to his expression and I couldn't help but notice that his teeth looked like they belonged in a dental commercial (and I should know as my muggle grandparents are dentists).

His smirk grew into a full on grin when he noticed me staring, "See something you like, Weasley?"

I could feel my face go red and placed the sneer back on my lips, "Actually you have spinach in your teeth, Malfoy."

"I might have bought that if I had actually eaten spinach today," he walked toward me until we were only inches apart. Bloody hell he was tall. I was tall for a girl at five foot six and I was still at least a foot shorter than him. He bent over so that his mouth was right by my ear, "If you're going to insult me at least get your facts straight." His teeth grazed my earlobe and I gasped, a shudder rolling down my spine, "And maybe some acting classes to make it at least seem like I'm not making your heart pound. If you weren't so obvious this would be much more fun."

I stepped back but to no avail seeing as I was pretty much already pressed against the door frame. Furiously I began, "You do n—"I was silenced as his lips met mine and his arm slipped around my waist. I felt my knees give out and the only thing that kept me standing was the fact that his body was pressed so close to mine I was literally trapped between him and the wall.

When he pulled away I knew that my face was as red as my hair. I could only mouth wordlessly as he turned and picked up his bag.

"Catch you around Weaslette!" he called over his shoulder.

We met up around nine for rounds.

"How about you start from the dungeons and I start from the north tower and we'll meet on the sixth floor so this goes faster," I suggested, wanting to be with him for as short an amount of time as possible.

He studied my face, seeming to know my motive behind suggesting it. The corners of his mouth curled into a small smirk, "If that's how you want to do it." With that he turned on his heel and went down the stairs. I watched him go, making sure he didn't come back and sneak up on me before I turned and made my way up to the north tower.

The corridors were quiet tonight. Only a couple of fourth years had been up in the astronomy tower snogging, and when they heard me they scampered before I could identify them. I made my way down to the sixth floor easily, finding no one else in any rooms or cupboards.

I was utterly exhausted from the long week I had had, so I sank down against the wall and shut my eyes while I waited for Scorpius to show up. Between quidditch, classes, homework, Head girl duties, and keeping track of my unruly brother and cousins it's a wonder I hadn't crashed already.

"Weasley!" I jumped violently when someone shook me and hissed in my ear.

"Whodat?" I slurred, standing up and drawing my wand. I looked into a pair of grey eyes and huffed out a breath, stowing my wand back into my jeans pocket, "You didn't need to sneak up on me and damn near give me a heart attack. Simply calling out to me when you came up the stairs would have sufficed."

"I did," he said, looking amused, "You were sleeping."

"I most certainly was not!" I protested, "I only closed my eyes for a second!"

"Clearly not," he looked like he was holding back a laugh. I let out another lagrge breath and spun on my heel, heading in the direction of the head dormitories that I most unfortunately had to share with Scorpius.

"Hey," he grabbed my arm and I turned to glare at him, "Have you checked this floor?"

My eyebrows scrunched together and the corners of my mouth turned down, "I guess that never really crossed my mind…"

"Well then you go that way and I'll go this way and we'll meet in the middle"

I nodded. This floor was pretty much all broom cupboards with only a few unused classrooms. And at eleven a night the darkness and seclusion was downright eerie.

That's when it should have registered that something was amiss.

I had made it to the last corridor of the floor before Scorpius did. I meandered down the corridor, checking inside all of the cupboards for other students. This time Scorpius wouldn't catch me sleeping on the job.

I got to the last closet and opened it, peering inside and looking around. It was really dark so a leaned forward a bit to make sure it was really vacant. Unfortunately my clumsy side decided to kick in at that exact moment. I tumbled over into the closet, throwing my hands over my face and preparing for the crash.

It never came.

A pair of strong arms caught me around the waist before I could crash into a haphazardly stacked pile of broomsticks. In my surprise, I shrieked and tried to squirm away, causing us both to fall into the closet, the door slamming shut behind us.

"Crap!" I shouted, "Ow!" Scorpius had landed on top of me, pinning me to the floor.

"Sorry," he muttered, hurriedly standing up.

"I stood as well, brushing myself off. I reached down to dust off my legs when I found a huge gash in the leg of my jeans, blood seeping out of it. "Oh bloody hell!" I swore, my head spinning. I did not do blood. I ignited my wand and held it over my leg, "Merlin's pants!" I cried when I saw just how much I was bleeding.

"What, what?!" Scorpius asked frantically, "Oh bloody hell! Rose I didn't mean to, I swear!" he stepped closer, "Here, let me help!"

I had sunk down against the wall, and I knew my face had to be whiter than my school button up. I heard Scorpius murmur something and my left leg felt suddenly warm. I looked down and before my eyes the scratch was healing itself and my jeans mended over the skin.

"I-thanks," I muttered, standing up. I looked up and tried to jump back, but my shoulder blades hit the back of the closet.

His face was only a few inches from mine and I could feel his hot breath on my now scarlet cheeks. "I told you I'd catch you later, Rose," I was so shocked that he had used my first name that I had no time to protest before his mouth descended on mine.

His lips were soft and warm. My breath hitched and I felt myself kissing him back. His arms encircled my waist, and his tongue came to caress my lower lip, begging for entrance. I obliged and his tongue met mine hungrily. His hand fingered the hem of my school blouse before sliding under it to rest on my lower back. I shivered as his icy skin made contact with mine, moaning softly into his mouth.

And so we have come full circle. This is how I came to be pressed up against the wall of a broom cupboard by the king of smarmy prats. Still I cannot even fathom why it had happened.

This is not the first time we had kissed. In fact we had several times since the Christmas ball back in fifth year. Usually it happened after we had had a particularly heated argument. He would kiss me and I would let him at first, then I would realize what was happening and I would shove him away and storm off, occasionally hexing him if I was in a bad enough mood.

I had never, however, let things get this far. Never been so swept up by him that I had absolutely no coherent thoughts of stopping him. All that mattered was that he was kissing me more passionately than anyone ever had. Our enmity was forgotten, as was the fact that if we were caught we were both in a heap of trouble. No, the only thing that mattered was his lips on mine. His skin touching mine and how silky his hair felt between my fingers.

His hand slid up my spine, pushing my shirt upward and revealing the skin of my lower back. He seemed to hesitate for a minute before he finished his journey upward to the clasp of my bra and unhooked it.

My eyes snapped open as reality came crashing down on me. My sense seemed to go on lockdown and for a moment I couldn't move a muscle. Then I jerked my head away from his, hitting it so hard against the wall that I saw stars. Scorpius' eyes opened in shock as I stared at him in absolute horror, but he didn't move away from me.

"Wow," he whispered. I stared, dumbstruck, and he smirked, "Too impressed with my kissing expertise to speak, Weasley?"

Damnit. I should have known he was just looking for a quick lay.

"You, Scorpius Malfoy, are a slick git and an arrogant prat!" I shrieked, shoving him away from me. He fell over a pile of buckets and hit his head on the floor. I stepped around him, pushing open the door of the broom cupboard and tearing off down the hall.

"Weasley!" I heard him shout, "Weasley!" I kept running, "Rose. C'mon! It was just a joke!" I stopped in my tracks, almost falling from stopping so quickly at my speed. I could hear him jog up behind me. When I felt a hand on my shoulder I slowly turned around.

"A joke?" my voice was low and menacing, "James magically dyeing my hair hot pink was a joke. Hugo locking me outside so that Fred and Roxanne could pelt me with these ridiculous muggle contraptions called water balloons was a joke. This, Malfoy, was most certainly not a joke!"I raised my hand as if to slap him, but he stepped around me shrugging.

"Okay, cool," he said nonchalantly, walking down the hallway with his hands in his pockets, "See you around, Weasely." I waited until he was around the corner before turning to kick the wall. Then I sank to the floor and hugged my knees to my chest.

I just didn't get how he could act so naturally around me when I was a complete and utter mess. I was supposed to be the composed one. Nothing ever fazed me before I met stupid Scorpius Malfoy. How is it that one bloody prick is starting to change that?! I am unstoppable! I am undefeatable!

I am so bloody screwed.